How Can I Get A Great Butt? – How To Use An Abductor Machine

We’re all looking for that great physique, yet it can sometimes be very difficult to target certain muscles, especially the larger ones.

Famously, the chest and glutes are very hard to get larger and more toned. If you are targeting these areas, it will be important to use the right exercises and equipment.

Therefore, the abductor machine is perfect. This is a sit-down exercise that will really kill your glutes. But what if you’ve been using one for a while and have yet to see any results? The chances are that you are not using this piece of equipment properly.

So how can you get a great butt and toned legs from your abductor machine? How can you use this equipment effectively? Well, we have a complete guide to this machine, what it does to your body, and the best way you can use it.

What Is An Abductor Machine?

This machine is a sit-down one that trains a few muscles in the legs alone. You must sit in the seat and grab the handles either to the side or beneath your legs.

This machine is meant to mimic movements that you would do in real life, rather than athletic movements, which are only really used by people who are playing competitive sports regularly. Here are some of the muscles that this machine engages:

  • Sartorius – this is the longest muscle in the human body, situated in the thigh between the knee and the hip joint.
  • Gluteus Medius – this is the muscle in the hip joint, and it helps with general hip movement.
  • Tensor Fasciae Latae – this muscle is located on the outer leg and works with the Gluteus Maximus aka the butt muscle.

There is another secondary muscle that is engaged when you use this machine, however, these are the main muscles that are engaged.

How To Use An Abductor Machine Properly

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the abductor machine properly:

  1. Sit in the seat and place your back firmly against the rest. Make sure that your back does curve throughout the movement.
  2. Make sure your knees are right up against the knee rests and your feet are planted firmly against the footrests.
  3. Pull the lever to bring the machine to the starting position.
  4. Set the weight to a manageable level. Once you are feeling some resistance from the knee rests, push outwards. Squeeze your glutes as you push.
  5. You should feel the burn when you are on your 6th rep. If you are not feeling the strain on your muscles at this point, then you should increase your weight.
  6. 6.  Make sure that you are maintaining proper form during your exercises, and that you are performing the full range of motion.
  7. Engage with your glute towards the end of the movement. Lots of people make the mistake of relaxing their glutes as they come back to the starting position, but you should keep the glute active throughout the movement.

If you follow this step-by-step, then you should notice some improvements in your exercises.

What Should I Avoid Doing On The Abductor?

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the best out of your abductor machine workout:

  • Avoid using the machine until the end of your workout – this is a machine for isolating certain muscles, but you should make sure that you are working the whole leg. This machine should be considered more of a top-up, honing certain weaknesses in the muscle.
  • Keep your upper body still – the point of this machine is to work your lower body, so keep the upper portion as still as possible. If you exert your upper body too much, then you’ll find yourself straining muscles that shouldn’t be strained. Your lower leg muscles also won’t be engaged properly.
  • Keep the sets manageable – one common mistake that people make with most exercise machines is that they go way beyond their capabilities. This will result in poor form and underdeveloped muscles.

How Many Reps Should I Do On The Abductor?

When you are working on the abductor, you should set the weight to manageable levels. We would recommend that you set the weight so that you aren’t losing your form or struggling to reach the upper limit of your set.

You should be able to do 8-12 reps comfortably. You should start by doing about 3 reps and then increasing this number as you get more proficient at doing the exercise.

You should track your progress as you continue to do your exercises as the weeks go by. Tracking your progress is the only way of knowing if you are improving or not.

If you are seeing progress after a few weeks, then this is great. However, if you are struggling to get beyond a certain number of reps, then you should modify your exercise routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Nice Butt From An Abductor Machine?

A: You can, but you should know that all the muscles in your leg work in conjunction with each other, so make sure that you are working them all at the same time.

The abductor machine is great for isolating the muscles, helping you develop any weaknesses that you might have.

What Other Leg Machines Can I Use At The Gym?

The adductor machine is used for training muscles on the inside of the thighs. These muscles are called the longus magnus, which is on the inside of the hip, and the brevis, which is the shorter muscle that is found on the inside of the lower leg.


When you are working out any part of your body, it is important that you maintain the proper form, even when you are using a machine.

The key things to remember when you are working out on the abductor are to keep your back against the rest and not to move the upper portion of your body.

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