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Best Keto-Friendly Protein Powders

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A protein powder plays a vital role in building the muscles and crushing the workouts. It contributes to being an integral part of the weight loss regime. If you have started the keto diet, everything you intake is crucial and missing the most minute detail can screw everything up.  Hence, you need to ensure that the protein powder you are going to intake is keto-friendly; otherwise, you might be struggling to maintain or enter ketosis.

Keto-friendly protein powders can help bestow a number of health benefits. Some of them are protection from bone loss while aging, increase stamina for exercise,and building stronger muscles. 

Keto-friendly protein powders also provide a boost to your mood. It also makes you feel fuller. In addition to this, it is useful in keeping the blood sugar within a specific normal range. Also, it helps your body maintain a healthy weight.

However, picking the right protein powder can be challenging when you are on the keto diet as most of the brands are known to have a fair amount of sugars, carbohydrates, and additives which might waste some of your daily carbs.


How to Choose the Right Keto-Friendly Protein Powder

Protein is an integral part of the body.  If you are looking for an animal-based protein powder, it is recommended to choose products that were pasture-raised or grass-fed.

When choosing the plant-based protein you should  stick to sources that consist of sacha inchi pea protein or sunflower seed. Say no to incomplete proteins such as brown rice. Just because there is an organic label does not necessarily mean that it consists of quality ingredients.

While choosing the right keto-friendly protein powder, make sure to avoid the following:

  • Artificial flavors
  • Food coloring
  • Unnecessary preservatives
  • Added sweeteners

If you are looking for a protein powder for your keto-friendly diet, refer to the below-mentioned products.

Unflavored 100% Grass-fed Collagen

If you have been struggling to find the right flavor of the keto-friendly protein powde this one is an excellent choice. All you need to do is add it to the food, you love. As it does not have any flavor, it can blend with any meal or shake.

In addition to having a lot of healthy protein, it also consists of pure MCT oil powder, which is ideal for the ketone level.  It also has 1.5 grams of acacia fiber that helps in procuring perfect gut health. As it is composed of natural ingredients, it won’t interrupt your ketone diet.

It is free from gluten, and thus it is a suitable option for people, suffering from celiac disease. The presence of hydrolyzed protein is ideal for overall health, such as nails, hair, and skin.


  • It is devoid of any odors, and thus you can intake it with any drink or food.
  • It lacks flavor, and thus you can mix it with a coffee, milkshake, or anything you want.
  • The collagen present in this protein powder is an ideal choice for the nails, hair, skin.
  • It provides an abundant amount of protein per serving, and thus it is the perfect choice for the daily intake of It boasts of a creamy texture, and therefore, it gets blend easily.


  • The included scoop is very long.
  • Less in quantity.

Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

If you tend to gain weight in no time, you can use this protein powder without worries. This protein powder provides 25 grams in each serving. So you’ll get the prerequisite amount you need to get the gains in the weight room you’re looking for. 


People who are suffering from dairy intolerance or gluten might have a hard time to intake the protein powders as most of these powders, available in the market, is a mixture of lactose and gluten.  Isopure, on the other hand, is free from sugar, dairy, and gluten.


  • This keto-friendly protein powder allows you to stay in control of the Marcos.
  • It is tasty, and thus it is a suitable choice for people who want a flavored shake.
  • It is an ideal source of protein, and thus users can have 25 gm in each serving.
  • The presence of caffeine in the powder provides an additional energy boost.
  • It is a suitable option for people who are on a low-fat diet.


  • You can have an unpleasant aftertaste after intaking the product.
  • It does not consist of the best texture.

Vegansmart Plant-Based

If you want to intake a vegan-friendly protein powder, you can choose this keto-friendly protein powder. It stands second to none in providing 20 gm of non-GMO protein in each serving. It is devoid of cholesterol, dairy, gluten and thus it is one of the cleanest sources of protein.

Packed with antioxidants, polyphones, minerals, and vitamins, it is an excellent choice for the body. It consists of 6g of dietary fiber, and therefore you can get the required daily fiber by consuming this protein. Also, this protein powder boasts of Omega-3, and thus you will find a boost brainpower by choosing this protein.

It consists of chocolate flavor along with a great texture so consume it to your liking. Many people note that this protein makes you feel full. So it can be great snack to take to cruve hunger pangs. 


  • It lets you fill up in no time.
  • It is an ideal choice for people suffering from soy or dairy allergies.
  • It is free from any harmful ingredients.
  • It is healthy and offers the prerequisite amount of nutrients to the body.
  • It is known to have a fantastic flavor and a great taste.


  • The smell of the powder appears to be a bit off-putting.
  • It might cause gas.

Onnit Grass Fed Whey Isolate

This is another prominent name in the list of keto-friendly protein powders. The presence of Mexican chocolate flavor makes this product original and unique. It is possible to enjoy the powder with water and milk.

The best thing about this powder is that it gives you the protein required from whey. In addition to this, you can avoid a gain in weight by choosing this protein as the carbs and fat are filtered out. Another feature is that it delivers the amino acid leucine to the muscles more efficiently than other protein powders on the market. Leucine is a critical amino acid for muscle gains so Onnit is a great choice if you’re all about those gains.


  • It boasts of the unique flavor which is excellent in taste.
  • It has low calories, and hence it is suitable for people who are willing to develop the muscles as well as gain weight at the It provides a higher amount of protein in every serving.
  • It features smooth texture, and thus it can blend with a wide assortment of drinks and foods easily.


  • Less in quantity per scoop

Kiss My Keto Protein Powder

This guy has gained high popularity as one of the most popular keto-friendly powders on the maket. It boasts of chocolate flavor. It blends perfectly with your type of morning shake. With its texture, it can mix with the coffee as well. Many users note that it is friendly on the stomach. If protein powders tend to make you feel bloated, this one might be for you.


  • It is a perfect source of protein, and thus you can make the best use of it as the supplement to get the required protein in your body.
  • It is gentle on the stomach.
  • It possesses a good flavor, and thus it mixes with different kinds of drinks and foods perfectly.
  • Filled with collagen, it provides the required energy boost.


  • Lower quantity.
  • Strong after taste.



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Best Keto Friendly Protein Powders