15 Ways To Lose Weight Faster

Losing weight is tough. Everybody knows that.

The bulk of it is about consistency and self-discipline.

You probably heard that a gazillion times.

If you’re serious about it though and you’ve got a good basis, you might be wondering if there are ways to accelerate your process.

There are ways indeed.

That’s what we’ll go over in this article.

A caveat though.

These tricks and tips are only for the person who has an overall solid nutrtional and fitness foundation.

Do not bother with incorporating these tips/hacks if you don’t have the foundation down right.

That said lets dive in…



Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting allows just a small feeding window before and after which you don’t consume anything. The concept is that the practice would require your body to survive on body fat storage for fuel throughout the fasting window, enhance insulin sensitivity, and allow you to eat more varied foods throughout your feeding window.

== > We have a an ultimate guide to intermittent fasting here if you need to understand how to do it from A to Z

You might not want to do this all the time since its long-lasting effects on hormones, particularly in women, are rather dubious at this moment. However, for a period of one or two weeks, it can speed things along.



Cut Out Alcohol

Aight I know this will probably get lots of folk fired up. But yeah had to say it. Hittin’ the bottle tends to be a deceptive way that fat can stick to your body. If you’re serious about speeding up your fast loss, you should consider ditching it. Want to keep your preferred meals from going straight to your hips (thighs, tummy)? Wash them down with water, not white wine. Alcohol slows your metabolic process by depressing the central nerve system.



Try Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is when you eat your target carbs on training days and roughly 50 percent of your typical carbohydrate intake on non-training or light cardio days. This technique helps blunt fat storage on days of rest and restores muscle glycogen in a supercompensated style. It likewise fights the metabolic crash connected with conventional low-calorie diet plans and keeps a strong satiety signal throughout the body.


If you find yourself at a loss for what to consume on training days, whey protein is a fantastic method to keep up with your protein macros. The fiber will likewise keep you complete, reducing the probability you’ll binge on empty carb-loaded calories when a yearning strikes. Choose a whey that’s low in carbohydrates on your training days, and reserve the mass-gainer protein for days when you want to carb load.



Get Ahold Of Your Sugar Cravings

Consuming sweet foods might be satisfying in the moment, but they can increase your yearnings for more sweet foods in the future. We all know that those sugar cravings tend to compound themselves. Consider some hacks to satisfy your sweet tooth without ODing on sugar. When you’re baking, cut out some of the sugar in recipes by including vanilla extract or cinnamon, mix unsweetened cocoa powder into a healthy smoothie instead of honey, cover your French toast with unsweetened frozen fruit instead of syrup, and nibble a slab of watermelon instead of cookies.


Be Sure To Eat A Good Amount Of Protein For Breakfast

Protein helps regulate appetite hormones to help people feel full. This is primarily due to a reduction in the cravings hormone ghrelin and an increase in the satiety hormonal agents peptide YY, GLP-1, and cholecystokinin.

Good options for a high-protein breakfast include eggs, oats, nut and seed butters, quinoa porridge, sardines, and chia seed pudding.

Or you can just whip together a great protein smoothie for breakfast.



Do Dropsets

Dropsets can also be an efficient way to turn up your metabolic furnace. To carry out a dropset, you simply carry out a workout at a one weight until failure, then immediately drop the weight and bang out more reps until failure.


Continue this pattern until your muscles yell in pain. When included properly, dropsets will tear into your muscle glycogen, which will then create a greater post-exercise metabolic response from the intensity and spark the need to restore your body’s sapped glycogen.


If you’re going pretty hardcore with drop sets beware of what your carbs are like that day though. This kind of workout tends to separate men from boys and women from girls. If you’re totally depleted on carbs and going hard like this you can induce muscle cramps. So just be mindful of that.


Indulge In Green Tea

Green tea isn’t known just for its cancer-fighting benefits: It helps boost your metabolism too. Green tea consists of catechins, which increase levels of the metabolism-speeding brain chemical norepinephrine.

== > Find out more benefits of green tea here


Prep Your Meals Before Hand

The less you stress about eating, the much better are your possibilities to stick with your eating strategy and avoid making decisions that could set you back. After all, it just takes one giant binge to completely remove a week’s worth of effort, so make every bite count.


Simply take one day of the week– say, Sunday– and invest the day in the kitchen, preparing and portioning out all your food amongst towers of Tupperware. While your family and friends might dawg on you for it, hey you know the deal. The results will speak for themselves!


Supplement With L-Carnitine

L-carnitine might just be one of the most popular weight loss supplements around. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket when it comes to supplementation. Thinking that taking a pill or some powder is going to do the bulk of the work for you is a recipe for disaster.

That said, L-Carnitine can be a wise investment if used properly.

== > For more info check out our guide on how to use it.

When coupled with workout, carnitine supplementation can enhance activity of the beta-oxidation path. Basically, you could be increasing the body’s fat-burning potential.


Perform Compound Supersets

Many people default to a full-body exercise program with intense compound exercises to make their workout more efficient. Why not include compound supersets?


If you combine say the squat and the bench press together back to back, you end up recruiting a ton of muscle fibers in a short time period. This makes the workout that much more of a calorie burner. As a bonus such a tough workout will up your metabolism after the workout as well.


Get Your Omegas In Order.

Utilizing fish oil supplements isn’t only for weight-loss. Studies have shown the benefits of omega fatty acid supplements totally apart from any aesthetic goal you’re trying to achieve.

CLA is not only useful for minimizing body fat, it’s also vital for boosting your overall health.

Keep in mind, despite the fact that weight loss might be your primary short-term goal, health optimization should be a primary goal at all times.


Grub On Some Avocado

If you ever needed a reason to eat more avocados, this is it. People tend to stay away from healthy fats when they’re trying to slim down, but they may just be the solution. Adding some avocado to your lunch will help fill you up enough that you won’t be mindlessly chomping on unhealthy food later on. The nutritional content of avocados tends to increase feelings of satiety.



Invest In Balancing Your Gut Bacteria

This one might sound kinda scary or weird.

But it’s actually a tip worth looking into.

Probiotics are in a nutshell the bacteria in your gut that are supposed to be there. They help maintain overall digestive health.

== > We have a guide on probiotics here if you want to look into it more

One emerging area of research is concentrating on the role of germs in the gut on weight management.

The human gut hosts a vast number and variety of microbes, including around 37 trillion bacteria.

Every individual has different varieties and amounts of bacteria in their gut. Some types can increase the amount of energy that the person harvests from food, resulting in fat deposition and weight gain.

Some foods can increase the number of good germs in the gut…

A variety of plants: Increasing the number of fruits, veggies, and grains in the diet will result in an increased fiber uptake and a more diverse set of gut germs. People need to attempt to ensure that vegetables and other plant-based foods consist of 75 percent of their meal.

Fermented foods: These improve the function of excellent germs while inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria. Sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, yogurt, tempeh, and miso all include great amounts of probiotics, which help to increase great bacteria. Researchers have studied kimchi commonly, and study results recommend that it has anti-obesity effects. Similarly, studies have revealed that kefir may help to promote weight loss in obese women.

Prebiotic foods: These stimulate the growth and activity of some of the excellent bacteria that aid weight control. Prebiotic fiber occurs in lots of vegetables and fruits, especially chicory root, artichoke, onion, garlic, asparagus, leeks, banana, and avocado. It is also in grains, such as oats and barley.




Cut Out The Starch

For more info check out our guide on how to use it.Find out more benefits of green tea hereCarb insane? Consider this: Refined carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes and rice, produce a surge in insulin that in turn drives down your resting metabolic rate. It’s crucial to keep carbohydrates in your diet, but really focus on fruits, veggies and whole grains, which have less of an effect on insulin levels. And when buying whole-grain breads and cereals, make sure the first ingredient noted is whole wheat.


Spicy Is Good

If you like the kick of spicy food, try this: include a few hot peppers, like Jalapeño or cayenne, to your lunchtime salad or night stir-fry. It’ll momentarily increase your resting metabolic rate, thanks to the capsaicin found in peppers. Capsaicin is a substance that informs your body to release more adrenaline and that, in turn, speeds up your metabolic process.


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