Gift Ideas For the Fitness Freak Gal

1. TANGRAM Factory Smart Rope – LED Embedded Jump Rope

Jump rope is severely underrated in my opinion. It’s a great no excuses way to get the fat burning. If you gotta fitness junky gal in your life she’ll definitely appreciate this one.

-See your dive count in mid-air whilst you work out!

-The evolution of a timeless cardio training, a jump rope workout burns twice as many calories as a running workout.

-Sync the dive rope to the complimentary Smart Gym mobile app (iOS, Android, Apple Watch) to track jump count, calories burned, exercise times, and period training.

-Synchronizes to Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and Under Armour (UA Record, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness) to support all kinds of workout and physical fitness wearables

2. LARQ Bottle – Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and Water Purification System

The LARQ Bottle is the World’s First Self-Cleaning Bottle– utilizing ingenious non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED innovation to cleanse water and tidy the inner surface areas of the bottle by getting rid of odor-causing germs and viruses

-Distilled water in 60 seconds Works at the touch of a button and self-cleans by smartly activating every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.

-Keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours with double-wall insulated stainless-steel construction

-USB rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides you self-cleaning power for approximately a month on a full charge. Recharge with water resistant IPX7-rated MicroUSB port (MicroUSB to USB charging cable television is included).

-The LARQ Bottle is a travel-friendly 17oz/ 500ml insulated stainless steel bottle with a glamorous exclusive two-tone powder coat and matte finish.

3. Garmin Vívosmart HR Activity Tracker

Whether you’re hiking, cycling, or out for a run, this tracker will display all the vital statistics you’re looking for: actions, distance, calories burned, and floorings climbed. It even monitors your activity strength and heart rate (no frustrating chest strap needed). When you’re wearing it to operate in the fantastic indoors, you’ll be nudged with vibration pointers to remain more active throughout the day. Plus, you can inconspicuously read your texts (as well as get call, email, calendar, and social media notifies) without whipping out your smart device.

4. Nike Metcon 3

Perfect for your HIIT or CrossFit-obsessed good friend, these light-weight cross-trainers supply stability and assistance with their sticky rubber outsole, but they’re versatile enough for sprints and post-workout wear. So if you have that gal who is always going hardcore in all kinds of different fitness regimes, this one is perfect for her.

5. Flywheel Home Exercise Bike with Free Two-Month Subscription 

If you’re looking to get your fitness gal a high end item consider this one. This is one of those juiced up exercise bikes that has all kinds of cool features built in.

-STUDIO WORKOUTS FROM THE CONVENIENCE OF HOME: Stream thousands of live and recorded biking and strength exercises, with brand-new classes added daily. Your first 2 months are totally free! ($ 39/month subscription required after first 2 months).

SPECIALIST COACHING AND RESULTS-DRIVEN CLASSES: Flywheel’s elite coaches from our 42 studios nationwide guide and inspire you through our signature high-intensity period flights and off-bike workouts. There’s one fer err’body.

PERFORMANCE METRICS: Track your progress with our digital statistics, which gives you concrete objectives and individual bests to pursue in every class. Features like pacer, race mode, and our TorqBoard (leaderboard) allow you to take on yourself or others.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Sleek, compact design. Multiple seat and handlebar settings make sure a perfect fit for any rider. Functions dual bottle holders, weighted bars (included), and covered wheel. LOOK Delta-compatible shoes needed (sold separately).

SPECS: Internet/WiFi: Greater than 10 Mbps up and down; 802.11 n or better WiFi. Bluetooth 4.0 (supports most standard Bluetooth earphones and heart rate monitors).

6. Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat.

Lastly the ideal yoga mat! This mat is …

-Self-rolling, so you can stay chill as you pack up your mat. When your yoga session ends, just turn the mat over, click, and let it roll!

-Smart – It includes bonus yoga regimens, powered by Women’s Health, that you can hear utilizing your clever speaker.

-Soft and comfortable– at 5 mm thick, there’s a lot of cloud-like cushioning for your elbows, wrists and knees.

-Silky and grippy– you’ll love how it feels. Plus, as you sweat, your grip enhances, thanks to the integrated in technology of the smooth leading layer. The bottom layer will grip the floor– no more slipping and sliding!

-Stylish – It stays firmly rolled and stands on its own. No messy storage.

-Safe for you, and the planet– This mat is latex-free, PVC-free, and developed for sustainability.

-Roomy– at 24 x 72 inches– it’s 4 inches longer than the typical mat, so there’s room for your whole body!

7. ALTRA AFW1833G Women’s Escalante 1.5 Running Shoe

Here’s a great one if you know a gal who’s a running maniac. The altra escalante is tailored especially for the female running fanatic. It’s gotta host of features to make sure those delicate feet of hers are taken care of.

-Altra’s Fit4Her technology means they’re tailored to the distinct anatomy of the female foot. The shoes’ luxurious midsoles will assist use her a quick, energetic flight with minimal ground contact time.

-Places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to motivate correct, low-impact kind throughout your path run.

-Places your heel and forefoot, the very same range from the ground to motivate proper, low-impact type throughout your path run.

-Enables your toes to relax and spread out naturally for more comfort and stability in uphill climbs up and downhill descents.

-An outsole technology that really maps the bones and tendons of your foot to help it to flex and move naturally.

8. Deep Tissue Foam Roller

If a gal is really a fitness freak, she oughta be just as concerned about recovery as she is about hittin’ it hardcore in the gym or otherwise.  Foam rolling has become somewhat of a trend in recent years, and it’s for a good reason. It’s worth the time and effort if it aids your recovery and aids you in injury prevention too. She’ll appreciate the fact you care ’bout her recovery proess, trust me. I recommend the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller cuz it comes with a bunch of cool features. 

9. Sanabul Boxing Handwrap Gloves

Just about any gal who hits the weights hard wants to keep her hands from gettin’ all rough and calloused. These handwrap gloves make a perfect stocking stuffer for the hardcore lifting gal.


10. Body Boss Home Gym 2.0

This one is great for the fitness junkie gal who absolutely needs to workout wherever she goes. To me it’s the ultimate no excuses fitness gift. When it hit the market it made a pretty big splash in the fitness blogosphere. That’s because it claims to be an all in one gym that you can carry around in roughly the size of a laptop bag. That claim I think is upheld. This thing allows you to do dozens upon dozens of different exercises that hit every muscle group you have. Definitely worth the investment.

11. Sunsign Speed And Agility Resistance Bands

These bands can be used for a bunch of different exercises that enhance agility, speed, and explosiveness. The diverse amount of exercises made available by the Sunsign Resistance Bands are a great way to keep your workouts spicy and fun. If you find yourself getting bored from doing the same workouts all the time consider investing in these. This is also for the sports enthusiast who looks to enhance their performance. Whether combat sports, basketball, volleyball, or football. So this can go with just about any fitness freak gal out there whatever her leanings are. Consider it.

12. CamelBak Women’s Ultra Pro Running Hydration Vest

This one is for that gal in your life who is a running freak. You know the type that can’t properly function througout the day unless they run for like 1000 miles every morning before work?

Well you can show how much you love that kinda gal by making sure she stays hydrated when she’s out there pumping her legs like the gazelle that she is.

WOMEN’S RUNNING HYDRATION VEST: The CamelBak Women’s Ultra Pro Hydration Vest is constructing particularly to fit a woman’s frame; This hydration vest is lighter and better aerated.

FUEL AND GEAR STORAGE: The Ultra Pro Hydration Vest includes loads of space for crucial items when you’re on the go; It also includes 2 500 milliliters Quick Stow Flasks and can accommodate a 1.5 liter Crux reservoir for superior hydration.

BUILT FOR COMFORT: CamelBak has created this women’s hydration vest for maximum comfort; It features harness and dual breast bone straps that are adjustable for a stable and comfy fit, while its compressed cargo assists decrease bulk.

LOTS OF STORAGE SPACE: This long-lasting running vest includes a protected zippered phone pocket, a stretch overflow pocket ideal for rain gear, and a trekking pole carry that permits you to easily remove or keep poles while running.

13. Gaiam Cargo Yoga Mat Bag

This is one of those things she didn’t understand she needed. If you have a yoga or Pilates nut she’ll appreciate having a bag to keep that dependable mat in.

14. Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill

Here’s the perfect gift that allows your fitness freak gal to get the cardio goin’ in just about any living space. This ultra thing folding treadmill gets a lotta kudos because it’s so easy to use and store. It boasts a very low noise profile so you can easily use it while watching tv in your living room or wherever. It’s gotta host of other features that make it a great gift too…

-Ultra-thin Foldable Design The compact, ultra-thin and light-weight style makes this treadmill simple to fold, carry and store. 2 built-in wheels facilitate transport from one space to another. When you don’t utilize it, you can put it in the corner of the space or under the bed to conserve area.

-Easily Have a Healthy Body Our treadmill is perfect for walking, running and running at home or office with its flexible physical fitness modes. You can use it for cardio training, weight loss, muscle toning and personal fitness instructor exercises. Besides, the holder for a tablet PC and smart phone enable you exercise with amusement.

-LCD Display & Versatile Modes easy-to-operate LCD display helps you monitor your workout information for effective workout routine. Selectable Time/ Distance/Calorie countdown modes help you attain various training goals. Built-in P1-P12 speed modes are set for different difficult workout.

-Powerful Motor & Shockproof Design Powerful however quiet 450W motor delivers speed from 0.5– 5 Mph to satisfy different physical fitness needs. Featuring anti-skid rubber surface, 15.5″ x 40.5″ running belt and 6 shock-absorbers for springy sensation, our treadmill is comfortable to use and holds up to 220lbs.

-Assembly Free & Safety to Use A safety secret with a clip connect you with treadmill, stop it instantly in an emergency situation and protects you during the workout. The most important thing is that our treadmill does not need to be installed, which saves you a great deal of time and energy.

15. Under Armour Women’s Squad Woven 1/2 Zip Jacket

Holiday season means its probably cold where you live. But you know that won’t slow down that fitness junkie gal at don’t you. Well even the hardcore fitness gal has gotta insulate herself sometimes when she’s out there tryna kill it in the cold. If you know one of those gals who can’t barely go a day without taking a run outside then this is a great gift for her.


16. Under Armour Women’s Cold Gear Authentic Crew Shirt

This one goes great with the zip jacket just mentioned above. If the gal you’ve got in mind goes hardcore even when it drops below the 40s and what not, make sure she doesn’t end up with frost bite or nothing like that. She might have the heart of a warrior, but she’s still gotta protect that precious skin of hers when she’s out killin’ it in the cold.

17. Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Bluetooth Speaker System

If the fitness freak you have in mind kills it at home consider giving her illmatic speakers for her hardcore workouts. Nothin’ sparks up a great workout like great music.’ at home you should be blasting your own soundtrack to full capacity. These bluetooth speakers I think are the best deal for killin’ it if you really want to feel thunderstruck, or if you are putting on the serene tranquil sounds for your meditation or stretching. If she lives in an apartment you can also invest in some sound foam so you don’t piss of your neighbors.

18. Empower Weighted Gloves for Women

If by chance you gotta gal who loves to kick butt then these are great gift choice for her. I myself grew up idolizing Bruce Lee so I would buy these for any woman regardless of what she’s into :). But weighted gloves and youtube channel that teaches you some kickboxing is all you need to get your sweat on, that’s for sure. So if you know a gal who needs to punch out some stress either way, throw these into her stocking this holiday season.

19. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Any fitness junkie who works out outside of the home should invest in great headphones. Everybody who takes their workouts seriously can’t stand the jabbermouths in the gym lookin’ to talk it up. God’s gift to mankind to cure that disease was headphones. Even if you know your fitness junkie gal already has a set of headphones you oughta buy her another pair. You just never know when you could lose’em.

-Waterproof design and ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks with gel silicone earbuds so headphones stay put in your ears

-Battery life of up to 8 hours with a charging time of 1.5 hours

-Connects to Bluetooth devices up to 30 feet away.

-Noise suppression technology and state of the art acoustic sound

20. Kettlebell

Kettlebells I think exploded as a fitness trend around the turn of the century. I think it was partly because of its diverse use. You can use kettlebells in so many ways to slay your bodyfat and build muscle. But I think another reason was the rise of crossfit. Crossfitters tend to use the kettlebells in every which way. So if you know a gal whose a cross fit junkie she’s pretty much guaranteed to appreciate a kettlebell. One way or the other kettlebells are useful for just about anyone whose tryna stay in shape or whose a fitness junky. 

21. Ninja Blender

What fitness gal is complete without a great blender?

Pre-workout smoothies, post-workout smoothies, breakfast smoothies, you name it. Fitness junkies are in love with their smoothies and a real quality blender is great gift idea.

Ninja blenders are well known for their durability and the various cool features. They have all kinds of presets that will blend according to your texture, taste, or recipe.

Super cool.


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