NordicTrack C700: One of the best treadmill deals out there

The importance of investing in your health cannot be emphasized well enough. Your health is your most important resource. When you are sick, everything comes to a standstill. No one should wait till you get sick to pay respect to their own health. Ensuring a solid health is an interplay between two factors, nutrition and exercise. Even though there are stipulated occupational and safety practices during workplace, whether or not they are enough is not the work of your employer. You have yourself to blame should your body fitness slip out of hand. Should you be mindful of your health, we have you covered with one of the best fitness equipment in the market. The Nordic Track C700.

In this article, I’m going to take you through all you sure would like to know about Nordic Track C700 treadmill. The product features and specifications will be covered along with the pros and cons.

Let’s dive right in…

Nordic Track C700 is one of the best treadmills in the market that offers the best value for your money. It is designed with wonderful Flex Select cushioning with 20 built-in workout programs. It bears the iFit Coach technology and comes with a Space Saver design enabling ease of folding and transporting or keeping. It can be used without a monitor or computer unless there is a need to show its programming. In such instances, even a smartphone can be used.

Before we get to the Nordic Track C700 features in details, let’s have a snapshot of its main specifications.

Main specifications

Motor: 2.75 HP Incline: 0 to 10%

Ability to fold: Yes

Dimensions: 78.3″ L x 35.75″ W x 56″ H

Weight Capacity: 300 LBS

Running Area: 20″ x 55″

Highest Speed: 10 MPH

Built-In Programs: 20

What Can The Nordic Track C700 Do?

There are a number of unique features that put Nordic Track C700 ahead from other treadmills. One such feature is its customized iFit. It has a customized iFit workouts and 20 built-in apps that can automatically adjust the incline and speed of the treadmill. It can tilt up to 10% and tops out at 10 mph. These exercises are particularly designed and certified to burn out your calories. If your goal to cut some weight, NordicTrack C 700 offers just that. Trainees using this product also get an unlimited workout personalized for them. This is made possible through the iFit feature of the product.

Another feature with Nordic Track C700 treadmill is its efficient power incline. It has a power incline of 10%. You can regulate it to provide the best experience for efficient burning of calories in the body.

Nordic Track C700 also boasts a flawless storage and transportability. It is easy to fold it for storage or transport it.

Moreover, the cushions of the Nordic Track C700 treadmill can be adjusted. This feature is important in order to customize it based on your taste and preference. It is possible to adjust the cushions until you feel like you are running on the road. This is if you like to have the experience of real world running.

Nordic Track C700 is versatile and offers extended usage. You can use Nordic Track C700 for entertainment. It comes with a port that can be connected to a speaker and MP3 player. This offers a chance to entertain yourself as you do your exercise. The port can also be used to connect with a smartphone.

Also, Nordic Track C700 has an efficient Heart rate Monitor. An all-round treadmill service has never been more enhanced with Nordic Track C700. It has inbuilt heart rate sensors to inform on the best practice.

Nordic Track C700 as well comes with the amazingly powerful motor. It also lasts longer. It bears 2.75 HP DurX units. As if that is not enough for such a powerful motor, it comes with a warranty for a whole 25 years!

It possible to automate the breeze with Nordic Track C700. The faster you speed, the fasted the generated breeze. Although you can do it manually, Nordic Track C700 doesn’t burden you with the need to constantly stop to adjust the breeze. It is automated.


Flawless storage and transport

Automated Breeze

Efficient power incline

Powerful motor

It is versatile

The cushions can be adjusted

Customized iFit exercises.


The unlimited programs are only available on subscription. It needs $ 9.99 every month.

Compared with previous versions, Nordic Track C700 has a somehow shorter track measuring 22” by 55”. The product’s incline is also a little shorter.

Nordic Track C700 is particularly fitted for walkers rather than runners.

Nordic Track C700 does not have a wireless receiver.

Some trainees might find the track to be shorter than what they would prefer.

Bottom Line

From the review, we highly recommend that you consider Nordic Track C700. It offers the best value for your money. Even though it has some downside, you don’t have to focus much with them since every product has its own cons. There is no perfect product and as long as its pros speak louder, the product can offer the best value for your money. So if you are concerned with your body fitness, Nordic Track C700 should be your next big project.

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