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The Bowflex BodyTower, A One Stop For All Your Calisthenic Needs

Do you want to build muscle, stay in shape, or lose weight? The Bowflex Body Tower will help you in achieving all that. With it you get the benefit of the freedom to perform a number of exercise such as pull-ups, squats, dips, sit-ups, planks and more. With all the advanced and new types of equipment that come out all every year, bodyweight training and calisthenics sometimes gets left in the dust. There are many great reasons why you should be doing it, and in the social media age there has been a recent revival in its interest. If you’re serious about incorporating bodyweight exercises and calisthenics into your home workout routine, the Bowflex Body Tower is a smart investment. It accommodates more than 20 bodyweight exercises helping you shape your entire body helping improve your body’s balance and general muscle utility.

Key Features

 20+ Exercises

With the Bowflex BodyTower you can perform more than 20+ exercises, including push-ups, planks, pull-ups, squats and more. Through the many exercises, controlled by your own body weight, you can create a versatile and varied workout. Actively train your arms, back, stomach without the use of weights. With your body weight, you control the intensity of your workout yourself. With its compact dimensions, the Bowflex BodyTower is the ideal device for your home.

The Bowflex BodyTower offers many different exercise options. Especially for an upper body workout, the Power Tower is ideal. It offers pull-up bar, dip station and pushups. The arms of the dip station can be folded up so that you can perform your pull-ups without hindrance.

Here’s some of the exercises you can get out of the Bowflex Body Tower

  • Chest : dips
  • Back : rowing, deadlifts, pull-ups
  • Legs : lunges
  • Arms : dumbbell exercises, tight pull ups (biceps)
  • Belly : Hanging Leg Raises, crunches

Is The Bowflex Body Tower Adjustable?

E-Z adjust horizontal bars add variety and intensity to your workouts. This allows you to vary your own workout easily which is of course key to effective fitness. You never want your body to become acclimated. One of the points that differentiates the Bowflex BodyTower from other multifunctional towers is that, this equipment can be adjusted in height and to the sides, which allows it to offer three different grip positions. So this Bowflex Body tower allows you to find the position that best suits your size and height.

Sturdily Built Construction, Compact Frame

The Bowflex Body Tower is made with a stable commercial-grade steel frame helps you stay stable and secure. It comes with the rubber footing to prevent scraping and sliding on your floor. It doesn’t take up much space as well with dimensions of 50’’L x 50’’W x 77’’H.

Included Accessories

The accessories included with metal frame of the bowflex body tower are instructional placard, sling straps and hand grips. The total weight of the tower is 113 lbs.



Here I mean two points; In the first place, they are suitable for both men and women and, in the second instance, you can do a lot of exercises with this type of

training station.

Condition and tone

If you regularly use it, you will certainly improve strength and muscle tone. You will condition the central muscles and the upper part of your body.

Punctual training

This quality is of special interest, especially for those who have suffered injuries. A bodybuilding station will allow you to train in various areas of the body or with a series of specific exercises that do not affect your injuries anymore.

Central stability

The exercise towers will help you to train but above all to take care of injuries especially the back and the central core of the body, which will also give you greater stability and balance.


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this training unit is the ease of having it at home. It is easily assembled and will take up very little space. It fits practically anywhere.


Height Issues

The position of the dip bars at the highest setting may not accommodate taller users. Some users complained that they would hit their head on the pull up bars when trying to do dips.

So Who Is This For Really?

Overall, the Bowflex BodyTower convinces with its robust construction and its comparatively low price. It’s a smart investment if you want to have a full array of calisthenic exercises to do all situated in one place, and there are a many good reasons why you should be doing calisthenics. This is a smart investment for both men and women at any fitness level. In addition, the manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on the frame. The manufacturer offers with the power bands even more opportunities for training with weights. The professional power station offers much more training options than conventional power racks. Much of what needs to be purchased on other models is already here. But this is also noticeable in the price. However, the manufacturer also has a full five-year warranty, which speaks for excellent quality.

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