Top 5 Keto Friendly Protein Bars


Everyone likes to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time. Although it is possible to lose fat quickly while on a Keto diet, have you ever thought of the bulges which you accumulated while training for extended hours? In fact, the keto-friendly protein bars will help you a lot in maintaining a high protein intake and keeping the carb count minimum too. Here, we are mentioning those keto friendly protein bars which provide you with proteins sans the side effect of saturated and unsaturated fats plus carbs. We have tested out several items out there and found out the best ones for your personal requirements.


What to Look For In a Protein Bar?

 Protein bars can prove to be a nutritious and healthy snack in case you know what to search for on the product’s label. If you are searching a protein bar with the purpose of losing weight, go for one which is full of fiber. If you like to get lots of energy and vitality, then go for a protein bar which is full of healthy carbohydrates. Try to go for one having approximately 20 g. For snack items, ensure that the bar does not have more than 200 cal and a minimum of 4 g of fiber. Below, we have mentioned the factors pointwise which you must remember while purchasing a protein bar.

  •   Has a minimum of 10 g of protein
  •   Does not contain more than 15 g of sugar
  •   Consists of less than 4 g of fat (must not contain any trans-fat)
  •   Does not contain more than 300 cal


 Stoka Bars

These are keto-friendly and are meant to offer something which is absent in the majority of the similar products in the market which happens to be actually the crunchy texture. They do not have lots of ingredients and do not contain any

additive as well. They are known to use only stevia plus erythritol with the purpose of sweetening them.

They look like a granola bar out there and are available in a couple of mouthwatering flavors, namely, cocoa almond and vanilla almond. This helps them to stay ahead in the competition in the long run. Having a weight of just 1.9 ounces, these are not that massive protein bars and yet, they provide a fantastic macronutrient value plus 290 cal as well. Therefore, they can easily replace your meal whatsoever.


The benefits:

  •   Fantastic taste
  •   Top-quality ingredients
  •   Appropriate macronutrient profile
  •   More like a keto dessert or snack instead of a protein supplement


Keto Crave Bars

These products happen to be extremely well-balanced protein bars when it comes to carbohydrates. These are intended for those we have just started a keto diet given that you will never become repelled by these bars at any cost. One significant aspect regarding Keto Crave bars is that the fats have been bolstered by genuine MCT oil that has been derived from coconut. These types of oils will be converted by your system into energy immediately, and therefore the protein bar mentioned here is going to be appropriate for you workouts too.


When it comes to the nutritional profile, we can break them into protein (9 g), fat (16 g), and carbohydrates (13 g). These protein bars have been flavored using chicory root which is a rather low GI sugar. Although it is a beneficial aspect, according to many users it might leave an aftertaste which is usually somewhat bitter. Not that unpleasant by any mean, you must make it a point to try it out at some time or the other. It is keto-friendly and will not disappoint you in the long run.


The benefits:

  •   Remarkable taste
  •   Very high-quality ingredients without preservatives
  •   Appropriate macros for keto bars
  •   Happens to be some of the more ketogenic protein bars on the market

InstaKetones Protein Bars

 This particular protein bar is a fantastic addition to the protein bar industry at present. It focuses more on offering a quick burst of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) for the users out there. Apart from this, it likewise provides 15 g of protein along with it. One more interesting benefit of this bar happens to be its amazing orange flavor. Although most of the supplements on the market come with delicious vanilla or chocolate never, this one is unique in its own rights.


This offers 14 g of fiber every 2-ounce pack. It is fantastic for digestion and the fiber provided by it will be useful for healing our stomach problems. The product’s macronutrient profile can be broken down into protein (15 g), fat (8 g), as well as carbohydrates (18 g). These are actually meant for those who work out on a regular basis and the fat provided by these will be converted to ketones in no time at all. This will offer you an astounding burst of vitality and it offers 2 times more protein in contrast to its former versions.


The benefits:

  •   Offers a fantastic orange flavor
  •   Ingredients are of top-quality
  •   Appropriate macronutrient profile
  •   Fantastic product for athletes and sportsmen


Nature’s Plus KETOslim Bars

 This protein bar consists of a fair amount of nutrition within a compact-sized chocolate bar. Being coated with chocolate, these are rather heavy at 2.1 ounces and resemble the conventional protein bars out there. They come with plenty of ingredients which can be either healthy or harmful. However, the good thing is that they consist of a plethora of healthy stuff which is packed with extracts from quite a few plants, useful bacteria, a mix of minerals and vitamins as well as a


fantastic digestive enzyme mix. In this way, you will get plenty of nutrition in just one single bar!


The negative aspect with this product is the fact that they are covered with chocolate which has been sweetened by using maltitol that can raise our blood sugar levels significantly. We can break the macronutrient profile of this bar as fat (8 g), protein (21 g), and carbohydrates (22 g).


The benefits:

  •   A genuine protein bar flavor
  •   Lots of ingredients
  •   Appropriate macronutrient profile
  •   A sweetened and somewhat bulky protein bar


Atlas Bar

 One can consider the Atlas bars to be any standard keto protein bar out there. There are not many ingredients and most of them are natural and organic as well. Moreover, the product makes use of a grass-fed whey protein while the macros happen to be sublime. They consist of coconut oil and also employ stevia plus erythritol for making the object sweet. In general, no artificial ingredient is used with this product whatsoever.


Having a weight of 2 ounces, this protein bar is rather hefty and will offer a proper and sustained boost of vitality in the form of a mouthwatering and nutritious snack out there. One can break the macros into protein (16 g), fats (12 g), as well as carbohydrates (22 g). In this way, the distribution of the macros is almost immaculate.


The benefits:

  •   Perfectly sweet because of natural ingredients
  •   Fantastic ingredients which are mostly organic
  •   Flawless macronutrient profile
  •   Packed with fiber, protein, and fat.



  1. How frequently should you consume protein bars?


In case you are exercising on a regular basis and making use of a protein bar for revitalizing your system following a strenuous workout, it will provide you with a quick boost of energy that you need. Following the work session, in case you like to get a quick boost of protein for your muscles before getting exhausted, you can resume a protein bar as well.


  1. Should you consume protein bars before or following a workout session?


Protein bars are useful for pre as well as post-workout sessions and they will provide you with the required energy to go on exercising. You can also use them at times in case you would like them to replace your meal.


  1. Can protein bars increase your weight?


You will experience a significant weight gain in case you end up consuming lots of protein bars rather than only a few. Although the label might read “protein”, the stuff contains other things such as unhealthy fats, sugars, and carbs too.




As we have seen in this article, there are plenty of keto friendly protein bars available on the market at present. It is a matter of debate which one is the best out there, and it is entirely up to you to decide for your own sake. Just bear in mind that most of them come with plenty of ingredients which can lead to weight gain in case you consume them in large quantities. Therefore, it would be a sensible idea to look at the list of ingredients carefully before purchasing these materials. Obviously, protein bars provide you with lots of benefits which can easily override the drawback of weight gain.


Let us hope that after going through these above-mentioned products you will not find it difficult to find the appropriate one for your personal requirements. However, make sure to look at the online reviews which will provide you with a better idea when it comes to the benefits offered by each of these products.



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