5 Back Pain Devices You Can Use At Home


Thermal Neck And Back Pain Devices

These neck and back pain devices use the temperature (either hot or cold) to treat your discomfort. Heat therapy has been shown to work well for neck and back pain, but cold therapy is sometimes what hits the spot for a particular individual.


Any standard heating pad or ice bag may do the trick.

If you want something more tailor engineered you can check something like the Physicool Bandage

If you choose cold thermal therapy you can consider using Physicool bandages. Quick-evaporating alcohol is included into the bandages. When put next to the skin, temperature triggers evaporation, which extracts heat. If the estimated two hours of cooling isn’t enough time, there’s a spray offered to renew the bandages’ cooling properties. Also, Physicool bandages can be used anywhere you need them, from the back to the knees to the neck.


Massage Tools

Of course massage is a terrific method to get relief from back pain.


Getting a massage from an expert therapist is always great, however it can be expensive and time-consuming to go to a professional masseuse regularly. Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives for at-home massages.


One of these options is the Theracane.

This specially-curved device for back pain lets you to massage your own back, comparable to the way a back scratcher lets you scratch your back.

If you choose to let the massager do the work, a hand-held massager might be a better choice, like this lightweight healing massager with 7 heads and 2 settings.

Alternatively, a massage cushion might work well, specifically if holding up a hand-held massager may set off shoulder or arm pain. This highly-adjustable massage cushion also generates heat.


Supportive Pillows For Neck And Back Pain

Pillows might be among the easiest methods to mitigate neck and back pain. If you’re a side sleeper and need some extra support, body pillows may help a lot.

For instance, this U-shaped body pillow can offer you support on both sides. It’s fantastic for pregnant females dealing with neck and back pain (can you do squats while pregnant? Find out here). If you’re a back sleeper, this shape wedge system may work wonders for you.

It raises your head, your knees, and your feet, keeping your back naturally curved while you’re lying down.

Likewise, numerous cases of back pain come from the neck. And considering that the neck is where your body meets the pillow, it’s crucial that you have terrific support there.


Back Stretchers And Traction Devices

Stretchers and traction devices can assist with your neck and back pain when used properly. However, if used improperly, these types of at-home items can also potentially worsen existing neck and back pain or produce brand-new pain. Follow directions thoroughly.


When used effectively, simple gadgets, like Spine-Worx or Back Magic Plus, can help stretch and realign your back. In addition, both of these items are quickly portable, so you can take them with you any place you go. For something a bit more robust, a standing back stretcher might help you extend and straighten your back.


An inversion table is another advanced option that should be utilized with your medical professional’s approval. When utilized properly, this gadget for neck and back pain relief can help in reducing stress in the spinal column.

Traction gadgets are another option. These use the very same components of extending and lengthening, this time with a steadier applied force.


Acupressure Mats

An acupressure mat can enable you to achieve the same discomfort relief from home. This acupressure mat even has a pillow that can be used to support your head or your lower back. This gadget for pain in the back offers a non-invasive option to acupuncture.

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