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A Complete Guide To Massage Guns

If you’ve kept your ear to the ground on the trends in the health and fitness industry you’ve probably heard about massage guns. They have recently been taking off as a major trend on the internet.

Massage guns kinda look like power drills and are designed to assist healing, reduce pain and boost range of movement by happily beating your muscles into submission.

If used properly they can be a great way to enhance your recovery and reduce soreness.

They can be for you whether you are an avid runner, weight lifting rat, yoga nut, or swimming aficionado.


Why Use a Massage Gun?

Massage weapons can be utilized as an alternative to the foam roller as a self-myofascial release tool.

Advantages include decreased stress, discomfort and tissue tension to boosted recovery, blood flow and series of movement. You can use it pre-workout to heat up the muscles and post-workout to reduce tightness and pain


The Benefits Of Using A Massage Gun

  • Improve and enhance range of motion of muscles
  • Open the closed circulatory system, thus improving blood flow
  • Release and minimize lactate in the body
  • Help in accelerating muscular healing
  • Enhance muscle responsiveness
  • Hasten the growth of muscle
  • Decrease the event of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness( DOMS).
  • Ease the pain connected with soft tissue damage.

With that said lets get into the best massage guns available on the market today….


Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

Hyperice recently revealed a new gun that was established for elite professional athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts. Called the Hypervolt, it drills into your muscles with 30 percent more intensity than the initial.

The gadget still clocks in at a maximum of 3,200 percussions per minute, but each private percussion is 30 percent more effective to truly target those sore muscles. The battery yields about 3 hours of use per charge and the easy, T-shaped style is comfortable to grip.


Quiet Glide Technology – whisper quiet percussion device

3 Speed Settings deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute

3 Hours of use per charge- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

As featured in GQ, CNET, Runner’s World, Self, Men’s Helath as the top tech in health and wellness

Theragun G3 Pro

The Theragun G3 Pro is costly, but it’s gotten high praise for its deep muscle treatment from expert athletes in a wide variety of sports, from basketball to CrossFit to golf. It’s high-powered and effective, delivering a Max force tissue massage of 60 pounds at 40 beats per second to alleviate, stress, pain and muscle pain.

Theragun is known for being infamously loud, unlike the quieter Hyperice Hypervolt. Despite this it carries a great reputation andathletes like it.


Advanced deep tissue massage

Comfortable ergonomic handle

Durably built

6 different heads

Recharable battery

TimTam Power Massager

This massage gun is a deep tissue massager. It is especially made to break down any knots in the muscles. As a result, the blood flow in the muscles increases significantly. The speed goes at 2000 strokes per minute.

With the help of the threaded shaft, you can be sure that it is extremely resilient.

TimTam was produced by Mixed Martial Arts legend George St-Pierre and CrossFit and movement coach Kelly Starrett. These are for sure 2 people who comprehend the value of recovery. The Power Massager provides percussions at a Max rate of 2,500 per minute and has made significant strides in lowering sound as compared to the initial. They’re continuing to provide improvements, though.


Comfortable ergonomic handle 

50% quieter than previous models

2 speeds

6 different heads

Recharagable batteries

HARMONY Personal Massage Gun by MOWVE

With 6 vibration levels, the HARMONY can give you up to 53.3 strokes per second and strongly shake even your deep tissue muscles with no irritating sound.

Whether you are a professional or simply a regular home user, you can easily navigate the digital and touchscreen panel and easily run the massage gun.

Improve your blood flow and eliminate body tension, soreness, or stiffness. Recover much faster from extreme training. This massage gun’s ergonomic design adds to self-application and weighs only 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg).


6 different vibration levels

Low noise

Ergonomic lightweight design

Comes with 4 different massage heads

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

If you’re trying to find a more friendly price choice, this one is probably for you. This percussive massager allows you to change the percussion massage strength from light to extreme, and it comes with four distinct accessory heads to provide super-targeted deep tissue massage relief for your different muscle groups. The only downside to this gadget is that it uses a cord, not batteries, so it’s not extremely portable.


Comes with 4 different heads

Speed dial allows varying intensity

Comes with 9 foot power cord


Exerscribe Brushless Personal Percussion Massage Gun 


This massage gun has six different speed alternatives. The speed can vary between 500 strokes per minute to 2400 strokes per minute. There are three massage heads on deal which enable you to tailor the performance of the massage gun. The 90 rotation of the head makes sure that you can reach every muscle rather quickly.

You can be sure this percussion massage gun will do the long run because of the durable lithium battery which comes along with it. The vibration is on the higher side for this  massage gun which means that you can get a deep massage effect. The pushbutton mechanism guarantees that you will not need to hold the button constantly. All these functions make the massage far more efficient.



6 different speed options

Speed varies between 500 strokes to 2400 strokes per minute

3 massage heads

90 rotation of the head is possible

Knot Hero Massage Gun for Athletes

This massage gun makes its name on its durability. The heavy-duty construction ensures minimal wear and tear. The learning curve is minimal so you can jump right in with this one.

There are 3 different settings readily available.

The battery can last for 4 hours regularly. It has four different heads which ensures that you get the type of massage which you want. This helps you reach the hard to reach muscles. With the help of smooth and ergonomic design, you can quickly use it consistently. The noise output is also on the lower side which allows you to utilize it in any atmosphere.



Durably built

Can last for 4 hours.

Comes with 5 different heads.

3 different modes

Aaaaand if you want some heat…

Homedics HHP-350 Percussion Massager

This percussive massager combines heat therapy and dual rotating heads for very deep tissue, restorative massage relief for aches and pains. Heat increases blood flow and helps to loosen and unwind tight muscle fibers and muscle knots while the percussive massage heads dig into the deep layers of your muscles. This is another that needs to be plugged in, so it may not be best for you if you want to take a trip with your percussion massage gun.