How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Whether you are a busy or lazy person, you can still lose weight without exercise. Naturally being proactive, feeling great, and losing weight takes energy and time. With a family and full-time job, these things can quickly go on the backburner. Some of you may wake up while its still dark and won’t get home from work/errands until its dark. When someone points the finger at you and says, “You can always make time for the gym”, or something like that…I know…you wanna punch them in the face. How on earth are you going to actually have the viable energy to work up THAT kind of sweat?

You may have come across the saying that abs are produced in the kitchen and not in the gym, and there some truth in that. Muffins tops and love handles are created in the kitchen. To put it simply, the kitchen can be the good guy or the bad guy. It really all depends on you. Lets see why.

First Some Real Talk

There is a caveat to some of the things that you will read in this article. None of them can help you lose weight overnight. They are simple things that you ought to do every day. I don’t believe in silver bullets or magic pills. You shouldn’t come into this thinking that simply taking a weight loss pill will solve your problems. I am not in principle against weight loss pills, but they need to be used appropriately. That is, they are supplements, not the main course.

Watch the Carbs

If this is the first thing on your fitness schedule, then consider yourself a success. Carbs are delicious. They are tempting too. Carbs can break or make your body shape. When you are working out and burning calories, carbs can be your best friend. When all you are doing is to sit in front of a computer and pick your children from school, then carbs can work against you.

There is a lot of misconception around carbs. Many people think that carbs are only found in rice, bread, and pasta, and they are right. But carbs can also be found in vegetables.

Does that mean we should not eat vegetables? You have an answer to that question already. Vegetables are good for your health. This is because they have the right carbs.

Vegetable Variety

You need to keep watch of the so-called white carbs and not the vegetables. If the white carbs are not burned entirely off, they are converted to glycogen which your body uses to make fat which can cause weight gain. If you stop eating these carbs, then you prevent your body from producing these nasty fats. If you want to know the effects of carbs in your body, then you need to perform a carb detox. You will be surprised to know that you can lose weight by changing a few things.

Eat More Protein

Now that you have reduced your carb consumption, you can replace your lost energy with an alternative source. Say hello to your newly found friend Mr.Protein.

Protein is an excellent source of energy that people have relied on for many years. Our caveman ancestors did not bake cakes or bread. They never got weary because the proteins consumed gave them clean energy to perform their chores. When we feel tired, we rush to take sugary foods because our brains convince us that we need to boost our energy. The problem is that we get dirty energy instead of the clean energy that our ancestors had. It is temporary energy, and you will crash afterward.

Switching your body to clean energy means that you can remain energized all day long without the grogginess that comes after lunch. Another significant advantage of eating a good amount of protein is that they enhance your muscle growth. Building muscles help to burn the excess fat in your body.

Start Fasting

That sounds shocking to some of us who love eating. Many people take this concept too far. Instead of having a practical way to fast, they engage in crash dieting. Crash dieting is something you should pretty much always avoid. It’s really a consistent overall change in your eating patterns that you should be shooting for. Not just nose diving into starvation.

Introducing intermittent fasting and its advantages. Intermittent fasting is a weight loss without exercise solution that works. Intermittent fasting means that you restrict yourself to eating within a small time window in the day. Instead of having 3-4 meals spread throughout the day. You eat 2 large meals within a small time window. Usually it’s a 4-6 hour window in the mid afternoon to early evening time frame.

There are several benefits of intermittent fasting:

-It reduces insulin levels

-Increases human growth hormone

-Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in your body.

Intermittent fasting requires some training. I have eaten multiple meals on a daily basis and changing things up overnight may not be the natural thing for me to do.

Eat More Vegetables

You can eat a lot of food as long as it is good food. You will be amazed to know that there are several excellent meals that you can take with vegetables alone. I know my vegan friends are now celebrating out there. However, you need to look on various ways that can help you introduce vegetables to your diet. Oh yes, you can get a lot of flavors with vegetables.

Drink More Water

This actually can be one of the harder guidelines to follow. You may not realize how many extra calories you’re getting from drinking juices, sodas, coffee etc. Several tips and tricks can help you drink enough water. You need to carry water always on your bottle when going to the office or field work (if you’re wanting water with more benefits, check out our guide to “Diet Water”).

Final Thoughts

Losing weight begins with the food you eat, if you can control it and treat your body like a beautiful temple, then you will start to see the results. Always keep in mind that any plan to lose weight and get healthy takes consistency. Take it one day at a time and build up that good ol’ self-discipline. Now get out there and slay those dragons!

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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

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