Top 5 Probiotic Supplements


We all have bacteria in our bodies, especially in the large intestine. These bacteria are involved in digestion, immune health, and other functions. However, there are some beneficial and destructive bacteria and therefore, you need the right balance of these bad and good bacteria to promote good health. That is why probiotics are helpful. Probiotics are essential bacteria similar to the ones found in the body. There are several probiotic supplements on the market containing an awesome range of probiotic bacterial strains. In this piece, I am going to help you choose the best probiotic supplements that address a particular issue. 


Why Should You Consider Taking A Probiotic Supplement?


Different reactions to food – People react differently to food. There are those allergic, sensitive, and intolerant. With that in mind, probiotic supplements help to slow down these reactions improving our immune system.

Improves digestion – Anyone needs help as far as digestion is concerned. Probiotic supplements have the right pH for optimal digestion and assist in breaking down food.


Helps IBS – IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) is a diagnosis of exclusion. One minute you are constipated, the other you have diarrhea. The cramping, abdominal pain, and boating come and go till you are tired of visiting the bathroom. A probiotic supplement helps to fight all this and brings your health state to normal.

Promotes healthy guts – Many people suffer from gut infections. Probiotic supplements, in this case, helps to promote a healthy gut and research has been done to confirm it.




Vita Miracle Ultra-30

 If you are looking forward to improve your General Digestive Health, Vita miracle supplement is perfect for you. It will help boost the number of good bacteria in your system. This high-potency supplement provides up to 18 strains that help the digestive tract and increase the immune system. The supplement also increases HDL, prevents kidney stones, and promotes overall health. Vita miracle ultra-30 includes prebiotic that helps to fight bad yeast and bacteria. It contains the right strain of bacteria that promotes gut health.


According to Perlmutter, one should start with at least 8-10 different species. Its core five are; L. Acidophilus, B. Lactis, L. Plantarum, L. Brevis, and B. Longum. He also said that more strains were added on this supplement to promote general health. When buying this supplement, it is critical to consider the two capsules per serving. Many supplements require one capsule per serving, take note on that. In addition, consider the sour smell. Basically, the sour smell is common to many probiotic supplements. It can be a wise decision to consider another alternative on this list if you’re particularly sensitive to smell. Last but not least, the supplement contains no chemicals or additives making it 100% natural. Summary


Promote gut health

Promote general health

100% natural

It is a dairy and gluten-free supplement

Enhances the immune system

Prevent kidney stones

Increases HDL

MegaFood MegaFlora

Another top probiotic in our list is the MegaFood MegaFlora. It is excellent for Antibiotic Recovery. It is an effective supplement that helps to treat gut infections. Using a supplement without the right antibiotic means you will have a weak immune system. A bit relatively high probiotic dosage strains during, before, and after antibiotic treatment can assist to get back your microbiome to normal. MegaFlora contains 6 strains among B. Lactis, L. Acidophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Rhamnosus GG, B. Infantis, L. Casei, L. Paracasei, and S. Boulardii. It also contains the other 8 strains. This makes a total of 14 strains of probiotics which offers up to 20 billion bacteria. These bacteria assist in maintaining and restoring intestinal healthy balance.


Just like all other supplements in our list, MegaFlora is free from dairy, gluten, and soy. It is also free from glyphosate residue. This makes it a certified vegan making it ideal for anyone looking for vegan or any food-sensitive product. It includes five strains of general health. MegaFood contains small capsules making it perfect for those having trouble in swallowing pills. It is recommended to take only one pill per day. When buying this supplement, you need to consider cold storage to make the life of the CFUs sustainable. Summary


Helps to revamp your microbiome

Small capsules

Contains 20 billion active bacteria

Support and regulate intestinal health

100% natural

Free from dairy, gluten, and soy

Maintains and restores healthy probiotic balance

Helps to revamp your microbiome

Renew Life Ultimate Flora

 If you are a fitness lover and you’d like to boost your bacteria, then this is the right product for you. It is excellent for Immune Health and works perfectly for younger people although it can be strong for them. It was made using 6 different strains that were blended together to give you that youthful health you had before. Some of the strains known to treat symptoms of autoimmune disease are; L. Acidophilus and L. Paracasei. Others such as B. Lactis assist in preventing respiratory defects. The good thing with this Life Ultimate Flora is that it includes all the 3 targeted strains of bacteria at 30 billion CFUs


This product is highly and accurately labeled. The chances of getting the required bacteria in your body are high. When considering buying this supplement, you have to understand that it contains big capsules. It would not be a good option if you have difficulties in swallowing pills. If a large pill is not an issue, then you should take one pill per day. As far as storage is concerned, it should be stored in a cold area. Ensure that the company you are buying from the store in a refrigerator until it reaches you. Summary


It is best for immune improvement

Accurate labeling

It helps prevent respiratory infections

30 billion live bacteria

Brings back your youthful health

Dr. Formulas Nexabiotic

 If you are looking for the best supplement to relieve your IBS/IBD, then this is the right choice. Basically, a lot of research has been done to treat IBS and IBD. It was discovered that this supplement contains several strains that help to alleviate the symptoms. A good example is E. Faecium and L. Acidophilus. The Dr. Formula includes these and other five relevant strain species which adds up to 23. A single capsule is known to contain up to 34.5 billion active bacteria CFU serving.


The amazing thing about this product is its high labdoor scores. The highest score, in this case, implies that the product is good and has been rated well by the consumers. The ingredients, levels, and biochemical properties determine the labdoor score. If you consider this product, you need to keep in the size of the pill. It is not as small as some mentioned in the list. You can consider a smaller pill if swallowing a larger pill is an issue.



 High labdoor score

Improves IBD and IBS symptoms

Contains 34.5 billion active bacteria

23 species of strains

Gluten and dairy-free

Culturelle Digestive health

 If you are looking for a day to day supplement that will help to improve your gut and skin health, then Culturelle is the top option. It includes up to 10 billion active bacteria for a single capsule. It also includes 100% Lactobacillus GG, a probiotic that assist in bloating, curb gas, and upset the stomach. It also works to boost the performance of your immune system. Each capsule is almost equal to 10 cups of yogurt. It is free from sugar, dairy, and gluten. The whole bottle comes with 30 pills that should be taken in a single day. Beginners are advised to take it at night.


Another good thing about culturelle is that it assists to clear your bowel problems after antibiotic and maintains your normal health throughout the year. It also helps travelers by maintaining their immune system in the right working order. Basically, this product has been studied well by clinical experts and found to be great for human use. The pills have insulin, prebiotic which helps to thrive and feed the Lactobacillus bringing back your innards balance. It is free from gluten and dairy. It is also 100% natural. Summary


Only one strain

Has prebiotic

Everyday use

Gluten and dairy-free

10 billion CFUs


Final Word

 Having a good immune system, healthy gut, and overall health of our body is critical. Although more research is been done, probiotic appears to offer beneficial effects for many conditions. We’ve spent a lot of time and resources, trying to come up with these 5 best probiotic supplements. We used third-party testing where we had over 200 supplements. With many options, it was wise for us to narrow down the list of products whose potency, purity, and projected efficacy is approved. We also verified that the ingredients lists are truthful and confirmed that no traces of contaminations are present. Actually, taking any of the above-mentioned probiotic supplements will definitely help you improve general health, specific health issues, and the quality of health. Was this piece helpful? Did you find what you were looking for? Well, share your thoughts and tell us your concerns in the comment section below.

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