Legit Reasons You Should Be Doing Calisthenics And Bodyweight Training

Achieving your fitness goals doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. The truth is you don’t need to get to an actual gym and use expensive equipment to get a great workout. Simple bodyweight training can help you make gains in flexibility, overall health and strength. Best of all, these exercises will not cost you anything and can be done anywhere. Still not convinced? This article presents ten reasons why you should include bodyweight exercises in your workout regimen.

Why is Bodyweight Training So Great?


It’s a Super-efficient Workout

Research shows that high-output, bodyweight exercises such as plyometrics produces impressive gains in fitness within a short duration. Because there is no machine involved, bodyweight exercises are more straightforward to transit from one level to another with ease. There is no doubt that these short-but-intense workouts yield major results.

It Combines both Strength and Cardio Training

Are you short of time but need to hit strength and cardio in one workout? Doing quick cardio workouts between strength exercises will keep your heart pumping while encouraging power and muscle development.

You Can Burn Fat- Fast

Do you want to shed unwanted weight? Doing a few bodyweight exercises a day can improve your body’s metabolism. If you have heard people talk about the afterburn effect, you still understand that even when your workout is over your body will be revved for many hours afterwards.

It Is Challenging At Any Fitness Level

It is very challenging to use your body weight for strength purposes. Adding extra reps, taking short breaks, or doing the exercises at varying speeds are efficient ways of making a simple workout tougher. And with increased modification, your progress is guaranteed.

You Will Gain Core Strength

Your core is more than just your abdominal muscles. There are only about 29 muscles that compose the trunk of your body, and simple bodyweight exercises can be employed to engage them. Such activities will not result in just tight abs but will also help to achieve better posture, improve performance, and relieve lower back stress.

It Increases Your Flexibility

Bodyweight training goes hand-in-hand with flexibility and building strength. Completing bodyweight exercises via a range of motion allows your joints to move with more freedom. Plus, it helps to improve your posture and reduces chances of exercise-related injuries.

There’s never an Excuse to Not Workout

Ask somebody why he or she does not exercise, chances are that “I am busy” or “it is inconvenient.” Luckily bodyweight exercises eliminates all the hindrances in attaining your fitness goals. When you require minimum space, you can squeeze your exercises anywhere. Training without equipment relieves stress whether you are exercising on the road or at home.

You will Achieve Better Balance

With this kind of training, increasing the resistance implies better balance too. For instance, a normal squat can be replaced by a single- leg squat. Such functional movements will improve balance by increasing body awareness and control.

You will Never be Bored

It is easy to be bored by biceps curls, treadmills, bench presses and lat pull-downs. That is why bodyweight exercises are quite refreshing. There are countless bodyweight training variations that you can try to spice up your workout routine. Working with various exercise options relieves boredom, breaks plateau and sparks progress.

Mixing up Your Workout is Easy

Indoor exercise is not meant for everyone. Luckily you can try these bodyweight exercises either outdoors or indoors alone or with your friends. Plan to include strength moves in your next workout or complete a swimming session with bodyweight circuit training to keep exercises interesting.


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