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Top 5 Fish Oil Supplements

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Looking for a review of the top fish oils on the market today?

You might have heard of “fish oil” before and wondered what exactly it was. Well, “fish oil” is a nickname for omega 3. There are three types of omega 3, with DHA and EPA being the most important for humans. Fish are abundant in them, hence the nickname of fish oil. The last omega-3 type named ALA comes from plants.

Fish is the absolute best source for omega-3s. Doctors have recommended that people should find time to add more fish, and therefore fish oil, to their diets but not everyone has the time to cook and eat fish. Other times some people don’t like the taste of fish. Therefore, if you need more omega-3 in your diet fish oil supplements are what you need! In this article we will go over the five best fish oil supplements that are available on the market.

Now you might be wondering why you should take supplements. Aren’t they just some of that herbal medicine that doesn’t work? Here’s the thing, fish oil works. Omega-3 can reduce triglyceride levels in your blood, thus lowering the threat of heart disease and stroke.

Fish Oil Supplements benefits include:

  • Fish oil helps with pain and stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It lowers inflammation in your body.
  • It improves your skin complexion.
  • Fish oil provides benefits to your eyes.
  • It keeps your hair healthy.
  • Fish oil improves memory and recollection.

There are a lot of things that fish oil can help with, but the problem is not every supplement on the market is true to what’s written on the bottle. Many companies will try to overplay the benefits of fish oil or make outlandish claims that it can cure nearly any disease and disorder. And on top of that, these companies might not even include any fish oil in their “all-natural” fish oil.

That’s why this list will provide the top five supplements on the market today!

1) Viva Naturals Fish Oil Supplement

One of the highest-rated supplements on the market, Viva Naturals Supplement was independently tested by Labdoor who gave it the thumbs up!

This supplement provides three times more Omega-3 by concentrating it, which equates to 2,200 mg of omega-3 in each capsule! Unlike other brands, Viva Naturals Fish Oil Supplement’s omega-3 is in triglyceride form, making it absorb faster into your body, and the effects kick in faster. On top of its great benefits, Viva Naturals Supplements is also affordable making it a great bargain!

For those concerned with the environment, Viva Naturals uses wild-caught fish as opposed to farmed fish ensuring it contains zero chemicals or fillers. A variety of sustainability fished fish are used to ensure the quality you expect. Plus, Viva Naturals Supplements ensures that no unwanted or harmful chemicals, like mercury, are present in their product. All-natural, safe, and affordable it’s easy to see why Viva Naturals Fish Oil Supplement makes the number 1 spot.


  • Viva Naturals contains 2,200 mg of fish oil per daily serving.
  • Each serving includes 400 mg of EPA and 480 mg of DHA.
  • Labdoor independently tested and approved Viva Naturals Fish Oil Supplement.
  • The supplement will be absorbed into your body faster because it is utilizing Omega-3 in triglyceride form.
  • All-natural with no chemicals or heavy metals.
  • A variety of fish are wild-caught and used in Viva’s supplement with no farming. The company uses sustainable fishing methods.
  • Viva Naturals Fish Oil Supplement comes in bottles containing 90 or 180 soft gel capsules.

2) HealthWise Omega Fish Oil

It was a close call between HealthWise Omega Fish Oil and Viva Naturals Fish Oil. 

HealthWise Omega Fish Oil offers a 2,000 mg daily dosage of omega 3. HealthWise Omega Fish Oil uses a concentrated, triple-strength formula to ensure the highest quality possible. HealthWise ensures that there are no additives or chemicals in their supplement and that there are no heavy metals either.

At the time of this article being published you can’t get Healthwise on Amazon, only on HealthWise’s homepage. They offer 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund. On top of this, if you buy three bottles or six bottles on their website, you’ll get free shipping.

If there is a negative it’s that their fish are not wild-caught and appeared to be farm-raised. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on the fish farm, extra chemicals or growth hormones might end up in the final product. While HealthWise Omega Fish Oil will ensure that no chemicals or additives or preservatives are present, some buyers may be weary on the product if they don’t know the source, which is why HealthWise Omega Fish Oil is only number two on this list.


  • HealthWise Omega Fish Oil contains 2,000 mg of fish oil per daily serving.
  • It has 800 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA.
  • HealthWise Omega Fish Oil contains no chemicals, preservatives, or heavy metals.
  • Triple-strength formula.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • The manufacturer offers free shipping on purchases of three or six bottles.
  • HealthWise Omega Fish Oil is only sold in bottles containing 60 soft gel capsules.

Draw Backs

  • It offers no guarantee on substantially fished fish.

3) Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

Nordic Naturals is a brand name supplement you can trust.

Having been on the market for years, Nordic Naturals provide one of the best products it can with Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega. Providing 1280 mg of omega-3 in each capsule and using a concentrated formula, Nordic Naturals ranks number three on our list for a simple reason; preservatives and fillers.

Unlike HealthWise and Viva Naturals, Nordic Naturals does use fillers.

While it’s claimed to be all-natural, it’s still a filler, meaning less actual fish oil in your supplement. On the positive side, the capsules are lemon-flavored to provide a pleasant taste for those who are leery on the fishy taste of standard fish oil supplements.



  • Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega contains 1280 mg of fish oil per daily serving.
  • It has 650 mg of EPA and 450 mg of DHA.
  • Third-party tested.
  • Concentrated Formula.
  • Lemon-flavored.
  • Sold in bottles containing 60, 90, 120, and 180 soft gel capsules.

Draw Backs

  • Contains unnecessary additives and preservatives.
  • Substantially fished fish used.

4) Omax3 Ultra-Pure Softgels

Number four on our list is the Omax3 Ultra-Pure Softgels. Quite the mouthful of a name.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Softgels contain only 93.9% omega-3 per capsule with the rest being preservatives and fillers. Each capsule only has 1550 mg of Omega 3. However, their 4:1 EPA-to-DHA ratio is patented and designed with the EPA guidelines in mind. That ratio provides 1125 mg of EPA. The highest on this list!

The fish used in these capsules are from wild-caught fish only using sustainable fishing methods.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Softgels capsules are not vegetarian or vegan safe; however, using bovine gelatin. Users have reported that while the 1125 mg of EPA was helpful, the content was not enough to warrant the price. On top of that, much like Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, fillings and preservatives are used, and the formula is not concentrated. It doesn’t use a pill bottle like other products on the list, which can be either a pro or a con depending on your recycling habits.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Softgels still finds some who swear by it which places it number 4 on the list.


  • Each serving contains 1550 mg of fish oil.
  • It has 1125 mg of EPA and 275 mg of DHA.
  • Omax3 Ultra-Pure Softgels employs sustainable fishing methods.
  • The supplement comes in boxes containing 60 soft gel capsules — no plastic pill bottles.

Draw Backs

  • Is not concentrated.
  • Omax3 Ultra-Pure Softgels is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.
  • Contains unnecessary additives and preservatives.

5) Omega XL

Last on the list is Omega’s XL. In truth, this product only made our list due to the high reviews on Amazon.

Even then, there was plenty of negative reviews and comments. Omega XL uses oil from green-lipped mussels farmed off New Zealand’s coast.

No fish at all.

Omega XL also doesn’t list the omega-3 content, or DHA and EPA. Only 300 mg of “propriety blend.” omega-3 is listed in the ingredients but not the amount. Omega XL does make some rather forceful claims including having 22x more omega-3 than other fish oil brands.

No fishy taste either is guaranteed, and the capsules are smaller than standard fish oil capsules. There were still enough glowing reviews to warrant it showing up as number five on the list.


  • Each serving has 300 mg of “propriety blend.” Omega-3 is included but not listed.
  • Uses farmed mussels off New Zealand’s coast.
  • Small capsule size.
  • No fishy aftertaste.
  • Omega XL  comes in bottles containing 60 soft gel capsules.

Draw Backs

  • Contains unnecessary additives and preservatives.
  • It is not concentrated.


Picking out a supplement can be quite a chore. Not all fish oil supplements are made the same after all, and it’s up to the consumer to do their research to know what they’re getting. So, we hope that this list of the five best supplements can provide a helping hand. Understand that if the brand you’re using isn’t on this list, or is ranked lower, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s terrible.

The fish oils on this list are the ones we consider the “best” from our research. Fish oil cannot cure diseases; instead, it should be used as a supplement to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.



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