20 Gift Ideas For The Yoga Nut

Essential Oil Diffuser

Help her get her chill on with an essential oil diffuser. This’ll set the ambience to get that shaolin calm she’s lookin’ for

Essential Oils

She’ll appreciate these if you buy her that essential oil diffuser. Or if she’s already gotta oil diffuser and she could just use more fuel.

Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Yoga nuts oughta invest their time in recovery too. Let her ejuvenate those exhausted muscles after an exercise with a deep tissue massage, right in the comfort of her own home (and for less cash too!). Foam rollers use simply the correct amount of pressure to muscle groups, easing the discomfort and inflammation from her workout. 

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

For any fitness junkie of any kind, excellent acoustics is a must. Yoga is no exception. She’s probably gonna set the mood with some good ambient music Bose makes speakers that are great and that you can take practically anywhere.

Meditation Cushion

If she’s into yoga she’s gotta be into meditation. Help her keep her butt nice and comfortable while she’s finding her zen.

Yoga Mat

No yoga nut is complete without a good mat. The best kind you can get is created to be very comfortable and extra thick. I recommend the TPE Eco-Friendly Yoga/Pilates Mat, but there are many out there that should suit you just right.

Yoga Mat Bag

If she’s traveling a lot or she heads down to the gym to get her yoga on, a yoga mat bag might very handy. You don’t see a lotta people with one of these so its a pretty thoughtful gift to give her. Very convenient.

Funny Yoga Shirt

You can find all kinds of funny one liner shirts on amazon. Why not have a sense of humor if she’s yoga obsessed? Help her be zen than muuuuuug…

Yoga Pants

She prolly already has yoga pants but it never hurts to get her more. What woman says no to more clothes anyways? 


Theragun Therapy Device

This one is more on the expensive side but it’s all the rage now. Especially for the yoga and pilates nuts out there. This one is a good idea for just about anyone in fact, especially if you’re startin’ to get up there in years and you need body massages just for gettin’ through the day. I know I’m already there…

Yoga Dice/Yoga Games

This one is kinda cool and thoughtful. If you want to encourage her on her endeavors and get the yoga nut in your life to have fun while doing it.

Not bad.


Yoga Coffee Mug

Another fun one to lighten her up. She oughta be gettin’ her daily dose of tea if she’s tryna find her zen. 

Speaking of which…

Yoga Tea

Might seem gimmicky but if its holiday season it makes a fun little stocking stuffer. 

Body Suit

If you don’t wanna just buy her more leggings, she’s already gotta ton consider going the body suit direction. She’ll appreciate it. 

Plus you’ll be implicitly telling her she looks great enough to wear it if you buy it.

See that? 

That’s smart.


Yoga Block

Just about every yoga nut will appreciate having more of these. 

Plus they usually come pretty cheap so it’s an easy buy.

Yoga Wheel

These things are great even if she is just beginning to do yoga. Both the advanced and the beginners use these to open up their shoulders and hips during the yoga poses and what not. It enhances balance, strength, and flexibility.

Yoga Mat Wash

This is one of those ones that’s a good stocking stuffer if its holiday season. This’ll save her time from having to throw that trusty yoga mat into the washing machine or what have you.

Yoga Towel

This one’s a no brainer if you’re buying her yoga mat cleaner. 

May as well throw this in with it.

Cooling Towel

If you want to get a little more fancy they have these rad cooling towels. Helps you cool down after an intense yoga session or any intense session for that matter.

This also comes in handy for hot flashes, headaches, fevers…

All that good stuff.

May as well buy one for yourself while you’re at it.

Self Cleaning Water Bottle

If she’s really into yoga you know she’s conscious bout her hydration and all that.

How many yoga nuts out there are sloppy with the fluids they put into their body?

Like none.

She’s like the idea of water bottle that stays fresh.

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