11 Foods That Squash Hunger Pangs

Getting the discipline right in how you eat is what most people find the greatest challenge.

Whether you’re trying to put on lean muscle or burn body fat getting ahold of what you consume is key.

Cravings cravings cravings. How do you control them?

In this post we’ll give a list of healthy foods to chow on when you’re cornered by those hunger pangs.

Let’s get right to it…


With some fresh fruits and nuts you can get loads of taste, vitamins, fiber, and protein which will make for a nourishing combination that will keep you satisfied enough to get some ZZZs.


Some ideas you might find tempting are an apple with a handful of almonds, a dozen pecans, a banana, or a pear with a couple of walnuts. And if you’re out of nuts, you can spread some peanut or almond butter on banana pieces. You can likewise try dipping your apple pieces in almond butter too.



It’s hard to say too much about the benefits of good ol’ bananas. They include tryptophan– an amino acid that is converted to niacin, which lead to improvements in sleep.

Each banana is roughly 100 calories and will help reduce any sugar yearnings you might encounter late in the evening. Bananas are one of the better options out there if you have sugar cravings at night, so it behooves you to have them on deck if the sugar monster lives under your bed




It’s not uncommon for people to have a craving for salty foods at night. If that’s the case try chewing on some almonds. One single serving of almonds includes 5g of protein. Among the many health benefits of almonds is the ability to help you repair your lean muscle muscle overnight because of the fiber they have. That same fiber will likewise help to keep you feel full longer, preventing you from meaningless snacking on unhealthy food.


Berries are a great option if you find yourself creeping on that bowl of candy all the time. It might be hard not to dig a hand into the sweet bowl while you’re on your search for a late night snack in the kitchen area or on your way to the bedroom.

Not only are they high in minerals and vitamins but the the pigments that give the berries their color consist of anti-oxidants that bring good health benefits to our bodies.

Blueberries can either be consumed by themselves, blended with other fruits like strawberries or added as an ingredient to recipes. Grub your berries raw to get the most health gain from them as possible. Berries likewise make a great late night treat when consumed with Greek yogurt.



Serve a couple slices of cheese together with whole grain crackers. There’s an abundant source of calcium in cheese; and whole grain crackers offer some extra fiber too.

Try to use a cheese slicer and continue to thin slice some aged cheddar, provolone, or gouda. Blue cheese is also good, particularly with crackers that have a bit of sweet in them.

Remember to monitor your serving sizes because cheese snacks can quickly build up in calories if you’re consuming big chunks of it. Include some apple slices, fresh grapes, or fresh veggies if you need a little bit more volume to fill up your stomach.



Make your stomach happy with a turkey sandwich in whole grain bread with a small amount of mustard. Turkey sandwich is a consistent go to for squashing cravings because of what it contains. It’s gotta good combination of both fiber and protein. Add a bit of lettuce, a piece of tomato and you now have your lucky self one heck of a delicious, healthy late night sandwich!



This is the staple go to snack if you have those God awful cravings for ice cream. Those cravings are tough to beat I know. I get’em all the time. Yogurt is an exceptional source of protein, calcium, and probiotic bacteria that are great for a healthy digestion system. You can start with plain yogurt, and then include some flavor with chopped nuts, honey, or berries.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the different type of flavored yogurt cups in the supermarket, choose a few of your preferred flavors. However make sure to also take note of the labels prior to purchasing as some varieties can be unnecessarily high in calories and sugar.



Fresh vegetables include vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They’re ideal to serve as a healthy late night snack. You can have any combination of raw carrots, cucumber slices, celery, zucchini, peppers, broccoli, and grape tomatoes as they will do just great. You can even boost the taste with a veggie dip, hummus, a little bit of salad dressing or lite potato chip dip.



Oatmeal to me is one of those goods that should always be on call. There are so many benefits and it works in just about any nutritional regime regardless of what your goals.

You can get a great source of fiber and beta-glucan from oatmeal, which will help keep your cholesterol levels at bay. The fiber does a ton to give you feelings of satiety.


Cherries not only satisfy your late night yearnings, they can assist your sleep. They contain a natural source of melatonin, which is the hormonal agent responsible for controlling sleep. You can have a glass or bowl of tart cherry juice prior to bedtime.

Cherries are also loaded with anti-oxidants, which can help combat against inflammation and assist in weight loss.



One tough boiled egg contains 80 calories and they’re rich in healthy fats. Have them with sliced cucumber for a light late night snack. If you’re tyring to build lean muscle eggs are a classic staple in your nutritional regime. Each egg contains usually at least 4-5 grams of protein depending on the size of eggs you buy.

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