7 Benefits Of Kickboxing For Women

Kickboxing packs a great combo for your health.

Believe it. Like the majority of workouts, you’ll break a significant sweat while you jab, cross, and kick.

However the advantages of this kind of physical fitness work out beyond strength and cardio (though those top the list).

While kickboxing for women can be frightening– it may invoke pictures of dudes knocking each other out– do not let that turn you off.

You don’t have to train with a sparring partner who’s gonna rearrange that pretty face of yours via Bruce Lee sidekicks to the face.

It’s the learning process of the fundamentals in kickboxing that often help women get a greater sense of confidence in their body which will also help with self defense.

You might be surprised how strong and powerful you feel after throwing some punches and kicks and learning how to bob and weave.

Here are some benefits to consider if you’re feeling a little persuaded…

  1. It’s a full-body workout

Your arms might do a great deal of work as they turn, twist, and extend through each punch, and your legs certainly drive each kick, however it takes your whole body to produce force and include power to each motion. You’ll learn that kickboxing really is all about your core. It’s where most of your power is stored for throwing most punches and kicks. So inevitably you’re gonna get that midsection of yours a great workout in the process.

Also, most kickboxing exercises involve a total-body warm-up or active healing periods, including moves like squats, lunges, situps, pushups, or burpees. So you train from head to toe doing those exercises, too.


  1. There’s a ton of flexibility in how you workout.

While you do get a full-body burn with every punch and kick, you can likewise move at your own rate and easily customize when you need to. That likewise implies you can actually turn it up– pushing your speed and adding more force behind each punch with your hips and lower half– whenever you’re all set to increase the strength.

  1. It’s endurance, speed, and power training in one

Kickboxing isn’t just about one kind of training. While you do get a high-intensity workout from each session– carrying out at a full-blown effort and actively recuperating in between those bursts– you’re also moving throughout the whole class, so you enhance your endurance. 


When it comes to the punches and kicks, you should be trying to make them quicker and more powerful. This is a challenge that actually involves your whole body. Both punches and kicks involve your core so when you put all these things together you are essentially turning your entire body into a power station or a powerhouse. That’s exactly what you want.


  1. You likewise develop strength

Hitting or kicking a heavy bag requires some serious strength. You require difficult muscles to dominate this hardcore workout, which stands true for each muscle group– including your shoulders, arms, back, abs, legs, and butt. 


  1. Your brain gets a workout as well

While doing kickboxing, your brain learns to act quick as it reacts to punches, masters sharp reflexes, and remembers combinations. So hand eye coordination is enhanced as you get out there and learn how to kick butt. This is part of the reason why so many ladies feel their confidence enhanced as mentioned earlier. They are getting their mind and body to coordinate together in ways they hadn’t before and you’ll end up feeling the effect in every day life no doubt.

  1. You can do it anywhere

Sure, it’s helpful to have a huge bag to punch, but you don’t absolutely need it. If you want to rid yourself of any excuses you can get weighted gloves that you can take wherever you go. Weighted gloves are a great way to enhance a kickboxing workout. 


If you’re all about that bag, and don’t have access to a studio, you can create your own kickboxing health club at home with products like FightCamp– which includes a bag, gloves, wraps, punch trackers, and an exercise mat. (Note: FightCamp likewise needs you register for their month-to-month class subscription, which uses on-demand boxing exercises.) 


  1. It’s a significant stress reliever

Often the very best method to release stress after a tough day at work is not a cold beer, but some intense physical activity. Kickboxing uses a healthy method to go out a few of the day’s disappointments out of your system, which will likewise help you get a better night’s sleep and enhance mental clearness.


The group environment of kickboxing is much more efficient in launching endorphins. While any kind of vigorous activity will launch these feel-good chemicals, group workout improves their impact.

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