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18 Gift Ideas For The Avid Runner In Your Life

Most of us have that one person we know who runs their behind like every day.

Every freaking day.

Every day they wake up early and go out and run.

They don’t function right unless they go out and run.

And you find them somewhat annoying cuz…

Well you’re jealous. They work that dang hard and find that running thing easy it seems.

Well at least that’s how I feel.

Jealous cuz I wish I was motivated enough to do what they did 😊

Nah but all joking aside if you have one of those running freak gals in your life and its holiday season or their birthday is coming around…

Buying them gifts that empower their runnin’ behinds isn’t that hard if you think about it.

Lemme give you some ideas on how to gift that runnin’ son of gun in your life


Under Armour Women’s Squad Woven 1/2 Zip Jacket

Holiday season means its probably cold where you live. But you know that won’t slow down that fitness junkie gal at don’t you. Well even the hardcore fitness gal has gotta insulate herself sometimes when she’s out there tryna kill it in the cold. If you know one of those gals who can’t barely go a day without taking a run outside then this is a great gift for her.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Any running junkie who works out outside of the home should invest in great headphones. Everybody who takes their workouts seriously can’t stand the jabbermouths out there lookin’ to talk it up. God’s gift to mankind to cure that disease was headphones. Even if you know your running junkie gal already has a set of headphones you oughta buy her another pair. You just never know when you could lose’em.

-Waterproof design and ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks with gel silicone earbuds so headphones stay put in your ears

-Battery life of up to 8 hours with a charging time of 1.5 hours

-Connects to Bluetooth devices up to 30 feet away.

-Noise suppression technology and state of the art acoustic sound

Under Armour Women’s Cold Gear Authentic Crew Shirt

This one goes great with the zip jacket just mentioned above. If the gal you’ve got in mind goes hardcore even when it drops below the 40s and what not, make sure she doesn’t end up with frost bite or nothing like that. She might have the heart of a

Deep Tissue Foam Roller

If a gal is truly a fitness freak, she oughta be just as worried about recovery as she has to do with hittin’ it hardcore in the fitness center or otherwise. Foam rolling has ended up being rather of a pattern in recent years, and it’s for a great reason. It’s worth the time and effort if it helps your recovery and help you in injury avoidance too. She’ll value the truth you care ’bout her recovery proess, trust me. I suggest the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller cuz it features a lot of cool functions

ALTRA AFW1833G Women’s Escalante 1.5 Running Shoe

Here’s a great one if you understand a gal who’s a running maniac. The altra escalante is customized specifically for the female running fanatic. It’s got ta host of functions to ensure those fragile feet of hers are taken care of.

– Altra’s Fit4Her technology implies they’re tailored to the unique anatomy of the female foot. The shoes’ luxurious midsoles will help use her a quick, energetic flight with very little ground contact time.

– Places your heel and forefoot the exact same range from the ground to motivate right, low-impact kind throughout your course run.

– Places your heel and forefoot, the very same range from the ground to encourage proper, low-impact type throughout your path run.

– Enables your toes to relax and expand naturally for more comfort and stability in uphill climbs up and downhill descents.

– An outsole technology that really maps the bones and tendons of your foot to help it to bend and move naturally.


LARQ Bottle – Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and Water Purification System

The LARQ Bottle is the World’s First Self-Cleaning Water Bottle– making use of innovative non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED innovation to clean water and tidy the inner area of the bottle by eliminating odor-causing bacteria and infections

– Distilled water in 60 seconds Works at the touch of a button and self-cleans by smartly triggering every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.

– Keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for approximately 12 hours with double-wall insulated stainless-steel building and construction

– USB rechargeable Li-polymer battery offers you self-cleaning power for roughly a month on a full charge. Charge with water resistant IPX7-rated MicroUSB port (MicroUSB to USB charging cable is consisted of).

– The LARQ Bottle is a travel-friendly 17oz/ 500ml insulated stainless steel water bottle with a glamorous special two-tone powder coat and matte finish.

Garmin Vívosmart HR Activity Tracker

Whether you’re hiking, cycling, or out for a run, this tracker will show all the vital statistics you’re looking for: actions, range, calories burned, and floorings climbed. It even monitors your activity strength and heart rate (no discouraging chest strap required). When you’re wearing it to operate in the wonderful inside your home, you’ll be nudged with vibration pointers to remain more active throughout the day. Plus, you can discreetly read your texts (along with get call, email, calendar, and social media informs) without whipping out your clever gadget.

All-weather Reebok Running Gloves

These gloves are excellent for protecting your favorite marathon racer’s hands from the wind and water. They also have the added benefit of increased visibility in the dark with reflective material.

Flipbelt running belt

Running belts enable runners to carry what they require depending on what kind of run they’re getting into. Trail running, marathon running, running on the beach etc. They can keep their phone, ID and other cards, money, and much more in these belts. The benefit of this Flipbelt here is that it is reflective so it can be the best device for night running as well.

NUUN Hydration Tablets

Runners require electrolytes, and Nuun hydration tablets offer them, without all the icky stuff (read: tons of sugar) that other sports drinks have.

For your reference 16 ounces of Lemon Lime Gatorade consists of about 26 grams of sugar, and Nuun contains just 1 gram.

Nuun is available in 12+ delicious flavors. 1 plan contains 10 tablets (1 tablet is used per 16 ounces).

GU Energy Gel

Help your runner stock up on GU energy gels in a range of great flavors!

This kind of gift further enhances their psycho running of course.

GU is taken in mid-run to supply fuel and should be consumed every 45-60 minutes.

If your runner goes on a great deal of long runs, that means they require a lot of fuel– help them out with a 24 pack of GU from Amazon.

Clif Bloks

Same concept as GU but a different texture (gummy).Gift a sampler pack, which is 8 Clif Blok bars, in 8 various tastes so your runner can discover the perfect one and not get bored!

Hydration Backpack

Does your runner run cross countries? Or do trail running?

Give her the element of life.

A hydrated runner is a happy runner, and a hydration knapsack can keep her hydrated on those long runs if she’s more the marathon type.

The Miracol Hydration Backpack comes in 9 colors, has a 68oz bladder, thermal insulation and compartments to save things too.

Muscle Roller Stick (Massage Stick).

Similar to the foam rollers, but more targeted, the muscle roller stick assists in muscle recovery and reduces muscle discomfort.

Runners like this tool cuz  it’s super portable and extremely handy for recovery after runs.

Running Headlamp

Running at night or in the darkness in the morning can be dangerous and runners need to see and be seen at all times.

This LED lamp goes cheap and makes a great gift if she’s runnin’ in the morning when its dark like it ain’t no thang.

It has 4 light settings, adjusts to any head size and angles up and down easily.

Tracer360 by NoxGear

If she’s one of those maniacs up at zero dark thirty runnin’ like a maniac.

It’s a super light-weight running accessory that lights up to keep runners safe running in the dark.

This vest is rainproof, has 40 hours of battery life, comes with lots of colors to pick from and most importantly, keeps you visible and safe in low or no-light environments.

Balega Performance Socks

Blisters are the worst. The worst of the worst.

Performance socks like Balega are made of wicking material that avoids foot blisters. These things are actually pretty darn neat.

A runner can never ever have too many socks (and these been available in SO numerous colors) so it’s truly among the absolute finest presents for runners ever. Plus they tend to go pretty cheap. So it’s a win win.

Toe Socks

Don’t laugh I know they look kinda like something Fred Flinstone would wear.

But I assure you they are engineered that way for a reason. They work really well However they work so well.

Made of extremely functional performance material that are designed to avoid blisters. Injinji toe socks avoid blisters by wicking sweat and wetness away from your feet.

Plus, they separate your toes to further avoid friction that causes agonizing blisters.

They’re also pretty cheap too so win win again.



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