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Top 5 Best Lifting Shoes For Women

Alright, lets set it straight, women who do weightlifting! Weight training is a sure way of shedding weight, gaining strength and toning your body. We have spoken about at length here at Fitness Fahrenheit, a guide that tells you everything you need to know about strength training feminine style.

Those grueling weightlifting sessions can be more enjoyable if you have a great pair of lifting shoes.

Of course, having a good pair of lifting shoes doesn’t guarantee results. No one should be dumb enough to think that. But the best lifting shoes for women can protect your joints, knees, and back, which can allow you to have a more effective workout overall.

If you have been wearing sneakers when doing your workouts, then you might have experienced some challenges when leaning backward or performing squats. High-quality weightlifting shoes may be the perfect answer to those problems. This article will provide information about the five best lifting shoes for women that readers want to know.

Benefits of using Lifting Shoes for Women Over the Ordinary Footwear

-Quality-Weight lifting shoes are mostly produced from a higher standard than the regular trainers or sneakers. They tend to be more durable than ordinary trainers or sneakers.

-Support-They provide better support than ordinary shoes and have extra features like metatarsal straps.

-Solid soles– They have inner soles that do not compress easily so that the pressure is transferred efficiently and your balance is improved.

The features discussed above are crucial for women who want to do serious weightlifting.

Best Lifting Shoes for Women

For weightlifting, especially deadlifts and squats, lifting shoes that have flat soles are highly recommended. This can be daunting because most fitness enthusiasts you find online will wear fashionable sneakers or basketball shoes.

Flat soled shoes are considered the best for those women who want to lift weights. This is because they allow you to firmly plant your feet firmly on the ground while lifting weights. This is crucial for lower body workouts which help to activate specific muscles while driving all the pressure through the heels.

So if you are searching for the best lifting shoes for women, I have done my research and will give out my recommendations below. Let’s dive in.

Here are my recommendations (from the cheapest to high-end lifting shoes for women)

For tight budgets: Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All- Star

For Recreational Lifters: Adidas Women Power lifts 3.1 Cross Trainer

For Intense Weightlifters: Reebok Women’s Legacy Lifter Sneaker

For Cross fit and Women Athletes: Reebok Women’s Cross fit lifter 2.0 training shoe

For Women Who Want to Achieve the Best Results: Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 400 Fitness Shoes

Best Budget Pick: Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All-Star

When lifting dead weights, most women concentrate on what they can put up rather than what they wear on their feet. But the best lifting shoes for women will help you to build a base for achieving those fitness gains. As women who have lifted weights over the years can attest, lifting shoes should not be filled with a fancy technology or have price tags that break your bank. Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor shoes are practical and comfortable.

The iconic converse all stars lifting shoes do not need any introduction. These lifting shoes have been with us for more than one century now. Though they were first used by basketball players, these shoes have now become popular in every weight lifting room. They have flat soles, which make them great and comfortable for lifting weights.


They have Flat Soles

Chucks have thin and flat soles that do not compress easily under heavy lifts. Since the older versions of chuck do not have arch support, your feet will be touching the ground firmly, and you will be free to push weights through your heels. These shoes will help to stabilize your feet muscles. This will automatically safeguard lower body parts against injury, and this makes your workouts more effective.

They are cheap and comfy

Chucks are incredibly light and durable; their canvas makes you feel like you are wearing socks. The good thing about these lifting shoes is that they are affordable and thus women will not have to break their bank accounts to purchase them.

They are Durable

These lifting shoes are incredibly durable, and you can wear them for long before they wear or tear down. They have produced from high-quality materials something you could not expect at this price range. They are significant investments that you can add to your fitness arsenal.


-Its lightweight may be a potential drawback as there other advancements in technology that have been made regarding lifting shoes

-It does not come with a raised heel that will help you get additional strength and power.

-It does not have advanced straps and cushions that you find in other lifting shoes you see in other lifting shoes.

Finally, Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All-star High-top casual sneakers are great shoes for casual wear and lifting weights. But they are not perfect for athletic activities such as jogging or running. However, its low price makes it ideal for women lifters.

Great for Lifting and Still Pocket-friendly: Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3.1 Cross Trainer Shoes

If Chuck Taylor is not a perfect fit for you, then you can try these cross-trainer lifting shoes for women from Adidas. This one contains additional design features, excellent support, top-shelf design and variety of beautiful colors that you would expect to find in high-end lifting shoes.

The Adidas powerlift cross-trainers have greater versatility than the Chuck Taylor women lifting shoes. They are perfect for weightlifting and high-intensity workouts, though they are designed for running or long treadmill sessions. But it performs well regarding support, price, aesthetics, and stability; these lifting shoes are entirely the best.

Colors: It comes in two primary colors namely: energy pink and energy blue.

Material: Artificial leather, rubber sole, and mesh.



There are some design aspects of these lifting shoes that make them ideal for weightlifting. They are light in weight, and this makes them incredibly comfortable for your feet. Also, the upper part of the shoe contains a breathable mesh which safeguards your feet from sweating excessively or overheating. So these lifting shoes have crazy ratings based on their comfort levels.

Many Amazon reviewers acknowledged that they were able to lift heavy weights when they changed from wearing ordinary running shoes to Adidas Powerlift Cross-Trainers.


There are few drawbacks that are associated with this shoe, but some reviewers felt that a taller heel would be more appropriate. Based on the height of the heel, this lifting shoe does not compete without models that are within the same price range.

Other reviewers had problems finding the right size; some argued that they were too big or too small for them. You will have adequate room for your toe area when using these shoes because that is how they are produced

Best for Serious Lifters: Reebok Women’s Legacy Lifter Sneaker

A glance at this shoe shows that you will not be screwing around. It comes in only one color… black. This is a shoe that is designed for severe lifters, who are searching for low-cut design, support straps and raised high heels. It is perfect for motion squats and other weightlifting exercises. It is not famous for cross training, but its high heel and flat sole makes it ideal for weightlifting exercises. It is in the class of expensive models because of its high specialization and quality.


If you have been following this post keenly, you will note that they all provide support, comfort and lightweight design. But let us examine what makes this lifting shoe unique.

First, is its heel height. Heel height is a significant consideration when it comes to weightlifting shoes. Some women prefer flat shoes for weightlifting while other will like shoes that have high heels for supporting them on their squats and deep motions.

Reebok women’s Legacy lifter sneaker has the highest heel around. Remember that the high heel makes them ideal to be used as cross trainers, so position it away from your treadmill. It also comes with a low-cut design, and this gives users maximum mobility and flexibility.


-It is quite expensive compared to other lifting shoes that are available on the market. If you are shopping on a limited budget, then this might not be a perfect fit for you.

-If you are searching for a lifting shoe that will be perfect for cross fit, running, then you might be forced to look for another one in this list.

-It is specialized for squats and heavy lifting which may not be ideal for everyone.

Reebok Women’s Cross fit Lifter 2.0 Training Shoes

If you are searching for a cross fit shoe, this is the one for you. That’s what Reebok women’s cross fit training shoes are designed to do. They have everything from support straps to raised heels, but enough ergonomics and comfort for your cardio workouts. Regardless of the kind of exercise you want to undertake, these lifting shoes will sort you out. It comes in five different colors and is produced from synthetic leather.


-It is a perfect gift for cross fit trainers who are searching for the best lifting shoes for women. It comes with a raised heel that gives you extra comfort during your workouts.

-Amazon reviewers note that this lifting shoe is great for push presses and squats.

-It has a great versatility meaning that you can easily transit from weightlifting to cardio workouts.


-If you are a CrossFit enthusiast, then you need to order this lifting shoe straight away. But those who do not like the cross fit, this shoe might not be perfect for them.

-It is also very expensive compared to other lifting shoe models that are available on the market.

Best of the Best: Inov-8 Women’s Fast lifts 400 BOA Fitness Shoe

This is the most famous high-end lifting shoe for a woman that acts as a game changer for weightlifters. It comes with great versatility and features that make it ideal for serious weightlifters. It is not a cheap shoe, but it is an awesome lifting shoe for women. It comes in two colors (grey, silver) and is produced from synthetic thermoplastic urethane.


Let’s examine what makes Inov-8 fitness shoe stand out from the rest in the market.

-It has a high heel of 16.5mm which is higher than that of other cross trainers in the market

-It is perfect for deadlifts squats and plyometrics.

-Its heel is constructed using high-quality thermoplastic urethane which is dense and hard than ordinary shoe heels. This meansthat you will not be able to compress your lifting shoe during the workouts.

  • It has a micro-adjustability feature using a dial system that is available on the foot strap.
  • People who have different feet sizes can find a lifting shoe that fits their needs


-It is quite expensive and may not be a good option for people who are shopping on a tight budget. It is the most costly lifting shoe for women that we have discussed in this post so far.

-Those who do weight lifting regularly prefer a heel of more than 20mm, but this shoe only offers 16.5mm and is not good for squats or deep range of motion.

– it does not come with many colors that customers can choose from as they would expect from such a high-end model lifting shoe.

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