25 Top Unique Fitness Gifts for Women

When looking for the perfect gift for the lady in your life, you may want to find something unique that will stand out. You want to show her you care, but not just give her the same old, same old gifts. We found some of the perfect fitness gifts for women.

fitness gifts for women

Health is something that many of us take seriously. Physical fitness can have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. As such, you may want to find a gift that will help her and encourage her on her fitness journey.

What follows is 25 unique fitness gifts for women. This list of the top fitness gifts for women provides plenty of options no matter what type of athletic program she uses. You are sure to find the perfect workout gifts for her.

Dumbbell Set

The JFIT Dumbbell Set is perfect for the woman who wants a lightweight, low-impact weight lift regimen. The color-coded dumbbell set includes pairs of weights in 3lb,  5lb, and 8lb sizes. These lightweight dumbbells are the perfect fitness gift for her. The hex-shaped weights are made from a non-slip material, wing, allowing her to keep a good grip on her weights during her workout.

dumbbell set

Made of durable cast iron, these weights will last a long time and provide years of use. Made of durable cast iron, these weights will last a long time and provide years of use. Made of durable cast iron, these weights will last a long time and provide years of use. The hexagonal shape helps prevent rolling no matter if they are used indoors or outdoors. The weights also come with a pyramidal rack for easy storage. 

Workout Gloves

When doing weightlifting, one thing many people do not think about is hand protection. The texture of the barbells can be very rough, which can cause the building of calluses over time. Also, having something to increase the grip helps prevent slippage or dropping the equipment. Workout gloves are great workout accessories for her.

workout gloves

These SIMARI workout gloves provide hand protection and give her some extra grip strength. The sponge material offers a firmer grip and a breathable fabric to neutralize sweat buildup and odor. Wrist straps provide for stabilization and support for any strength-training activity

Illmatic Book

There are thousands of workout and self-help books on the market that promise that you will shed pounds and gain muscle quickly. Some of these books make promises they can’t keep, while others make it seem like an overwhelming task. 

Illmatic book

In Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science to Build the Ultimate Female Body, Micheal Matthews demonstrates how the woman in your life can shed 10 to 15 unwanted pounds and gain lean muscle quickly and efficiently. As a health and fitness guru, Matthews has helped thousands of men and women get in the best shape of their lives in a fun, safe, and healthy way.

In this book, Matthews shares the formula of diet and exercise to help achieve the body she always wanted. Diet and exercise do not have to be a chore, and Matthews can show you how.

Good Grip Workout Mat

Yoga has become one of the most popular ways for women to get in shape. A relatively low-impact form of exercise, it can also prove to be relaxing and energizing. Other floor-based activities such as pilates have also become popular over the years.

good grip workout mat

 An essential piece of equipment when doing either of these exercise programs is a good exercise mat. The mat allows for support when performing exercises that require balance and stability. 

The IUGA workout mat is made of a non-slip material that will keep it from slipping on the floor and keep her feet from sliding when using the mat. The water-absorbing surface prevents sweat or water from causing slipping while exercising. 

Workout Trampoline

Trampolines are a great way to practice stability and get a good leg workout. There are plenty of workout programs that incorporate a trampoline routine that can help burn calories in a fun and energetic way.

workout trampoline

The MaXimus Pro Foldable Rebounder is the perfect mini-trampoline for her home gym. The trampoline works as a flexible but stable base for various exercises, and the handlebars can be used for a variety of activities. The trampoline can also work as a complete gym system. 

Another great feature of this trampoline? It ships fully assembled!

Smart Water Bottle

One key to proper health and fitness is hydration. There are many health benefits from drinking plenty of water, including digestion, appetite suppressant, and keeping your skin healthy.

smart water bottle

The Hidrate Spark 3 smart water bottle helps her stay hydrated and track her water intake. It can be programmed to go off at regular intervals or when she is behind on her water intake for the day. It can be programmed to go off at regular intervals or when she is behind on her water intake for the day. It can be programmed to go off at regular intervals or when she is behind on her water intake for the day.  The bottle has three different light colors to choose from to remind the user when they need to drink more water.

To help her track her water intake, the water bottle also has a Bluetooth app that syncs to the bottle. The hydration tracker allows the woman in your life to set her hydration goals, and the Hidrate Spark 3 will help her reach them.

Barbell Strap

Using a barbell when doing squats, lunges, and hip thrusts is a great way to tone the legs, glutes, and core. However, resting the barbell across your shoulders can put unwanted weight on the neck and back. Over time this can cause some pain and discomfort.

barbell strap

Using a barbell pad and strap can help to relieve that pressure. The Fit Viva barbell pad uses a form pad to provide more comfort and support when using barbells. The safety straps ensure that the pad stays safely wrapped around the bar when in use. 

Fit Viva also includes two 30-day workout challenges. If she is looking for a way to get motivated in her exercise program, these programs can help get her off to a great start.

Massage Pillow

Who doesn’t like a good massage? Massages help to relax your muscles and relieve tension. Either after a good workout or a stressful day, being able to relax is a great way to not only help recover your mind but your body as well.

massage pillow

The Zyllion Shiatsu massage pillow is the best way to relieve her head and neck tension after a long day. It is portable and versatile enough to be used in bed, a chair, in the car, or any place you need to relieve tension. The kneading massage nodes can be used on the neck, back, or even her feet.  The massage pillow also has an automatic shutoff feature to keep it from overheating.

Resistance Bands

If she hates using weights or just does not have the space for them, resistance bands are a great alternative. Flexible and versatile, the resistance band allows her to do dozens of bodyweight exercises to provide for a great workout.

resistance bands

The Hurdilen resistance bands are perfect for working out the legs, hips, glutes, and thighs. They are made from an environmentally safe cotton-polyester-elastic blend, these bands are stylish and functional. With various colors to choose from, she can have several bands that fit her style. The bands are portable and durable to be easily stored and transported. 

Since they are not made from rubber or plastic, these bands will not slip as quickly as other bands will. She also will not have to worry about the material rubbing on her skin and possibly causing irritation.

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls provide a movable base for a variety of exercises. If she has an office job and works from home, an exercise ball instead of a desk chair can help her get a workout while getting work done.

exercise ball

The DYNAPRO exercise ball allows for a stable and flexible base for ball exercises. Made of 100% recycled materials, these exercise balls have been tested to support up to 2220lbs. The ani-burst material ensures that they will stand up to the most strenuous workouts. 

The non-slip, ribbed design ensures that the ball stays put while in use. It will not slide around when in contact with the skin, providing for stable support during workouts. 

Vibrating Foam Roller

To help relieve pain and tension in large muscle groups, you may want the aid, especially of a foam roller. This can prevent injury and help in pain reduction. Used before or after a workout, it can help to relax muscles and increase flexibility.

vibrating foam roller

Professional athletes prefer the Nextrino vibrating foam roller in recovery after a workout. The portable roller is like having her own personal physical therapist no matter where she is at. The roller comes with three settings to provide the perfect amount of pressure for her needs. 

Insanity Workout Program

If she is a busy woman but still wants to get in great shape, then the Insanity Workout Program is what she needs. In just sixty days, she can get in the best shape of her life in just thirty minutes a day.

workout program

The Insanity Max:30 program utilizes interval workouts to keep your body from getting too used to one type of workout. By switching up cardio and strength training exercises, your body will burn more calories while building muscle

This set includes 10 DVDs, a calendar, an exercise guide, a nutrition guide, and access to an online community to support her in her exercise journey. She can play the DVDs and get started today! She can play the DVDs and get started today!  No workout equipment is needed, so there are no extra costs!

Stability Disc

The King Stability Disc works similarly to exercise balls. Smaller and more compact, they are great if you have to sit at a desk for hours at a time. She can work out her core while completing her day-to-day work.

stability disc

The stability discs are made of durable, flexible material. She can use them for stability when doing core exercises. They also come with an eBook with dozens of workouts.

Heavy Jump Rope

Jump ropes are one of the most basic forms of exercise equipment. They provide a great cardio workout as well and increase speed and agility. Heavy jump ropes from Proud Panda give some extra weight that helps build muscles and strength.

heavy jump rope

Made of synthetic polymer fiber, these heavy jump ropes are more durable and will last longer than other jump ropes. Choose from 2lb, 3lb, or 5lb ropes that will provide extra weight and help her achieve her fitness goals quicker. 

Hamstring Stretcher

Adequately stretching your hamstring is essential for any cardio or physical activity. If not, there is a risk of injury to not only the muscle but also the back. She might want some help to avoid putting any unwanted pressure or strain on her back to get a good stretch.

hamstring stretcher fitness gifts for women

The IdealStretch assists in properly stretching the hamstring, leg, and knee before or after a workout. The compact design of this product allows it to be used anywhere. The light steel design is durable and heavy-duty to last a long time.

Either used to limber up before a run or relieve tension or pain after a workout, the IdealStretch will help avoid injury from an activity. Either used to limber up before a run or relieve stress allowing pain after a workout, the IdealStretch will help prevent injury from a workout. This product is excellent before and after any physical activity. It is versatile enough for the hamstrings, leg, knee, back, and calves.

Touchscreen Sensitive Gloves For Running

Cold weather shouldn’t stop her from enjoying her daily run. However, no one wants to go outside and run without gloves. And if she needs to pick her favorite song on her playlist, send a quick text, or answer a call, she shouldn’t have to expose her hands to the cold to do it.

touchscreen gloves for running

The TrailHeads women’s gloves are made to be touch screen sensitive. The conductive fabric on the thumb and forefinger of the gloves allows the use of a touchscreen. These trail-tested gloves are made of a polyester fabric that will keep her hands warm during a chilly winter run.

These women’s gloves are not only functional but stylish. The palms have silicone palm padding in a snowflake pattern. This allows for a functional grip while also having an attractive look.

Bosu Balance Ball

One of the leading brands of balance balls, the Bosu Balance Ball, provides the best workout money can buy. Combining the best aspects of traditional balance balls and stabilizing discs, the Bosu is the best balance trainer on the market. 

bosu balance ball

The innovative “half ball” allows balance training, yoga, and sports training exercises. The design of this balance trainer provides an ever-changing workout surface. This means that her body will actively be engaged whenever she uses this product. 

Running Jacket

A comfortable running jacket is a must to add to your collection of running gear and other exercises and physical activity. The Baleaf fleece half-zip jacket will keep her warm during her daily runs. The two kangaroo pockets zip closed to protect her keys, phone, wallet, and any other valuables.

running jacket

The microfiber fleece interior includes moisture-wicking technology to keep from sweat building up. The reflective logos allow for better visibility during low light or night activity.  

Resistance Band Set

As mentioned before, resistance bands are a great way to get a strength training workout without needing to use lots of heavyweights. Made of durable and elastic material, one or two resistance bands can provide dozens of great strength training workouts.

resistance band set

The VEICK resistance band set is a color-coded system that provides 10lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb resistance strength bands. These lightweight bands will make her feel like she is getting a heavy-duty workout without picking up a barbell. The set comes with a carrying bag, wall anchor, ankle straps, cushioned handles, and an exercise guide.


Health and fitness are not only centered on exercise. Proper nutrition is essential as well. Starting the day with a healthy smoothie or a whey protein shake before a workout is a great way to maintain proper health.

blenders fitness gifts

The Ninja Personal Blender from Nutri is one of the most popular brands of blenders. The steel blades crush ice and blend ingredients in seconds. It has Auto-IQ programming to allow for one-touch operation. The blender will enable her to make a 24-oz or 32-oz cup smoothie.

The product includes a 1000-Watt blender, recipe guide, cups, and pour spouts. The blender is easy to clean and ready for daily use.

Adjustable Kettlebell

For years, kettlebells have been an essential feature of strength training and CrossFit workouts. They come in various weights and sizes and are a great way to work out the arms, shoulders, back, and core.  However, changing weights for multiple workouts can be frustrating, primarily if you use multiple kettlebells.

adjustable kettleball fitness gifts

The Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebell allows you to quickly and easily adjust the weight of your kettlebell. The kettlebell itself is made of durable plastic designed to stand up to heavy use. The removable cast iron plates allow from 10lb to 40lb of weight to whatever she needs. The heavy-duty plastic clamp secures the plates in place.

NutriBullet Blender

The NutriBullet is one of the best blenders for creating great tasting smoothies fast. The design allows you to load your ingredients in either the included 18-oz or 24-oz cups and have a delicious treat in seconds with a single touch of a button. 

nutribullet blender fitness gifts

This high-powered, heavy-duty blender can handle solids such as nuts and liquify them in seconds. It is perfect for the woman on the go that needs some quick fuel. The product comes with a 600-Watt motorized blade, blending cups, extractor and milling blades, and cup lids.

Massage Gun

Massage guns are great for focusing on specific body areas that may be sore or tense. The ZonGym deep tissue massage gun allows for a professional-style deep tissue massage anywhere. The massage gun provides specialized pressure on large muscle groups and the neck and back.

massage gun fitness gifts

The massage gun has ten heads and a touchscreen panel that allows for custom pressure and speed for her specific needs. She can adjust for a post-workout relaxation or a daily massage routine with thirty-speed settings to choose from. 

Compression Socks

Compression socks allow for proper circulation for people that find themselves on their feet a lot. If she is a runner or hiker, compression socks provide a comfortable pressure that promotes adequate circulation.

compression socks fitness gifts

Aoliks compression socks come in four-packs and are made of a durable nylon/polyester blend. These one-size-fits-all socks provide comfort and a reasonable price. Wearing compression socks helps promote good circulation and reduce foot and leg pain and is an excellent gift for the active woman in your life.

Compression Boots

Compression boots allow for a great leg massage from the comfort of home. The RENPRO leg massager uses state-of-the-art technology to relax leg muscles after a long day on their feet or a long run. 

compression boots fitness gift

The leg massagers provide two heat modes to provide warmth to calves and promote relaxation of the leg muscles.  The six mode settings and three massage functions allow for multiple sources for relaxation and pain reduction in the legs. The adjustable cushions allow for a great fit on any leg.

Compression Shirts

Compression shirts help promote circulation and provide a layer of warmth when running or other athletic activities. Neleus offers a three-pack of women’s compression shirts perfect for any workout. 

compression shorts fitness gift

These shirts are so comfortable; she’ll want to wear them all the time. The polyester-spandex blend allows for a fit that feels like a second skin and allows for a full range of motion. The lightweight material uses anti-moisture technology to wick away sweat and quickly air dry.

Fitness Gifts for Women

Improved health and fitness is many people’s goal. Some gifts will fit anyone’s budget,  allowing more significant budget purchases to cheaper options. It shouldn’t be hard to find a great gift for active women.  If the woman in your life is looking to get started in a workout routine or is already a dedicated fitness enthusiast, she will love these gifts. It is the perfect way to show your support and encouragement.

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