97 Best Health and Fitness Apps – The Definitive Guide

From talking refrigerators with fancy built-in cameras to self-driving cars, there is no doubt – we live in a digital age. Advances in technology in the best health and fitness apps have made life better in countless ways. One of the most striking ways is the health and fitness arena.

MindbodyWhen the first cell phone hit the shelves, it’s a pretty safe bet nobody was expecting it to one day become your partner in a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, if you search your app store for “fitness,” you will be deluged with apps of all kinds, purposes, and designs. Each is made to help you live a healthier, more fit life with the assistance from your digital device.

These apps are excellent news for anyone looking to get into shape and take back their health. The fact that something as simple as an app on your phone can be the catalyst for increased vitality means that there are no more excuses! Thanks to technology, increasing your level of fitness has never been easier.

97 Best Health and Fitness Apps

Fitness apps fall into several different categories. Some of these include your essential fitness tracking apps. These apps use GPS and body sensors to give you a report of what you did during the day (how many steps, estimated calories burned, etc.).

On the next level, fitness tracking goes a step further and gives you challenges and goals throughout the day. These notifications are designed to get you moving, raise your heart rate throughout the day, and have more of a fitness-centered mindset.

Other fitness apps include options to track your eating and hydration habits, easy timers for different physical activities, workouts, and more.

Because there are so many options out there, we’ve created this list of the best fitness apps around. Keep in mind your own fitness goals, your current fitness level, and the amount of time you have available. With that in mind and this list of the available fitness apps, choosing the best fitness app for you will be quick and easy.

Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is a fitness tracker with many features, including training plans, live coaching, challenges, and more. Because this app is home to over 200,000,000 users, it is also an excellent place to network and make friends to work out with if you’re looking for that sort of thing. The app has GPS routing that gives you a variety of places to run or walk to on your fitness excursions. The app also allows you to log all your workouts and to track how many miles each route is. The MVP version of this app will enable friends and family to see your current course as well in case they want to join. 


This app is mostly used as a calorie counter and geared towards ensuring that you don’t overeat or under eat. During registration, you will be asked about your fitness goals, whether it be to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain their current weight. Based on your goal, height, and weight, the app will calculate how many calories you need to eat within that day. You can log in everything that you eat and see precisely how many calories you consumed for that day, week, and month. 


Depending on what your aim is, JEFIT will line you up with the most effective workouts that will give you results. There are dozens of exercises on this app that go into full detail as to how to execute each activity. Each activity will tell you whether it requires equipment or not and what muscles that exercise will be targeting. JEFIT also has contests to share your progress with others through pictures and votes which earn points. Prizes include a 1-year elite plan with JEFIT and money depending on where you place. 


Strava is quite like MapMyFitness as both will require access to track your location. With Strava, you can record your route, and you can start your timer once you start your walk. Strava also shows you the average speed you’re going and distance. The app shows you what challenges you can enter and clubs you can join. These clubs can go by your location or specific activity (e.g., cycling, running, triathlon, etc.).


The essential features of this app, such as exercise, dietary logging, and community forums, are available to everyone. However, if you have a Fitbit device, you’ll be able to get more out of the experience, such as seeing your heart rate and getting more accuracy in tracking your fitness progress. There are several communities like yoga and cycling, where users share pictures and advice with each other. 


If you are into gym sessions, then you can reserve your spot for a workout session at a gym near you. The app requires your location so that it can match you with the best fitness classes near you. ClassPass inspires people to get out and become more social with their workouts. If there’s a day where you can’t make it to a class, the app also offers a variety of workout videos to follow. 

Fitness & Bodybuilding 

The Fitness & Bodybuilding app focuses on building muscle or getting the body trim and lean. The exercises all show which muscles are targeted and displays a short video demonstrating proper form and technique. The other features of the app can be purchased, which will allow you to see workout routines and meal plans. 


With Peloton, you can start classes all ranging from cycling, running, yoga, stretching, boot camp, cardio, walking, outdoor, strength, and even meditation. The app shows you dates of times of upcoming classes so that you can follow along from your TV or phone. It’s a handy app if you are looking for workout routines that don’t become too monotonous. 

Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercise at Home

The app has stretching exercises that engage all muscle groups. As its times all your stretches, the voice over is clear enough so you can know when to transition throughout your stretches. When you begin the stretches, you’ll see a person demonstrating the proper positioning to ensure you get a deep stretch.

Down Dog 

Whether you are new to yoga or simply wanting to expand and build your strength, Down Dog has five different levels such as Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced. You can ultimately set your own pace with this app as you choose what the focus of the workout will be, e.g., aerobic, core, etc. You can set the duration of your session as well. After customizing everything, you can begin your activity.

Keep Trainer

With over 400 workouts and exercises, you can utilize this app’s personalized training plans. You can customize a workout routine that is ideal for you weeks in advance. Keep Trainer offers workouts for all levels being beginner level, intermediate, or advanced. HIIT, Cardio, and Tabata are just some of the workout options. 

Asana Rebel

You won’t have to worry about becoming bored with repetition. This app offers so many varieties of workouts. Exercises are always updated to this app to keep your workouts intriguing. Shorter workout routines are including in the app as well for those with a busy schedule. You can’t go wrong with their 5-10-minute effective methods.


There are thousands of programs on BodySpace built by personal trainers and athletes. There are also many top-rated community programs to choose from based on your goal. The BodyCalender shows you precisely what you need to do for your workouts daily and provide you with notifications so that you do not forget.



StretchIt helps keep you limber and expand your level of flexibility. You get access to your stretching history, schedule, stats, and more. There are thousands of exercises to watch while doing the video classes and over 40 hours of video instructions for all levels of flexibility.

BodBot Personal Trainer

The effectiveness of this app is really in how adaptive the workouts are. When signing up, you’ll be asked standard questions so that the app can gauge your level of fitness and you can pick which muscles you want to work on individually. The cool thing about BodBot is that they supplement your workouts if one workout requires equipment. They show you multiple alternatives so that you can still get your workout completed.

Open Gym: Training Programs

Open Gym has over 160 movement demos for you to watch, so you know how to do the exercises. This app focuses more so on CrossFit and HIIT training. With programs designed by Brooks Laich and Matt Hewett, you will take your routine up a notch with the strength-based workouts.


With a focus on not only fitness but nutrition, 8fit offers an excellent overall balanced way to track your health. You can personalize your workouts and log your activities in daily, get customized meal plans, receive step-by-step guidance for your exercise, and see all the meal prep options listed. With over 800 recipes on the app, you won’t have any trouble finding new delicious and healthy meals that provide you with the nutrition you need.


Gymon tracks your total time spent exercising in whole and the total amount of weights you have lifted. Seeing the total amount of hours that you have dedicated will show you exactly how much hard work you’ve been putting in. The app has an information library for you to become more knowledgeable about your fitness with categories of reading material on cardio, warmups, stretching, breathing, and more. You will find over 200 different exercises in this app.

ZIN Play

Zumba is a popular form of dance that has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to get up and workout. Zumba fitness is primarily dancing, so of course, music is a must. Many Zumba instructors, as well as many others who enjoy Zumba, utilize this app. The app allows you to customize your playlists with their many music options as well as whatever songs you’d like to add in from your music library. You can customize the timing transitions in your playlist as well as adding sound effects. It’s important to note that most of the songs come with choreography that you can incorporate into your workout routines.



The simplicity of Fitonomy is what makes this app easy to use. The app focused on women’s fitness. However, anyone can get results from using it. There are several 30-day challenges on the app in case you want to focus on one muscle group at a time. It will let you know what day of the challenge you are on as well as tell you how many calories you need to burn that day. The meal plans range from snacks, smoothies, lunches, breakfast, dinner, etc. It tells you the duration and difficulty of prepping these meals. There are over 250 recipes that are quite simple to follow, so you’re likely to find some tasty meals here.


These workouts can all be done at home or virtually anywhere. None of the exercises require any equipment except for maybe a yoga mat. You can customize a workout plan based on your daily needs. The app is good to use for alleviating back pains. You can message a couch on the app and gain insight from medical experts about causes and coping strategies.

Map My Hike

MapMyHike requires access to your location so that it can track your hiking route, distance, pace, and more in real-time using the app’s GPS. You can map all your workouts in advance or start recording your workout wherever you happen to be while walking. If you’re looking for new places to hike, the app shows you several routes near you as well as how many miles each way is.

Map My Ride

Track and map all your workouts with MapMyRide. The app is meant to be used by cyclists. You can discover new cycling routes and save them. You can couple the GPS-tracked ride with other devices that can have all your data analyzed and imported in one place. You can join challenges and compete for amazing prizes.


Fitify is an app containing over 800 full body workout routines and plans. You can customize your workout plans or take your pick at the selected exercises. Most of the workouts are short anywhere between 10-30 minutes so that you have no excuse not to work out. Also, most of the activities are mobile, and you can perform them anywhere that you have arm-length space. It keeps tracks of your weekly progress so you can see how many sessions you’ve completed, and calories burned.


Some people feel more motivated to work out if there is more of an incentive. The journey to health is not an easy feat for everyone. SweatCoin offers digital currency call sweat coins so that you can maintain fitness and improve your activity level. Your total steps are converted into coins and can be used to get different prizes. SweatCoin does need access to your location so it can track your steps.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up included full body workouts that are entry-level and intermediate. HIIT, yoga, barre, kickboxing, cardio, kettlebell workouts are all offered on the app. There is even a new program tailored, especially for women who are pregnant. These workout routines are put together by personal trainers to give you great results.


FitBod is currently only available for the iOS platform and found in the Apple app store. The app is targeted on weight training mostly. It tracks exercise reps and the number of weights needed for the exercise and sets. You can customize all of this, of course, and see which muscle groups each activity works. You can record your overall progress for each exercise so that you can see your performance level.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout 

These workouts are concise due to the intensity of most routines. These exercises focused on strength training. Minimal equipment is needed, as you can take this app anywhere with you. The app will notify you when it’s time to get your 7 minutes of workout in with many fast pace movements that challenge you to get those most out of your short workout. 

Daily Ab Workout

Daily Ab Workout by Daily Workout Apps, LLC is a straight to the point app that’s easy to use as far as maneuvering through the app goes. This app counts repetitions and sets for you and instructions on how to do the exercises. The app is excellent for those wanting to start working out again as it doesn’t demand too much of your time.


Fitness encompasses your overall health and wellbeing. Many apps include recipes with a list of nutritional facts and calorie counters. However, Zero is a fasting app that keeps track of the amount of time you’ve fasted, and time left for your fast. Fasting options include circadian rhythm, 16:8 intermittent, 18:6 intermittent, and more. You can log in how you feel after a fast as well as see what preparation you should undergo before fasting.

Abs Workout – Burn Belly Fat with No Equipment

The stomach must be one of the most popular trouble areas for many people. Simple Design Ltd. has created a simple yet effective workout app that targets that stubborn mid-section. The app comes with a calorie counter, weight chart, training plan that tracks the days completed, and much more. All the exercises listed require no equipment.\


StepBet is another one of those apps that allow you to earn money while you work out. The app counts your steps and provides you with a weekly opportunity to make money for your days of hard work. You have 4 active days, two power days, and one free day. You’ll do this for six straight weeks and split the money with other people in that community.

Daily ABS

Lumowell created this app – Ego360 and geared it towards toning the abdominal muscles. A virtual trainer is guiding each of your workouts, a short exercise video demonstration to prevent mistakes, a 4-week training program, a personalized meal planner, and much more.

My Fitness by Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is a very well-known trainer and has helped many people get the body they have always wanted. After each workout, an opportunity is given to ask you how you liked the workout. The next workouts depend on whether you choose beginner or hard, which allows you to make necessary adjustments to your plan. There are 800+ exercises in HD video. There are personalized nutrition and an advanced meal planner.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Some people find more progress with a little bit of competitive spirit. Created by Leap Fitness Group, this app has many different challenges ranging in the categories of the ab workout, glute workout, arm workout, full body workout, etc. Essentially, these challenges each last 30 days. The app checks off each day complete and monitors your progress.

Slim NOW 2019

Slim NOW 2019 is an app used for weight loss and toning the body. Its workouts are great for women looking for an app with full workout sessions. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels for each body category. Also, there is a 28-day plan for each workout, a systematic meal plan, and a section of leg correction.


Getting abs doesn’t have to be complicated. Many people need the proper technique when it comes to shaping abs and flattening the tummy. Fitway, comprised of short workouts, even if you don’t have the time to work out for an hour, the app makes it easy to tone your abdominal with little to no equipment and short time.


With HealthyWage, money is an incentive for working out and completing different fitness challenges. You can join up to 10 challenges at a time and place your wager for each one. You are working with other people as a team to complete the goal, which may be something which may require each person to lose 6% of their weight to win within a given amount of time. If everyone on the team completes the challenge by the challenge deadline, each member gets a share of the pot.


Runkeeper keeps tabs on all your runs, tracking miles, route, time, pace, and more. The run can be mapped out beforehand or tracked as you go. You can create your running plan days and weeks in advance as well as see what the weather will be like within the following days to know where to adjust. The app has its community of runners that you can connect with if you desire. You can even make running groups and custom challenges. Android Wear, Pebble, and Garmin watches are just a few of the devices available for syncing with this app.


Most fitness apps are visual, as they are tailored to be more interactive and informative. Aaptiv isn’t necessarily like that as it is an audio fitness app. You will discover the proper technique for each exercise. However, this app focuses on pushing you to focus and push yourself in your routines. There are free structured programs available to all members as well as 1000s of audio workouts. The diverse certified trainers are there to coach you through each exercise. Each coaches’ temperament and style are listed by their picture so that you can see who would make a good trainer for you.


Get notified when it’s time to walk or run so that you can begin training for your 5K. C25K trains its members 30 minutes daily, three days weekly, for eight weeks total. The audio coach will keep you motivated throughout all your workouts. The app has a built-in playlist of the best hand-picked music designed to increase your motivation and help you run harder and faster.


Perhaps you are a beginner to working out or haven’t done a full routine in a while. Sworkit is a great beginner’s app which hosts over 400 workouts with video guidance. You can make your workout anywhere between 2-60 minutes and customize your workout plan based on the body area you would like to sculpt. There is even a stance category. Depending on your mobility, there is the option to work out on the floor, standing, or even seated.


This app is currently only available for iOS platforms. Its exercises are great to use after CrossFit workouts to ensure you receive a deep stretch. The app promotes full range of motion throughout the body to lengthen and strengthen the muscle tissue and tendons. The exercises from this app can be incorporated as it pertains to your cool down routine.

Nike Training Club

Millions of people enjoy Nike Training Club due to 185+ free workouts you can do anytime and anywhere. You receive new workout recommendations daily so that you don’t ever get too bored with your routine. The app caters to all levels of fitness with a goal-focused workout collection with expert tips. Video guidance comes from trainers and some successful athletes, just as some of the workouts are inspired by athletes as well.


Noom Health & Weight provides more of an understanding as to why people eat the things they do. The app is very informative as it breaks down the psychology behind our eating habits and overall health patterns. This app is very interactive with its questions used to gauge where you are mentally when it comes to fitness to give you tips and tricks to make your healthy lifestyle easier. Support groups are also available on Noom as well as the ability to unlock over 1000 delicious and easy recipes. 


Get real-time personalized coaching from fitness instructors and well as up to 19 hours of live workouts daily. Hundreds more of these videos are available on demand as well if you’re interested. The live certified trainers on this app make the overall experience feel more interactive and very real. The fitness team and community are very welcoming and will give you the security and reassurance to achieve your fitness goals.


Lympo is another workout app that pays you to get in shape for walking and running. You earn LYM tokens that translate to actual dollars that you can cash out in the Lympo shop. The app tracks your activity and allows you to see live stats. Each mile converts to LYM tokens so that you stay motivated to keep walking and running.

Charity Miles


Charity Miles is much like Lympo, HealthyWage, and other apps that pay you for getting your body in shape. Instead of paying you, you will be walking, running, and cycling to earn money for charity. You can select your charity of choice from their extensive selection of listed charities. These charities include ASPCA, Feeding America, Stand Up to Cancer, Alzheimer’s Association, and Habitat for Humanity. Your miles equal a real impact.

Tabata Timer: Interval Timer Workout Timer HIIT

The Tabata Timer created by Eugene Sharafan is more so an app for structuring your workout routines. It’s very customization in terms of font size, color scheme, voice assistance, creating workout sequences, etc. You can configure more than 200 settings individually, and the app can even be integrated with Google Fit Music so that you can listen to your music while also hearing your voice assistant.

Female Fitness – Women Workout

Leap Fitness Group’s Female Fitness app is effective and efficient for women’s fitness. The training plans include abs beginner, abs intermediate, butt beginner, and thigh intermediate. Each routine shows its duration as well as the number of calories burned performing the workout routine. There are health tips to educate users on making better dietary decisions and daily routines that are composed of a variety of exercises. The app is 100% free with no locked features, so you get all there is to offer out of this app.


Training for a marathon? Runtastic tracks all your jogging activities and gives you a progress report regarding your duration, miles, and overall performance. The location should be enabled for the app to track the distance you cover. The app features Story Runs that make you feel a part of a story during your exercise, taking away some of the monotony from your workouts. 

100 Pushups Workout 

Fitness goals are not always physical. Many people want to challenge themselves to see if they can do more than they believed they could. 100 Pushups workout is an app geared towards conditioning the body to be able to do 100 pushups. At first, you might not be able to complete the full set. However, using the 11 levels/ programs available, warmups, and custom training, you can reach this new tier with ease. 

Lose It!

Some people would describe their fat as stubborn and hard to lose (see also ‘A Workout Plan For The Endomorph Body Type‘). Working out alone may not be enough to give you fast enough results. Monitoring the calories, you lose as well is just as important as watching the calories you intake. Lose It! allows you to track the calories in foods you consume, body measurements, weight, water intake, and more. Integrating this with your fitness routine will maximize those results.


Throwdown Labs, Inc.’s Keelo is a strength training and HIIT app containing workouts made for both the home and gym. Keelo benefits anyone looking to go throughout their day with more energy and less pain. You’ll be able to walk longer distances without feeling winded, lift more massive objects without strain, and much more with their HD instructional videos. With premium, you can receive coaching through chat for faster answers to your fitness questions.


Endomondo tracks more than your running, walking, and cycling, but also over 60 other sports activities using GPS. Going premium unlocks even more in-depth features like heart rate zone analysis, personal training plans, history of personal bests, calories burned per month, weather information for each workout, plus much more. You can enter challenges or create new challenges with your friends and earn cool prizes. 


Get the best workout music with RockMyRun, music that keeps you motivated in getting your physique in the best shape. Users have access to thousands of mixes, all of which can sync in real time with your body. You get new music recommendations daily depending on your performance. According to the EPARC Behavioral Health Lab, music is proven to increase your motivation by 35%. You may even notice your activity performance improve significantly. 


Blogilates’ fitness star Cassey Ho has helped thousands of people on YouTube with her intense workouts. While the exercises may seem simple by the effortless look on Cassey’s face, but they’re very passionate and productive. Most of these workouts are short, most of them being around 5 minutes each. With her app, you have access to precisely planned exercise routines every day, workouts targeting everybody part, an interactive forum to share progress, and healthy recipes. 


Sometimes going to an actual class motivates people to work out — Mindbody factors in social interaction when it comes to your workouts. You can discover courses near you and see the time and price for each class. Book your spot in class with one press of a button. If you don’t have a very flexible schedule, you can put in the date and time you are free to see which classes will available. Select from a wide range of fitness categories such as yoga, martial arts, kickboxing, Pilates, circuit training, cycling, aerial, Cross Fit, Bootcamp, and Yoga. There are also wellness and beauty tabs in case you want to get a massage or find a meditation center afterward. The app is very efficient overall in getting you to the right place fast. 


PEAR’s slogan is to train smarter, not harder. Many people believe that they must put more energy and time into their workout routines. If they become obsessive, they risk getting burned out quickly, which happens more common than people think. However, PEAR offers you work out sessions in real time even if you only have 10 minutes to spare. It’s worth a few of your minutes. 


You can track your runs, walks, cycling, skating, skiing, and more with Runmeter. It gives you more advanced data, such as a look at maps, graphs, splits, intervals, announcements, zones, training plans, laps, and more. You can view your workouts on a calendar as well as by routes and activity. The app has capabilities of recording heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence, and bike power with the use of sensors. This app is excellent if you like to see an analysis of your hard work throughout time. 

Daily Yoga

Learn and master the basics of yoga in just two weeks with Daily Yoga. Customization plans, guided video classes, workouts for all levels, yoga classes pose by pose, a workshop with the top coaches, and a yoga community is all available to you once you sign up. In the yoga community, you can share events, advice, yoga tips, motivation, and more with all in the forum. The yoga on this app focuses on weight loss and increasing your flexibility. There are over 500 asanas, over 50 yoga class plans, over 200 guided yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes available. 


You can use this app to treat your pain and injuries. You can also use this app to become a better coach or improve your athletic performance. Increase your mobility and recover more efficiently. 


With SweatWorking, you can work up a sweat with world class gym and studio trainers, enjoy variety when it comes to your workouts, use custom workout recommendations to achieve your fitness goals, complete multi-week fitness programs with friends, and more. Hundreds of video and audio workouts are available for you to choose from as well as free exercises added to the app weekly. You can use the app’s filters to find the perfect workout for you based on content type, level, duration, format, focus area, and more. 


Kayla Itsines, along with many other personal trainers, guide you through 28 minutes, easy to follow workouts. Workouts include yoga, plyometrics, and specially made workouts tailored for new moms. Choose challenges to test your endurance and stamina based on your level of fitness with basic, intermediate and advanced exercises. 

Street Workout App

Need to add an edge to your routine? Street Workout App by Muslim Zabirov made sure to provide you with a strength building based app you can carry anywhere and use offline. You can choose your level of difficulty for the routines which happen to all be free. There is a category for 7-minute workouts in case your time is limited. The app has a Tabata timer as well, which comes in handy if you are doing HIIT. Short information about healthy products are available as well as many articles about diet and fitness altogether. Overall, this is a great app to train calisthenics, build muscle, and tone up.

Ultimate Full Body Workouts

Lose weight and build lean muscle with basic exercise movements that require no equipment. Dumbbells are optional if you want to add more strength training into your regimen. All workouts are suitable for both men and women, work for all the major muscle groups simultaneously, exercises prevent muscular imbalance, and you can expect a boost in your cardiovascular system. To name a few, the advanced 7-minute workout, flexibility & strength workout, metabolism booster workout, and a quick morning workout are currently available routines.


Space Bull’s BetterMe app takes a minimalist approach to weight loss by incorporating mental health into its physical activity. The app is excellent for those wanting to find the inner strength to pursue their fitness goals as users will be asked to reflect on generated thought-provoking questions while they go for their 30-minute walks. One question may ask you what your long-term achievements are. Weight maintenance, mental clarity, coordination improvement, balance, improvements in health conditions, and enhanced self-awareness are some of the benefits users can get from using BetterMe.

Freeletics Gym

All you need is one barbell to begin the Freeletics Gym workouts. It doesn’t matter your fitness level or where you decide to do these exercises; you can still build muscle and tone the body. With the efficiency of each routine, you won’t need to exert any extra time or energy in getting the results you want. There are four variations of training being strength, conditioning, and rowing and challenges. 


Use 11 workout plans specially tailored for your level of fitness. You have about 62 workouts to choose from that burn anywhere from 120- 380+ calories. Enjoy over 65 healthy recipes that will help you to reach your results sooner. Rest assured, professionals, develop the exercises.


No equipment is needed to use this app, which makes it perfect for those looking for a quick and simple workout in the comfort of their home. Exercises are highly detailed so that executing them right is a piece of cake. In-app purchases allow you to get access to live-recorded HIIT workout courses.\

Keep Yoga

Over 400 yoga asanas and sessions ready to use to increase your flexibility await you inside Keep Yoga. You’ll feel a deep stretch and get the most out of the breathing circulation workouts as well as find inner peace with the meditation selection. Currently, there are seven meditation courses, and over ten yoga session plans to deepen relaxation, improve sleep, boost your immune system, and lose weight.


Yoga by Eternal Karma Inc. includes yoga of many forms like hatha yoga, pranayama, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, core yoga, and yoga asanas. Yoga has plenty of health benefits as well as physical benefits. You might find that this app is the answer to your stress-filled days, back pain relief, cold & flu relief, full-body fitness, and an aide for those who may be dealing with depression. Yoga poses are split into different levels so that you always feel comfortable.

Dance Workout For Weight Loss


If you’re one of those people that find the idea of working out tedious or feel as if it takes more effort than it should to get you up and moving, Dance Workout For Weight Loss by Narayani Droliaz Apps could be something to help get you out of the stuck feeling. Music is something that almost everyone in the world enjoys. This app has combat dance fitness workouts, aerobics dance workouts, Pilates dance workouts, hip-hop dance workouts, and many more. If you want to shed inches off that mid-section, try the belly dancing workouts or a dirty dance workout if you’re feeling a bit sultry.


NBC, Runner’s World, MSN, Huffington Post, and CNET have featured HASfit. Many people have received amazing physical transformations using HASfit. You can exercise using dumbbells or no equipment at all, customize your plan and workout with coaches Kozak and Claudio through their 500+ real-time workout routines all shot in HD. 


This app makes users look at their exercises in a fun way. Fitocracy uses a workout tracker to monitor your progress so that you earn points and level up. By reaching milestones, you earn badges. Sometimes the visual is enough to motivate individuals to continue your journey to good health. Speaking of motivation, users can upload their pictures of their changing bodies as well as create threads if they have any questions that other users in the community can also feel free to answer.

Apocalypse Survival Training

Imaginactiv Ltd shows its versatility with the Apocalypse Survival Training App. Ever wonder what it would be like to be the main character in a horror film? This app puts you in several episodes of one major audio story. One of the chapters is called “Don’t Ask, Just Run.” The title alone should clue you in on how much running you’ll be doing. Training for this apocalypse, the app gives you three types of workouts with a focus on either speed, strength, or control. Earn intel and episode logs as you complete each of the episodes.

Butt Training

Butt Training – Women Fitness at Home by FitPlannerDev focuses on toning and building glutes. There is no need for equipment because all the exercises will utilize your body weight as resistance. Activities include squats, butt ups, and kneeling leg lifts. With the daily notifications, you will be reshaping and sculpting your glutes to meet your desired result (see also ‘How Can I Get A Great Butt? – How To Use An Abductor Machine‘).


If you are an avid hiker who likes to plan out their routes ahead of time or a cyclist who wants to map out their ride, Komoot provides in-depth information about the environment so that you can be extra prepared. For example, Komoot shows you the elevation profile of the terrain you want to hike so that you can average the overall time and distance it will take for you to arrive at your destination as well as get some idea of what kind of commute it will be.


AllTrails is another app many hikers praise for its impeccable number of over 75,000 trails for users to explore. Record your hike, run, and ride. Interact with detailed maps and follow along on the path. AllTrails has the largest selection of GPS trail maps. This app is good to use for mountain bike routes and even horseback riding.


BetterMen Workout Trainer by BetterMe is an app for men to train and build muscles. Anyone can have trouble areas. For most people, the stomach and back seem to be a bit harder to lose than other places. The app allows you to point out your problem areas whether you have a weak chest that you want to build, skinny arms, or a beer belly. BetterMen will show you the proper foods to eat to build muscle and keep off unwanted fat while guiding you with simple, understandable exercise routines.

Zombies, Run!

This app is produced by Six to Start and will immerse you in an interactive story in the form of audio. This audio adventure makes you feel like a group of flesh-eating zombies is chasing you, especially with the realistic sound effects. There are over 200 action-packed missions with new storylines for each of your runs, walks, or jogs. You can even sync your own music to the app.

Gym WP

Leal Apps’ Gym WP is an app for building muscle using the over 500 exercises available. Yes, equipment is needed, especially if you want to get the most out of the activities listed. You can customize your workout routine with however many reps and sets of each exercise you’d like. Add more weights or scale it down a notch. Ultimately, you have free reign on your muscle building routines.

Warm up Morning Exercises

Waking up and rushing to get out of the house is an experience we all can identify with from time to time. However, this habit doesn’t allow your body enough time to prepare itself for the day. The app is a simple stretching app that times each stretch and makes your range of motion more mobile and enforces flexibility throughout your body. By making this a new habit throughout your day, especially when you wake up, performing physical tasks will seem like a breeze.

Just Dance Now

With over 10 million downloads on the Google Playstore alone, Just Dance Now by Ubisoft Entertainment has got to be one of the best fitness dance apps of all. Over 400 hit songs are available for you to dance to ranging from pop to hip-hop and rock and roll. New songs get added every month so that you always have music to dance to every workout. Connect with thousands of other users and dance with the entire world. Some of the best choreographers have put together the dance moves to make you feel like you’re performing while you’re working up a sweat.


No equipment needed. Just your body and effort will do the trick to perform the courses in this app. The app’s efficiency allows you to do it anywhere. There is an 11-minute office stretching routine where you will be doing a variety of seated stretches. The versatility and options make it hard to make excuses with HealthFit, not to mention the loads of encouragement and achievement badges that can be earned based on consistency.

Spartan Home Workouts Free

This app is from Diamond App Group LLC. Below each exercise, you’ll see whether you need any equipment. Most of the circuits do not require gym equipment, but as you get into the workouts a bit more, you may start incorporating a pull-up bar and an exercise block. The workouts here are suitable for those training for MMA and boxing.


Out of the fitness programs that are separated by level of difficulty, there are 5 levels within the beginner category. Exercises for this app include pull-ups, dips, pushups, core, and muscle ups. Mobility, stretching, and strength is the main focuses of this fitness app and can be very beneficial if you are into aerial arts, yoga, or any activity that requires you to have a strong core. 


The Fitness RPG by Shikudo is a gamified version of your pedometer and welcome addition to our best health and fitness apps list. By walking, you level up your heroes in the game. The more steps you take, you upgrade your heroes and unlock hidden stories to unveil your destiny. 


The video fitness trainer, FitNet, is a personal trainer for everyone. It’s convenient because you don’t have to commit hours of your time at first. Just five minutes is excellent. You get real-time monitoring as well as it works with the Apple Watch just fine to give you real-time heart rate and cardio zone during exercise.

Pump up

Pump up is a fitness community with programs that each last anywhere from 1 week to 6. The number of workouts is unlimited and all in clean HD video. Pump Up has its own feed for the fitness community to share pictures, health advice, quick tips, and overall support so that users stay motivated. If aesthetically please images inspire you, then you’ll find hundreds of motivational images shared by your fellow users at Pump Up. 

Google Fit

Another one of the best health and fitness apps would be the Google Fit app, primarily used for tracking your progress, heart rate, miles, time, and much more. This app encourages people to keep moving, reminding them that they can improve their health by simply being less sedentary. With exercise, you can earn heart points and feel the difference of putting in a little extra.

Fitness Point

Over 5 million people have gained success by using Fitness Point by Zero One GmbH. There’s no shortage of the number of exercises this app houses. There are hundreds of activities with animations, trained muscle, and description. You can create your workout plan by combining whichever ones you want based on what muscle groups you plan to build. Or, you can choose a routine from a list of professional trainers.

Arm Workout

The Arm Workout App is another app by Leap Fitness Group. This one is solely meant to target the biceps, deltoid, and triceps. Get access to a training plan, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. Get coaching tips during each movement. No equipment is needed, and visible results are imminent once you follow the 30-day plan at home. 

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

You will need to walk in the real world for your steps to count or to move in the game. Besides, every step counts in this app’s 500-mile adventure. Naomi Alderman is telling the suspenseful audio story. As you listen intently, discover clues hidden in 65 episodes and challenges to unlock achievements.

Gym Exercises & Workouts

Predefined workouts of over 100 to choose from make this app a perfect companion to take with you to the gym. All exercises are free and updated regularly. Track your progress and workout trends. Create unlimited workouts.

Personal Training Coach

Track workouts and progress, select from a variety of workout programs, or build your own. You can even create your warm-up routine: built-in edit program, import, and export programs. 

FIT by Katy

The categories in the app are broken down by body region. You have access to the upper body and lower body workouts. The workouts, broken into weeks, require only a yoga mat or exercise mat to do the exercises which focus on tightening the midsection and lifting the glutes for the ideal fitness. Katy has helped train many women to get their goal bodies, and hundreds of thousands can attest to the results that they have gotten. 

Best Health and Fitness Apps – Summary

Technology has come a very long way. The amount of computing power that we have in our pocket is genuinely astounding, considering where that same tech was just a few short years ago. Being able to put this technology to work for us to create a healthier lifestyle is made easy by these amazing fitness apps.

However, since the health and wellness niche is so crowded these days, we see the app store similarly crowded with fitness apps of all kinds, which is undoubtedly a good thing in that the consumer has never had more options.

If you are into fitness to any degree and in any style, chances are you can find a fitness app that fits you to a “t.” However, the sheer number of apps out there is also a bad thing in a way because it leaves most people wondering – which one do I choose?

Since the majority of these apps are free (or nearly free), one of the best things you can do is try out a couple! Give it a week and explore its different features. See what works, what doesn’t work. See what you like and what you don’t like. Don’t be afraid to switch apps if one isn’t working for you!

Fitness is not a destination – it is a journey that we walk every day. Staying on the right path is always more comfortable when you have somebody (or some app!) by your side, keeping you accountable, and propelling you onward. This list is your cheat sheet for finding the best health and fitness apps to help you reach your goals.


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