The 13 Must Have Items For Your Home Gym

I like to believe that there is always a way to fit exercise into your life. Working out from home can often seem like its not practical if you are are looking for a more vigorous workout. I mean if you’re going to do more than just calisthenics you are going to need expensive equipment right?


You really can get the more hardcore workout with just a relatively small investment. Here I want to give to you some of the very affordable options you can invest in  if you’re looking to get your sweat on at home.

What you invest in is of course dependent on what type of fitness regiment you’re into. I’ll try and give you the options you’re looking for no matter what your angle.



A compact treadmill is a great investment that allows you to get your sweat on in your own living space. The XTERRA folding treadmill is something you can manage to squeeze into any living space. Even if you’re currently shacked up in a pretty small apartment.

-Speed range from 0.5 to 10mph

-Large 16″ x 50″ walking/running surface

-XTRA Soft Cushion throughout deck maximizes impact absorption making your run a smooth one

-Pulse handles monitor heart rate in real time

-Fold up design makes it easy to store when not in us


The Bowflex adjustable dumbbell series are one of my personal favorites. They have gotten a good amount of hype and I think they live up to it. With these you essentially get 15 set of dumbbells in one. Hit bis, tris, delts, back, and chest in just about every which way you want. If you need heaver weights you can get the 1090s which are adjustable up to 100 pounds.

-Adjustable from 5 to 52.5 pounds. 2.5 pound increments from 5 to 25.

-Save tons of space by essentially having 15 sets of dumbbells only take up the space of only 2.

-Get a full range of exercises in all the weight ranges you need


Resistance bands are a great no excuse addition to your home gym arsenal because they offer so many different options for getting a great workout. You really can actually hit bis, tris, quads, glutes, delts, and back just with resistance bands. Be sure you know what the heck you’re doing, and be sure you get a set that is high quality. I suggest Black Mountain Resistance Band set. It comes with a door anchor, carry bag, starter guide, and ankle strap.


BOSU balls are all about bringing a kind of uncertainty into your workout. It’s a good kind of uncertainty because its all about forcing your body to balance itself on an unstable surface. BOSU balls are a good no excuse addition to your repertoire because they tend to kinda spice up your workout and keep it from getting boring.


Jump rope is in my opinion an underrated way to get your fat burn on. I think many common folk kinda skip over it for whatever reason. It’s always been known as a staple in the fitness regimes of combat sport athletes because it enhances timing, rhythm, balance, and coordination. You should consider having a jump rope in your repertoire no matter what type of fitness regime you have. You can really spice any number of workouts by throwing some jump rope in the mix.

I suggest the adjustable Survival and Cross Jump Rope.


You should be aware that recovery is just as important as your workout. Here at Fitness Fahrenheit we stress the importance of recovery just as much as we stress exercise and nutrition. Using a foam can help alleviate muscle soreness. Massaging the muscles with foam rolling helps bring in more blood and oxygen, aiding the natural healing process.


Kettlebells I think exploded as a fitness trend around the turn of the century. I think it was partly because of its diverse use. You can use kettlebells in so many ways to slay your bodyfat and build muscle. But I think another reason was the rise of crossfit. Crossfitters tend to use the kettlebells in every which way. Either way the kettlebell trend I think is a good thing and I don’t think it’s going away. I strongly suggest you get one because they can be of use to just about anyone, no matter their health and fitness goals.


These resistance bands can be used for a bunch of different exercises that enhance agility, speed, and explosiveness. The diverse amount of exercises made available by the Sunsign Resistance Bands are a great way to keep your workouts spicy and fun. If you find yourself getting bored from doing the same workouts all the time consider investing in these. This is also for the sports enthusiast who looks to enhance their performance. Whether combat sports, basketball, volleyball, or football.


The perfect pushup is a solid investment for you because it allows you to hit the pec muscles from different angles. We have spoken at length on the importance of avoiding becoming acclimated when training your chest and the perfect pushup helps you do that. The more angles you hit your muscle groups from the better.


Don’t forget working on your pullups! Lots of people skip the pullup bar because they find it intimidating or they can’t do one. If you are unable to do pullups you can use pullup assistance bands to help get you there. 

Pullups in my opinion don’t get the love that pushups do because they tend to be harder but I always say they go hand in hand. A good upper body needs both. Get it done!


Another handy way to spice up those upper body workouts that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the pushdown bar. It’s hard to find a gym with any of these anymore but they are a great way to kill it along with a hardcore upper body routine. Like I said the more angles you can hit your muscle groups from the better. Lots of different exercises available from this one.


I think the Body Boss Home Gym does deliver as its advertised. When it hit the market it made a pretty big splash in the fitness blogosphere. That’s because it claims to be an all in one gym that you can carry around in roughly the size of a laptop bag. That claim I think is upheld. This thing allows you to do dozens upon dozens of different exercises that hit every muscle group you have. Definitely worth the investment.


If you’re killin’ at home you should be blasting your own soundtrack to full capacity. These bluetooth speakers I think are the best deal for killin’ it if you really want to feel thunderstruck, or if you are putting on the serene tranquil sounds for your meditation or stretching. If you live in an apartment you can also invest in some sound foam so you don’t piss of your neighbors.

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