Koji Lopez in Al Anbar Province 2007

Fitness Fahrenheit is run by Koji Lopez

My story goes a little like this…

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2005 and became a machine gunner (0331) by trade. Working in infantry I did two combat tours in Iraq. One in 07 and one in 08 After my tours I decided to do embassy security. The Marine Corps has a program that trains its men to stand guard at American embassies and consuls around the world. I ended up doing 1 year tours in Ecuador, China, and Colombia. It was during these times when I rekindled a childhood love for science. The program occasionally had tough hours but there was a substantial amount of down time. During that down time I would spend my time in the gym and reading up on science.

Once I got out of the Marine Corps I decided I would pursue a degree in Biochemistry. I used my veteran benefits to go to school year round. It was mentally very challenging as I was wrestling big time with PTSD.

I had to fight with myself to get through it but I did end up graduating with a bachelors in Biochemistry. I hope to be able to use my knowledge in science to better analyze most aspects of health and fitness. These are tall mountains to scale but I truly love what I’m doing. I have no shame in telling you that I intend to be as nerdy as I can be in my dedication to this site!

My plans down the road are to continue to make gains in my battle with PTSD and go to grad school for neurochemistry.