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Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 and TC200: Investment To Boost Metabolism

Think of a refreshing exercise that goes beyond conventional workouts for a healthier you while introducing fitness fun that inspires you? Such equipment can only be rare if not a sexy catch. This is especially the case if you have a weight loss plan and want a healthier body for happier living. If you just guessed of the incredible Bowflex Tread Climber TC100 and TC200 models, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. We’ll take a look at both of them in this review.

Both are modern Cardio machines that bring into your lifestyle a perfect hybrid technology with combined treadmill benefits and advanced features of a steep stair machine or if you like, an elliptical machine. It allows you to revel in your cardio workout effectively for outstanding performance within a short period. But is that all? We haven’t started yet. Let’s read on….

What are the Benefits of Tread Climber TC100 and TC200?

Ease of use

You can walk forwards on both machines or step up like in your stair climber or blend in both actions. Amazingly, you can utilize their dual platform surface design to rise while it separates with ease to reach for your steps. This guarantees your safety and stability for improved performance.

Adaptability and speed

So, how do these machines fit into your lifestyle? Since they allow your body motion to engage more body muscles actively, you stand to burn calories quicker than most designs out there. Hence, you can significantly save time especially when running a demanding time calendar. How about a secret to burning even more of the calories? Consider making the most of the low speeds. Either way, you have the upper hand.

Flexibility and adjustment

How flexible is this design? If you want variety in your workouts, you have options to use these Bowflex Tread Climbers as either just a treadmill or climber. How is this possible? Just shut off the power for a hydraulic setting ranging from 1 to 12 choices to realize a stair climber. Otherwise, go ahead and lock the two available treadles together, and then switch it on for a 10% treadmill inclination.

Experience level

Can these designs be appropriate for me as a newbie? The design features allow you to start from bottom up for intense workouts as you grow your experience and skills. Credit goes to its different 12 resistance levels. Also, you can change to the speed that suits your mood and goals from as low as 0.5 mph all the way up to 4.5 mph. This is a flawless way to experience a highly favorable workout.

A Closer Look At The Tread Climber TC100

Are you looking for an intense workout machine? The newly upgraded bowflex treadclimber TC100 fits this category. It is redesigned to combine the motions of a stepper, treadmill and an elliptical. The 3-in-1 device provides you a low impact exercise for high-impact performance, better than its predecessor the TC10.

It comes with two separate treadles with moving belts, just like a treadmill to help you jump up and down smoothly. They also allow you to step quickly and safely on the tread climber. You can now get in good shape for a fuller life the more natural way, thanks to the ease of control with the Tread Climber TC100 features. While starting, you can walk on the bowflex tread-climber as you adjust the speed to fit your growing skill level.

Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber comes with four automatic functions. There is an interactive backlit LCD that indicates the speed, time, distance and calories burnt. In addition, you can monitor the progress of your workout for possible improvements and realignment towards set objectives.

Impressively, you can also adjust the speed from as low as .5 up to 4 mph. You have a heart rate monitor with integrated grips for real-time accurate data display. You can now burn up to two and a half times calories as you would with a treadmill, at the same speed.

But what if you have a phone draining power fast and you are expecting calls? No need to worry. An intelligent USB charging port is built-in this treadclimber from Bowflex to help you plug in all your devices for a quick charge.

This implies you can concentrate and focus on achieving your daily workout targets. Don’t you think that is expediency at its best? It also comes with an integrated water bottle and media rack to quench your thirst as you have fun in the exercise room. The console is a significant upgrade for a personalized experience to allow a spacious cup holder that fits in most bottles.

It is a compact design that is easy to move around and store, thanks to its added wheels. It can fit into your home space without any inconveniences. Apart from that, the good-looking TreadClimber TC100 will complement your home set up for an elegant feel.


  • Provides an adjustable speed range from .5 up to 4 mph
  • Comes with an interactive backlit LCD console
  • Backed by four automatic functions for Calories, Distance, Speed and Time.
  • A built-in USB charging port
  • Has water bottle and media shelf holder
  • A compact design for seamless installation
  • Has a heart rate monitor with integrated grips
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty Cons
  • Doesn’t come with built-in workouts despite its advanced features

A Closer Look At The TC200

A top of the line replacement of TC20, TreadClimber TC200 is a breathtaking console improvement. The design is low impact with great and efficient performance.

So What do the features have in store for your fitness program?

You have customizable programs that include walk, distance and calorie goal, interval and time. You can choose the level that suits you at a specific moment conveniently with zero boredom as you realize your set targets. All programs are customizable at the click of the button.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 is the bold way to make new fitness activities livelier and entertaining. Play your sweet tunes straight from your phone correctly held into place on the device holder. In this spot, go ahead and also store your beverage cans or tablet.

Do you want extra fun? There is a charging station for all your devices and Blue tooth connectivity. You can finally track your fitness progress for evaluation to achieve set goals within a short period. The integrated Blue tooth technology allows you to share your workout data seamlessly. These include to platforms like Apple Health, Google Fit, and MyFitnessPal. It can also store up to 4 different user’s data.

How about its heart rate zone indicator? It allows you to monitor your heart rate health using distinct discreet zones like cardio, warm-up, performance and fat burn. The hand grip and heart rate monitor is backed up by a wireless heart rate monitor such that you don’t miss any data needs.

Without occupying much of your home space, the compact design comes in proper measurements of 55 inches by 31.5 inches by 62.5 inches. Hence, this allows you extra surrounding space for other fitness equipment or moving around without restrictions. This is what it feels like to own a three-in-one workout motion while burning calories straight from the comfort of your home.


  • Weighs only 217 for ease of portability
  • Body compact with a reliable and stable feel
  • Ease of steeping into with your feet Mostly comfortable and easy to use
  • Provides a chance to burn up to 423 calories in half an hour
  • Comes with innovative climb indicator features
  • Has a speed range from .5 to 4 mph
  • Heart rate zone light able to track heart rate across 4 zones Cons
  • Quite highly priced though worthy its upgraded features for those with a sound budget

Product specifications

TreadClimber TC100

 Weight: 110 pounds

Speed range: .5 – 4 mph

Electronic Functions: Speed, Distance,Time & Calories Heart Rate Monitor: Contact Grips

Product Dimensions: 44.7 x 24.6 x 12.8 inches

TreadClimber TC200

 Weight: 137 pounds

Speed range: .5 – 4.5 mph

Electronic Functions: Speed, Distance, Time & Calories Heart Rate Monitor: Contact & Telemetry Enabled Product Dimensions: 50 x 33 x 13 inches

Bottom Line

Any of these bowflex tread climbers will help you maintain good joint and body health. They are pretty low impact cardiovascular workout tools if you appreciate modern convenience for exercising. Do you want to cut down that weight? Tread climbers are good investments for a 30-60 minute workout daily to burn those calories. Don’t be surprised that your body burns extra calories after the workout because this unique design was engineered to help boost your overall metabolism. They are fantastic choices for a high-intensity routine to help improve the health of your heart and lungs as well.

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