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Best 5 Olympic Weight Benches

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Choosing the right Olympic weight bench should not be a hassle because this article will provide a list of top-rated Olympic Weight benches in the market today. After reading this article, you will be able to decide which bench will work best for your needs.

The Best Olympic Weight Benches

A quick glimpse of the 5-best Olympic weight benches:

  1. Competitor Olympic Bench CB-729
  2. Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench MD-879
  3. Xmark International Olympic Weight Bench XM-4424
  4. Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench
  5. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Competitor Olympic Bench CB-729


  • Includes a leg developer
  • Five back pad positions
  • Uses Olympic weight plates
  • Maximum weight: 600 lbs.

Competitor Olympic bench is an impressive weight bench that offers excellent features that you would not expect at its price range. It is a robust and comfortable bench that makes it possible for users to do leg and incline work. It gives you a superb leg work out that works well with your chest and core.


The competitor Olympic bench is constructed rigidly to support tall weight bench presses. It has a total bench length of 67 inches. It comes with a leg extension feature that offers natural and free leg movement. It has a powder coat finish that gives it a sleek stylish look. It also comes with five back pad positions that allow you to select various workout options.

Build Quality

The competitor Olympic bench is constructed from heavy-duty steel, making it highly durable. It can hold a maximum weight of 600lbs. You will feel safe and stable when using this excellent weight bench.

Suitable for Taller Users

It has a total length of 67 inches, and this makes it ideal for tall users who may not be comfortable using the shorter models.

Leg Extension

It has a leg developer included to increase the strength of your lower body and allowing for leg extensions and hamstring curls.

Five Back Pad Positions

 The five back pad positions help you to enjoy a wide variety of workout options, including lying flat, declining, or inclining in various positions.

Weight Capacity

The competitor Olympic weight bench supports a maximum load of 600lbs, which is excellent considering its reasonable price. 

Competitor Olympic Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench MD-879


  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • 5-position adjustable back pad
  • Bicep pad which sets it apart from the standard bench
  • Barbell rack gives additional workout options

Marcy Diamond Olympic bench is an innovative weight bench that comes with two-piece design. It is a solid choice for users who want a reliable, safe squat track that will help them achieve their fitness goals.


The March Diamond Olympic weight bench MD-879 comes with high-quality padding to give users maximum comfort and safety. You obtain a hamstring developer, bicep curl and leg extension with this weight bench. The back pad can also be adjusted for decline, flat and incline work. It has a separate racking system that allows for lunges and walk-in squats.

Build Quality

This bench is constructed from steel tubing, and extremely durable and rust-resistant. It has a maximum weight of 600lbs inclusive of the user weight and bars weight.

Hamstring Developer and Leg Extension

It comes with a hamstring developer and leg extension that gives you various workout options to achieve your fitness goals.

Detachable Bicep curls

The bicep curls are what sets the March Diamond Olympic bench apart from the standard weight benches that are available on the market.

Separate Squatting Rack

It has a separate rack for squatting, and this is what sets it apart from other competitors in the market.

XMark International Olympic Weight Bench XM-4424 


  • Leg extensions and preacher curl included
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • 6 Reversible Crutch positions


The Xmark Olympic weight bench is a workhorse crafted for serious bench presses. It comes with a leg extension combined with a preacher curl and bar. The seat can be adjusted for decline, flat and incline position. It offers safety self-spotting through dual uprights. It allows you to squat and bench safely when you don’t have a spotter. It comes with a safety pin that is spring-loaded to make sure you can make adjustments efficiently.

Build Quality

The Xmark Olympic weight bench XM-4424 is built from 14-gauge steel, making it extremely durable. It has an overall weight capacity of 700 pounds and a safety spotter of 300 pounds. It has an extra-thick cushion that adds superior comfort levels during your workout.

Preacher Curl Extensions

The preacher curl extensions allow you to perform various bicep exercises and decline or incline settings that will satisfy every bench press enthusiasts.

Quality construction

The Xmark International Olympic weight bench is constructed using 14-gauge steel which makes it extremely durable.


Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench


  • Maximum weight limit: 400 lbs
  • Features a lat tower and precise curl extensions
  • Full-size Olympic bench


A full-size Olympic bench with flat, decline and inclines bench positions. It comes with a lat tower, preacher curl attachment and a leg extension. It has an internal squat rack to help you squat safely. It has three spring clings and plate adapters. The bench supports both incline, decline, and fixed positions.

  • Leg extensions and hamstrings developer
  • Lat pulldown or tower
  • Squat track
  • Flat, Incline and decline seat positioning

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

The Body Champ Olympic weight bench is a sturdy bench that provides extra features to users. However, it has a limited weight capacity of only 300 pounds. If you do not wish to go more massive than that, then this bench can be an excellent choice for you.


The Body Champ Olympic bench provides both preacher curl and leg extension. You can perform various isolation crutches using the isolation handle. It is sturdy equipment that also acts as a squatting rack. It comes with an adjustable seat allowing you to exercise in decline, flat and incline positions. 

Quality Built

The body champ Olympic bench is built using a square steel-tubing, and this makes it last for a long time. The dimensions allow the user to have unrestricted movements while they are working out.

  • It gives you exceptional value for your money
  • Decline and incline positions
  • Includes leg extensions
  • Includes Preacher Curl attachments


The Dubious

  • It has a limited lifting weight of 300 pounds