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Best Lifting Shoes for Men

Best Lifting Shoes for Men BannerBy having a couple of the best lifting shoes for men, you can make those exhausting sessions of weightlifting more pleasing. Though they cannot guarantee better results still it is a good idea for men to have them to protect their knees, back and joints.

You can improve some of the creaks and cracks while performing squats or leaning backward just by wearing high-quality lifting shoes.

Here we review five of the best lifting shoes for men to help you on those leg and deadlifting days.

Finding the Best Men’s Shoes for Lifting Weights

While buying lifting shoes for men, the shoes should have flat soles, especially while doing squats and deadlifts.

Lifting shoes with flat soles are the best for men lifting weights because they will plant your feet firmly on the ground to allow your lower body to drive all the pressure through your heels.

Fastlift 400 Shoes for Boa Training Men by Inov-8

These are the best shoes for men lifting weight made by Inov-8 for the lifters with flat feet. They not only provide stability to your feet but also keep you comfortable with the help of their flexible forefoot.

These shoes will not disappoint you as they are more durable and comfortable than most of the other lifting shoes out there.


  • These shoes will be more durable and long-lasting than other similar shoes in the market
  • They are comfortable
  • They are flexible
  • These shoes can be perfectly fit for your feet because of adjustable Micro BOA dial on their strap and flexible forefoot to allow you all the flexibility you need for your heavy lifts.
  • The heel of these shoes provides a laterally solid and safe base along with stability due to the power truss technology and heel cage used in them

ASICS Lift Master Lite Shoe for Men by ASICS

ASICS specially designed these lifting shoes for men who have planned their gym sessions from their busy day. This lifting shoe many people consider a double as a cross-trainer shoe. So, you can use these for a versatile kind of workout.


  • You can trust upon the durability of these lifting shoes as they contain the highest-quality synthetic materials. 
  • The seams of these shoes will not wear down as they are seamless.
  • These shoes allow your feet to stretch around and hug comfortably to avoid jamming of your toes as it uses a mono sock fit system. 
  • They allow your feet to breathe comfortably.
  • The entire upper portion of these shoes allows your feet to be free from sweat during a workout session as it has ventilation throughout and reinforced vamp which will improve the flow of air in them.

Romaleos Shoes for Weightlifting Men by Nike

Loyalists to the Nike brand love these shoes. They are from the lines of weightlifting shoes from Nike that have the latest design and best features.


  • Available in various sizes.
  • Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Romaleo even if you have feet of unusual size as they are available in the broadest range of sizes like most shoes from Nike.
  • Available in various styles and colors.
  • Very breathable and lightweight design. Weighs less than a pound.
  • These shoes are comfortable to wear due to the support provided by their inside features, for instance, the designed cup made of TPU on the heel wedge to provide excellent gripping. 

LiftingMEGIN Shoes for Powerlifting Men by Nordic

These high-quality lifting shoes are excellent for deadlifts, leg presses, and squats. This brand is known for making high-quality shoes at meager prices.


  • They are best for wide feet.
  • If your lifting posture is not correct, then these shoes can help support it with the help of the 1.4” height of their heel.
  • Your feet can breathe inside these shoes because of their very lightweight and breathable mesh on the toe.

Weightlifting Power Perfect III Shoes for Cross-Trainer Men by Adidas

These lifting shoes for men are suitable for the lifters of all levels and all budget options due to their affordable price. They are designed only for weightlifting and are suitable for heavy weightlifters too.


  • These shoes are ideal for the lifters with feet from ordinary to slender width as they provide them snug fitting. Their quality is best in comparison to other shoes in this price range.
  • These shoes can improve your form by providing enough support and stability. 
  • The length and width of the toe box of these shoes provide excellent fitting.
  • They are breathable.
  • The toe panel of these shoes has mesh to make your feet feel dry and comfortable during extended sessions of lifting.