10 Must-Have Items For The Pilates Nut

The great thing about Pilates is not just all the results it gives you but how accessible it is. Pilates has become a favorite for women because it helps shape the body in all the ways that women love. It gives you toned, lean, feminine, muscle and can also aid you in losing body fat. In addition, it can be done just about anywhere, so it leaves no excuses, something we harp on like crazy here at Fitness Fahrenheit. 

That said, there are some items you ought to consider for your home gym setup if you are one of those ladies who is just an all-out Pilates knucklehead. And hey…I mean that in a good way!

Eco-Friendly Yoga/Pilates Mat

No Pilates equipment nut is complete without a good mat. The best kind you can get is created to be very comfortable and extra thick. I recommend the TPE Eco-Friendly Yoga/Pilates Mat, but there are many out there that should suit you just right.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

You ought to be pushing yourself hard when you’re doing your Pilates or yoga. So sweat is of the essence. But you can save time if you have some DIY yoga mat cleaner, so you don’t have to worry about washing it with your laundry and whatnot. 

Aeromat Deluxe Pilates Ring

Bring on the burn anywhere with this portable Pilates ring. You’ll have the ability to work any muscle group, even while you’re on the go.

Power Systems Portable Pilates Reform Bar

Don’t consume floor space in your home with large workout equipment when you can attain the very same good stuff from light-weight pilates equipment. This portable reform bar can be lugged with you in a gym bag or while taking a trip, so you’ll have no excuses for not exercising.

The Firm Pilates Band

Ditch the large weights and make basic resistance bands your new workout good friend. With this exercise band, you can alter your resistance level by changing the positioning of your hands. Prepare to flaunt those shaped legs, arms, and abs.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

For any fitness junkie of any kind, excellent acoustics is a must. Keep your mind and emotions right during your pilates experience by getting yourself an excellent Bluetooth speaker you can take just about anywhere.

Stott Pilates Toning Balls

Portable and lightweight, Pilates toning balls are perfect for developing long, lean muscles without the bulk. This piece of pilates equipment is offered in a variety of colors for whatever exercise design you’re in the mood for.

Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Rejuvenate those exhausted muscles after an exercise with a deep tissue massage, right in the comfort of your own home (and for less cash too!). Foam rollers use simply the correct amount of pressure to muscle groups, easing the discomfort and inflammation from your workout. Foam rolling has become somewhat of a trend in recent years, and it’s for a good reason. It’s worth the time and effort if it aids your recovery and aids you in injury prevention too.

Pilates Springboard

Getting the resistance you need to attain those outcomes became more straightforward with this Pilates springboard. This pilates equipment is worth investing in because it’s mounts easily to your wall and dramatically enhances your ability to push yourself to new limits in your Pilates routine. 

Stamina AeroPilates Premier Stand with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder

Bring out your inner Pilates nut with this easy-to-use Pilates equipment. It’s perfect for someone who wants to try new poses, and you’ll be able to quench your thirst for Pilates while minimizing the impact on your joints other workouts could have.

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