Get Glutamine: If you want to build muscle, this amino acid is crucial

Glutamine might be getting overlooked nowadays because a whole lot of attention is being given to other supplements like creatine and arginine. Glutamine is actually the most abundant amino acid in the body. It makes up about 60% of the free amino acids in the human body. One of the things that makes glutamine so important is its versatility. It actually can chemically shift and become a number of other amino acids, so its kinda like a bunch of amino acids all rolled into one. Glutamine should be a part of your muscle building stack

Here are the reasons why…

Improves Your Digestive System

Glutamine plays key roles in overall health including digestive repair. Every time you wolf down a meal, your gastrointestinal system suffers a little wear and tear. That’s not a scare fact, its just the way your body is designed. Glutamine is one of the crucial amino acids that contributes to the regulatory repair of your digestive system.

Glutamine Combats Catabolism And Aids Recovery

When you go all out in the gym, your body enters a catabolic state. What is a catabolic state? It’s basically when your body starts to break down its own muscle tissue. Well when this happens your glutamine levels are generally depleted so you have to pull it from storage to get into a healthy recovery state. Supplementing with glutamine before or after training hard gets you ahead of the curve on this process since it can immediately use the glutamine you supplement. This in turn helps reduce all that breakdown of muscle that naturally occurs

Glutamine Structure

Propels Protein Synthesis And Anabolism

After you push your body through a catabolic state from some hardcore training, you’ll want to spark protein synthesis. Your body reaching out to build proteins in this way is called anabolism. What happens is your body starts to drive raw materials to your muscles, which aids in growth by creating more muscle fibers. Supplemental glutamine is one of the better ways to propel this process right after you finish training.

Glutamine Supports Your Immune System

Glutamine helps your immune system by fighting off inflammations and infections. Glutamine reduces the impact of cortisol, a negative hormone generated by stressors including going all out in your workout. Cortisol does serve a purpose in the body, you can’t eliminate it from being released. You can push through this period of cortisol release faster however, with the aid of glutamine supplementation. This gets you to your muscle growth state faster.

How To Supplement With Glutamine

Take 5-1o grams of glutamine up to four times a day. Ingesting 40 grams a day may seem a bit much, but if you take your fitness regime serious you’ll see that this much glutamine does benefit you. Start with a smaller daily total of about 10 grams split over two doses pre and post-workout. Add 5 grams per day each week until you hit a comfortable intake level.

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