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5 Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be among the harder, if not painful, things you perform in life. Maybe you’ve succeeded for a short time, only to fall into old routines and get it all back.

On your weight-loss journey, you’ll want to utilize all the tools available to ensure this does not happen.

You may not know this, but the use of important oils can be handy for weight loss and renewal.

Perhaps you are already acquainted with making use of important oils when utilized for relaxation functions in a spa environment.

They are more than simply a pleasing aroma, and can be an useful tool in your weight loss regime.

Now these aren’t overnight magic potions and it always needs to be said that your main tools are exercise and proper nutrition.

Never lose sight of that.

But understood and applied properly essential oils can be a great aid in your repertoire.

Let’s get to it…



Lower Your Stress Lower Your Fat

Although it may not appear to be straight related to weight-loss, stress-reduction is an important element. This is kinda the main MAIN thing when we’re talking about essential oils being useful in losing bodyfat.

 High-stress levels increase your blood levels of the hormone cortisol, which is key in things like your hunger pangs.

Stress-reduction is one of the most common uses for essential oils. Some might be used topically, similar to massage oil, and others are best utilized in a diffuser.



Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil boosts energy levels which will of course lead to better exercise overall in your life. It’s also great for recovery from your workouts.  It can help relieve aching muscles, decrease recovery time and help you get back to exercising sooner.

Furthermore, peppermint is a natural energizer that decreases fatigue and enhances focus, so you can keep your eyes on that weight-loss goal. The mental part of it all is after all the most important part. Peppermint oil also decreases appetite cravings and can help you to feel feelings of satiety faster.


Peppermint oil has a cooling feeling when you use it topically, so simply rubbing one to 2 drops into your temples and behind your neck can offer you the energy and discomfort relief you need. You can also diffuse peppermint oil for a quick energy increase; Add 5 to 10 drops to bathwater to relieve throbbing muscles; include one to two drops to a glass of water; or even mix in a couple drops with your tooth paste before brushing.

Ginger Oil

Among the benefits of ginger essential oil is its capability to support digestion and the absorption of nutrients. By enhancing the absorption of the vitamins and minerals that you’re consuming, ginger oil is supporting the body’s cellular energy and, in effect, promoting weight reduction. A key substance in ginger oil, called gingerol, likewise minimizes swelling in the body and has antioxidant activity. This procedure naturally decreases discomfort and swelling, which helps keep you active and burning more calories.

Include one to 2 drops of ginger important oil to tea or a green healthy smoothie for the best outcomes. You can also diffuse ginger at home or work, inhale the oil straight from the bottle or use 2 to 3 drops topically to the stomach area after consuming.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil helps to balance blood sugar levels, thereby helping weight-loss and minimizing sugar yearnings. When your blood sugar level levels are unstable, you may find yourself overindulging and gaining weight. Plus, when your energy levels are low, it’s hard to work out and burn calories. Utilizing cinnamon oil will aid in addressing these issues that are standing in your way and, as an included perk, cinnamon oil works as a cardioprotective representative that decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and inflammation. You can use cinnamon oil internally by adding one to two drops to a shake or tea. You can also diffuse cinnamon oil in your home or breathe in the oil straight from the bottle.

Lemon Oil

Like  peppermint oil, this important oil can be utilized to decrease cravings and yearnings. Lemon oil also includes a substance called limonene, which induces increased fat burning according to researchers.

When utilized for its mood-boosting properties, lemon necessary oil is quite efficient. Beyond merely making you feel better, it can likewise increase your energy levels.

More energetic individuals move their bodies more, making weight loss occur much quicker. If you require that additional push to leave the sofa, this may simply be it!

Another benefit of lemon oil is its pain-relieving properties. When diluted and utilized for massage, it can assist you feel better and get moving once again.

Beyond the pain relief, using lemon oil for massages can lower the appearance of cellulite as well. Use with peppermint and grapefruit oil for best impacts.

Grapefruit Oil

Just like lemon oil, this essential oil includes the substance limonene which boosts fat loss. Utilizing these two oils together will provide you an effective boost to shed the pounds.

It also increases your metabolic process and curbs cravings. People who experience decreased yearnings are able to remain on that path to a better body. Getting side tracked is a very common concern for anyone in today’s way too busy world.

For energy-boosting capabilities, grapefruit necessary oil is an excellent fit. Add 4 or 5 drops to your bath together with lemon and peppermint oils for a peaceful soak that will leave you prepared for anything.

Grapefruit oil can be utilized as a gastrointestinal aid by rubbing it directly on your tummy. By facilitating food digestion, you’ll get more nutrients from your food which results in much better health!

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