Why You Should Be Using Exercise Resistance Bands

We are all about giving you as many tools as possible to challenge yourself.

Exercise resistance bands are one of those things that tend to divide a lot of fitness aficionados.

Some people claim all you need is bands.

Well it does depend on what your goals are.

Some people swear they are useless.

Again it can kinda depend.

If you’re a power lifter they might be of little use to you.


But like a lot of things the truth is somewhere in between.

Women especially I think benefit from using bands because most women are looking to sculpt muscle and their are great things you can do with bands to sculpt that feminine body of yours.

With all that said lets dive in…




According to StrengthandConditioningResearch.com, training with elastics bands provides comparable and often even greater muscle activity as weight training. One major difference is that is includes a lower quantity of force on the joints, which implies that more stimulus can be supplied to the muscles with less opportunity of injury. This is likewise good news for anyone with existing injuries or joint pain, since bands might enable you to continue exercising and performing workouts that you can’t with dumbbells. Bicep curl with ProsourceFit stackable resistance band


One major difference in between dumbbells and bands is the variable resistance applied through the complete range of motion of a workout. With dumbbells, there are actually parts of the movement when the muscles aren’t performing much work due to absence of gravity, such as at the top of a bicep curl. What this means, according to Dr. Jim Stoppani, is that when using bands, “The muscle is receiving higher resistance at its strongest point in the range of movement and therefore is receiving more appropriate resistance to much better stimulate strength adaptations.”


The constant stress from bands adds a component of required stabilization from your body to keep form throughout lots of exercises. This likewise means that you will typically require to activate your core for balance. The need to control them from snapping back into location implies greater stimulation and strength through the muscle’s full range of motion, and the pull of the bands minimizes your capability to cheat by using momentum.


Power bands are very reliable for athletic training due to the increased load, variable resistance, and instability. According to one study from TheSportJournal.org, “Experienced power lifters and strength and conditioning experts have actually claimed elastic band resistance combined with standard training produces strength gains for a number of years”. One test using elastic tension for back crouches and bench press demonstrated that the bench press increase was doubled, and the back squat one rep max improvement was nearly three times higher after using bands. “The [resistance band] group’s average lower body power boost was almost 3 times much better than the free-weight only group.”


Research likewise shows that using bands with weights improves neuromuscular performance and strength more than weightlifting alone. These bands can likewise be utilized for speed and dexterity drills for various athletic purposes. Weight Training with ProsourceFit Resistance Bands


With dumbbells or barbells, you are limited to particular body positions in a vertical airplane of motion to use the force of gravity. When using bands, you can perform exercises in both the vertical and horizontal airplane. For instance, you can do a chest press or back row in a standing position instead of needing to utilize a bench. You can likewise train perform sideways movements, suitable for athletic activities like swinging a baseball bat or golf club, along with and everyday tasks like opening a door or moving a box.


Due to the truth that you can carry out a range of workouts with one band as mentioned in the examples above, it indicates you do not require many weights and devices. If you exercise in the house, a set of bands can conserve you from purchasing a lot of costly weights that likewise use up area.


Bands bands and tubes have been proven to improve strength, size, and function of muscles in the senior in addition to those going through rehab. Bands can supply extremely light or heavy resistance which can be used in targeted ways for specific muscles that also secures joints.


Any kind of tube or flat band is great for both post-workout stretches, in addition to pre-workout mobility work. Normally, you are limited throughout stretches by your level of versatility and range of movement, and many efficient stretches even require another individual to provide pressure to the muscle. Rather, you can use bands to assist with stretching to extend your reach and offer pressure, such as with lying down hamstring stretches. Power bands are likewise exceptional for mobility work when twisted around durable item, such as improving ankle and hip mobility for squats.Woman extending leg with ProsourceFit resistance band


It can be hard to suit exercises and even discover a gym when you travel. Bands are an ideal option to pack in your bag that permit you to exercise in a hotel room or outdoors without heavy devices. They won’t weigh down your luggage, but will still provide you an efficient, full-body exercise. For this very same reason, they’re ideal for bodybuilders and physical fitness competitors, along with designs who need to pump up their muscles prior to a show or photo shoot.




After reading the benefits of bands, it’s probably ending up being clearer that anybody can utilize bands to reach their physical fitness goals. Here are some specific groups that should use them and why:



If you’re aiming to acquire muscle size and strength, you can use bands in place of dumbbells and machines to offer a new and difficult stimulus to your muscles for growth. You can likewise add them to barbell exercises to increase intensity and neuromuscular performance.



Losing weight is most convenient when you integrate a healthy diet, cardio, and strength training. Add bands to your exercise regimen, such as in a full-body circuit. This might appear like doing a resistance band chest press, followed by squats with a band, followed by a back row with a band. This will burn calories and construct muscle at the same time, which will assist you to slim down over the long-term. Lady doing squat with ProsourceFit Therapy Flat Bands



For grownups around or over the age of 60, basic weights at the fitness center can be tough and harsh on your body. Bands assist to keep strength and muscle mass without overdoing it. Research shows that training programs utilizing elastic tubes are an useful, reliable methods of increasing strength in grownups over the age of 65. Johns Hopkins Medicine advises bands as one of the safest techniques to increase bone strength and help prevent osteoporosis.



Bands help prepare athletes for motions in every plane, both to improve strength and power, in addition to prevent injuries. 2004 National Boxing Champion, Daniel Sanchez, says, “As an athlete, I found out that there is nothing much better out there to make you much faster and more powerful then resistant bands. You can take them with you everywhere get a good work out no matter where you are – very important for my training, especially with my shadow boxing, punching speed and even toning without any weight included. If I needed to choose dumbbells or bands, I would select bands each time.”



Exercise is very important during pregnancy for enhancing energy, sleep, state of mind and getting ready for giving birth. Nevertheless, this is not the time to dive into an intense weight-training program. Bands and high repeatings (15-20) are fantastic for light muscle-toning. Using one light and one medium band will allow you to strike all of your significant muscles without stress.


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