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A Brief Guide To Waist Trimmers

So what is the deal with waist trimmers? Are they a hoax or do they actually benefit your health, fitness, or aesthetic in any way. Here we’ll go over what the benefits of waist trimmers actually are. What you should expect from them and what you shouldn’t. Then we’ll give you some guidance on what waist trimmers to invest in if it something you think you should invest in.


Why don’t we go through what waist trimmers don’t do first, so any hype balloons are popped and we can see clearly what these things are actually supposed to do.

Waist trimmers do not make you burn more fat. When you wear a waist trimmer, you aren’t putting on a piece of equipment that forces your body to burn more calories and therefore burn more fat. That should be made clear. A piece of equipment that simply constricts around your mid-section won’t simply suck fat off your body.


Waist trimmers don’t spot reduce fat from your stomach or midsection. Wearing a waist trimmer won’t cause fat in your stomach and mid-section to disappear in favor of other places on your body. Again physically constricting your body in its mid-section won’t favor calories burned by physical force


So what do they do? 


Waist trimmers can visibly slim your waist by shaping it over time. 

This is different from spot reduction of fat from your mid-section. Wearing a waist trimmer won’t burn fat from your mid-section, but it can physically bring your mid-section inward to reduce your stomach and waist width. So there is a possible aesthetic benefit for achieving that hour glass shape if used properly. 

A huge caveat here though. Everyone’s body has its healthy limits when it comes to aesthetic shaping. Don’t get your head up in the clouds thinking you should crush your ribs in to slim your waist. Sounds ridiculous but there are such people who try comic book level absurdities. 


Waist trimmers worn properly can help reduce cravings

The physical constriction on your body from a waist trimmer can help keep you hunger cravings down from what they normally are. The pressure that is put on your waist and stomach area will generally give a quieting effect to those hunger pangs that tend to come up during the day. This of course is good news if you are looking to trim down your body fat in general.


Now here at Fitness Fahrenheit we always do stress that the true king and queen of trimming body fat, putting on muscle, and mastering your aesthetic are nutrition and exercise. So we can’t help but put a fair warning for any gal who is thinking about investing in a waist trimmer. 

Always keep in mind that good ol fashioned work in the gym and being active in your life is king over any external piece of equipment you might use. And good nutritional habits are your reigning queen for mastering your health, fitness and aesthetic.


Alright now lemme give you a lowdown on the best waist trimmers out there


TNT Pro Series

-When used in conjunction with exercise will increase sweat and thermogenesis

-Wide enough to cover whole abdomen

-Made to prevent slipping from your sweat. Will stay put on your body

-Gives good back support for you during your workouts.

-Adjustable for any size and body type

Sweet Sweat

-Comes with breathable carrying bag and sample gel

-Enhances thermogenic activity and sweat

-Flexible design allows for comfortable fit

-Inner grid lining prevents moisture absorption and slipping


McDavid Waist Trimmer

-Can help improve posture via support to abs and back

-Heats muscles to help increase recovery rate

-Adjustable up to 40 inches


-Adjustable up to 46 inches

-Wide enough to cover stomach area

-Designed to be a comfortable fit so you won’t notice wearing it throughout the day

– Thick enough to produce the heat needed to get results and hold it’s shape

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