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The Definitive Guide to HIIT Interval Training Workouts

HIIT Interval Training Workouts

You might be setting aside exercise due to the heavy demands of your daily life. People usually look at HIIT Interval Training Workouts as time consuming and expensive.

This mindset is the reason for the growing number of obese individuals. It’s also why more and more people are leading sedentary lifestyles these days.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are an effective strategy for losing weight.

The many advantages of this exercise present a chance for you to make a major lifestyle change.

Are you looking for fast results?

HIIT works faster than other workouts in burning fat and melting unwanted pounds.

Additionally, this exercise program also comes in different forms. It makes it more interesting for beginners. While those who have led athletic or active lifestyles in the past dig it too.

Bodybuilders, athletes, strength trainers, mothers, teachers, and old people can enjoy HIIT.

This exercise regimen also is most effective at burning body fats. Pushing your body’s aerobic and anaerobic boundaries maximizes its ability to burn fats. Going beyond your aerobic and anaerobic ability also will improve your endurance. More people than ever are getting conscious about their health today. But, most cite a lack of time to commit to an exercise plan. If you are looking to lose weight or want to live a healthy lifestyle, you can consider HIIT Interval Training Workouts.

This exercise regiment allows you to achieve all that without costly gym visits. Or spending hours at a time exercising.

This guide will educate you on what is HIIT workout, it’s benefits, and the exercises involved with it.

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What is HIIT Workout?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) uses intervals. It stays away from the prolonged, continuous activity.

What is a HIIT workout though?

It’s a workout consisting of rounds of short to moderate duration exercise. It is completed at an intensity higher than the anaerobic threshold. The purpose of this kind of training is to push your body to a greater extent than regular workouts.

Hence, following this routine can bring benefits that include greater fat oxidation.

HIIT is an effective weight loss method as it is useful in burning body fat.

HIIT workouts burn more lipids and less glycogen compared to normal workouts.

Another study disclosed that it influences muscle enzyme activity and exercise performance. The conclusion came from studying subjects after supramaximal HIIT workouts.

Summing up, HIIT is the exercise for you if you want to lose weight. Its benefits extend to sedentary lifestyles and fitness enthusiasts both.

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Why Should You Be Doing HIIT?

HIIT training workouts deliver the best results. Several studies found that it is an effective way of burning excess body fat.

There are also researchers that discovered how HIIT could improve your aerobic capacity. People with heart diseases and other complications found significant benefits with HIIT.

A HIIT workout also demands a couple of minutes to complete it.

A cool thing about HIIT program is that it involves body weight exercises. Which means you can workout anytime, anywhere.

The following are some other benefits associated with HIIT interval training workouts:

  • Burns More Calories – Pushing your body’s anaerobic threshold increases the fat oxidation process. The workout can do this due to its high demand for energy from your body fast. HIIT was also found to continue working burning body fats even after you do the exercise routine. HIIT training workouts cause your body to need more oxygen. It is the cause for the body to continue burning calories even after two hours after an exercise.
  • Boosts Metabolism – Fitness enthusiasts know HIIT for its effective fat burning capability. But few know how it can burn fat during and after doing the exercise routine.

High-intensity interval training workouts burn body fat.

But why?

Because of it’s ability to increase the capacities of fat and carb oxidation in muscle.

Committing to any HIIT training workouts for 16 straight weeks will change your body.

How so?

By increasing your body’s capacities to oxidize fat and carbohydrates. Even if you led a sedentary lifestyle before committing to the workout.

HIIT training workouts can improve metabolism. It is an excellent choice if your time is at a premium.

Keep Lean Muscle

You have learned that HIIT training workouts demand higher caloric burnout. Lean muscle is another benefit for those who commit to the exercise routine.

Want to improve your peak muscle power, or peak power output?

Undergo HIIT workouts once every five days will make that happen fast.

HIIT training workout is a valid program for overweight and obese people to gain muscle size too.

Heart Health

HIIT training workouts also benefit people with heart conditions. It also helps those prone to developing such diseases.

The popular workout helps control the development of hypertension better than typical workouts.

While giving patients with heart disease improved pump capacity of their myocardium.

Workout Diversity

HIIT training workouts also enables you to explore any exercise. Many of the exercise programs out there only rock out a single type of regiment.

Talk about boring!

The daily repetition of the same exercise once to three times a week may bore you fast.

The 4-by-4 from Norway is one example of this exercise program. This HIIT workout includes a warmup followed by four-minute intervals of various exercises.

Each of these come with a three-second recovery period. Finish the 4-by-4 workout with a cool-down.

The 10-by-1 workout program follows the same idea behind the 4-by-4 from Norway. But instead has ten one-minute bursts of exercise followed by a minute of recovery.

The Seven-Minute Workout, CrossFit and Orangetheory are other forms of this workout routine. HIIT workouts differ, but all offer the same benefits.

Improves Oxygen Consumption

High-intensity interval training workouts are an effective fat burner workout.


Its pushes your body past its normal aerobic and anaerobic threshold.

HIIT is also useful in improving your endurance during any physical activity.

High-intensity training also improves your body’s cardiovascular function and aerobic capacity. HIIT increases cardiac maximal mitochondrial respiratory capacity.

Practicing HIIT workouts improves the delivery of oxygen to your muscles. This gives them lesser chances of cardiovascular strain.

Diversity is the Name of the Game for HIIT

Diversity is the main selling point for those who do not want a repetitive exercise program.

This kind of workout routine includes various types of workouts. All designed to push your body beyond its aerobic and anaerobic threshold.

You can either use gym equipment to do HIIT training workouts or your body weight.

HIIT could also help in improving mood and memory among women.

What exercises should you tackle first?

I like twisted mountain climbers, frog legs, high knee up, arm sprints, and tuck jump burpees.

Complete each for 20 seconds each and rest 40 seconds of rest between each.

There are also HIIT workouts for beginners.

Many shy from this kind of exercise because it seems too hard.

It is especially true for those who have led sedentary lifestyles in the past. As well as those who are dealing with diseases or abnormalities.

There are various ways to begin their HIIT journey.

This kind of exercise uses your body weight.

Jumping jacks, pull-ups, burpees, pushups, plank and mountain climbers are all worth considering.

Runners can also enjoy HIIT training workouts. Its effective in increasing endurance and the body’s aerobic capacity.

Many trainers recommend a five-stage program for runners who opt to do a HIIT workout. This program works the heart, the lungs, the legs, the core, and the legs again. Include planks, jump squats, sprints, and warmups in a HIIT program for runners.

Planks, jumping ropes, squats, sprints, and push ups are all excellent HIIT workouts.

HIIT Interval Training Workouts – Summary

I recommend you consider high-intensity interval training regardless of your current physical level.

Studies have proven its effectiveness in burning body fat.

HIIT’s demand on your strength and aerobic capabilities is the catalyst that makes it happen.

The training also is effective in improving endurance. This benefit makes it ideal for everyone to practice.

HIIT training workouts also demand fewer resources. First, you don’t need to spend an hour or more to do it. A couple of minutes can do more compared to traditional workouts.

Second, you do not need to invest in equipment to commit to this workout. Body weight is enough for you to do HIIT workouts.

These include jumping jacks, jumping ropes, burpees, pushups, mountain climbs, and sprints.

All are exercises that pushes your body beyond its aerobic and anaerobic threshold.

The simplicity of the workout also makes it ideal for anyone.

If you are looking to lose weight, high-intensity interval training is a great choice.

HIIT melts fat fast.

Committing to HIIT can help you achieve your body goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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