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The 5 Best Iron Supplements

Iron is a mineral that’s essential to your health. All of your cells contain some iron, however most of the iron in your body is in your red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen from your lungs to the organs and tissues throughout your body.

Iron has a role in developing energy from nutrients. It likewise contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses– the signals that collaborate the actions of different parts of your body. If you have more iron than is required, it’s kept in your body for future usage.

The typical American gets all the iron they need from the foods they eat. However there are specific situations and conditions that may make it required to include additional iron to your diet.

Iron deficiency anemia is triggered when there’s not enough iron in your red cell. Without healthy levels of iron, your red cell can not effectively supply oxygen to your cells and tissues.

Signs of anemia:

problem focusing

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia in the United States. Roughly five million Americans have it.

Typical causes of anemia consist of:

menstruation, particularly if flow is heavy or prolonged
peptic ulcer disease
cancer in the digestive tract
blood loss from trauma or blood donation
intestinal bleeding from prolonged use of medications like aspirin and ibuprofen



  1. Feosol Ferrous Sulfate Iron

Fesol is a trusted brand over seven decades with best and innovative supplements. This is one of most effective iron supplement which is consisting with ferrous sulfate that makes the absorption easy. This is the iron supplement that is recommended by most of the pharmacists as the best supplement. One pill contains 65mg of iron and it provides 360% of required iron for a normal person. This is a high potency iron supplement that can be used regularly after meals or even before meals. This pill helps the absorption of iron on your regular foods faster than usual absorption. Pill is small in size than other iron supplements, which helps to consume easily and this supplement give benefits from the first few days of consuming. Dosage and other required directions are stated on the box for better usage.

  1. EZ Melts Iron

This is also one of amazing iron supplement which helps to get the required iron. This is the best supplement for people who are suffering with allergies to consume iron rich food or being vegetarians. This is a dissolving pill which consist carbonyl iron as well as vitamin C that helps for a better iron absorption. This is a chewing or dissolving supplement with a delicious orange flavor which makes the consumption easy. This product does not contain any harmful ingredients and it has no sugar, vegan, gluten free and GMO free, natural flavors and colors only added.

  1. Nature Made Iron

This is the best supplement for pregnant women as they need more iron during this period. During the pregnancy blood circulation increases than the usual, so they regularly need to consume more iron than usual. This is a safe product for pregnant women with safe natural ingredients, there are no artificial flavors, gluten free and no preservatives. Nature Made is a well reputed supplement manufacturer over fifty years with best supplements. One pill consist 65mg of iron which is equivalent to 325mg ferrous sulfate that increase the usual iron absorption. This supplement is helpful to form red blood cells effectively. For pregnant women it is safe and better to take the supplement after meals, because having it with empty stomach may create disorders.

  1. Pure Encapsulations Iron- C Hypoallergenic Supplement

 This is a best supplement for vegetarians recommended by most pharmacists because most of the vegetarians are having iron deficiency issues. This pill contains iron as well as vitamin C to enhance the iron absorption. The capsule also made with plant fiber for the best consumption of vegetarians and it does not contain GMO, artificial sweetener or colors. This is also a best supplement for who are having allergies with iron rich food such as milk, nuts, eggs and etc. It is recommended to consume after meals for better results. Each capsule contains 175mg of vitamin C and 15mg of iron which ensure the daily iron consumption.


  1. Natures Way Liquid Mineral Iron Supplement

This is one of best liquid iron supplement for who are having trouble with consuming pills over 2o years. Can consume required quantity as needed and it can be mix with water or any other juice, but it is not good to mix with dairy products. Because combining iron supplements with dairy products will reduce the ability of absorbing the iron. This liquid is with an amazing fruit (Berry) flavor and it does not contain sugar. Wellesse liquid mineral iron supplement can be absorb easily than pills and it is recommended to consume one table spoon to fill the daily iron requirement. This is a good supplement for anyone in any stage of life with higher absorbing ability.

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