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5 Top Pre-workouts Supplements for Men

When you start feeling tired, unmotivated, and sluggish while getting ready for workouts, a pre-workout is the spark you’re looking for.

Pre-workouts are supplements specially designed to fight with problems like fatigue and low energy level during a training session. These supplements available in the form of pills and powder can help in increasing your focus and energy levels. You can find various types of supplements in the market, but the supplements that include vitamin B, amino acids, creatine, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine as their ingredients are considered the top in effectiveness.

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Reasons to Use Pre-workouts

People should use pre-workout supplements because they enhance performance even if they are already exhausted. Pre-workouts that include caffeine can help in improving your mental activities by increasing your knowledge, focus, senses, and understanding.

Another reason to use pre-workouts is that you get all the necessary nutrients in the right dosages so that you can get the value of your money with each active serving. You can rely on the accuracy according to the brand of the supplement.

So, while selecting supplements men should think about their targets and types of workouts they do to achieve their goals. Though all the ingredients found in these supplements can help in improving your performance you should still read the ingredients printed on the label as some of them can enhance your endurance whereas some, your power and strength.

Review of Five Top Pre-workouts Supplements for Men

C4 Original by Cellucor

This excellent tasting supplement helps in increasing their energy levels fast and efficiently. This popular pre-workout supplement is available all over the world with its ten variants from which you can choose according to your liking. This supplement is better than most of the others in the market for a host of reasons.


  • Available with most major retailers worldwide
  • Affordable pre-workout energy supplement
  • Available in several tasty flavors to choose from
  • Ten unique variants for physical and mental improvement


  • Includes artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors


Mr. Hyde and Jekyll Stack by ProSupps

This combination of two pre-workouts makes this one of the top supplements for men athletes as it helps them enjoy some through the roof stimulation and allow them to make their own mixture of ingredients.  As compared to other supplements in the market it can help you in preparing you for hardcore workout sessions the right way.


  • Level of caffeine in this combination is very high
  • Contains creatine
  • Comes in 10 different flavors

  • Can be a bit costly

Pulse by Legion

This pre-workout supplement is ideal for the athletes who love to use products with natural ingredients including beta-alanine and I-citrulline malate etc. It is recognized as one of the top supplements for the beginners. It has been formulated by Mike Mathews,  best fitness guru, who has devoted his life to helping athletes willing to achieve their fitness targets. It is a better supplement than most available in the market because the amount of raw caffeine, beta-alanine, and l-citrulline malate included in it.


  • Per serving includes 4.8 grams beta-alanine and l-citrulline malate for massive effect
  • The high amount of raw caffeine provides energy fast
  • Made by Mike Matthews, the fitness expert


  • A bit highly-priced
  • The container includes 21 servings only

Pre-Kaged by Kaged Nutrition

It is one of the top pre-workout supplements because of its pleasant taste and suitability for the athletes searching for an excellent formula supplement.  Kris Gethin, a famous trainer, and bodybuilder launched the company. This supplement has distinctive differences as well as similarities with various other supplements available in the market. Athletes love it because of its strong dose, natural flavors, and good taste.


  • Great taste makes it easy to consume in large quantities
  • Sweetened and flavored naturally
  • Available in retail at most locations
  • Includes creatine hydrochloride in a large dose


  • Includes beta-alanine in considerably low dose
  • Does not include l-theanine stimulant

Prolific by PEScience

This pre-workout supplement is ideal for bodybuilders searching for a supplement without including beta-alanine. This supplement is gaining popularity because of the reliability of its brand Physique Enhancing Science as they have been producing safe and effective workout supplements for a long time. You can use this tasty supplement in two types of servings, one scoop or two scoops according to your liking.

Though supplements are taken in overdoses to get better results quickly, you cannot take multiple doses of this supplement due to extremely high levels of caffeine in it. It outperforms other supplements as its two scoops offer a tasty boost due to 320mg caffeine and 6gm of l-citrulline in them.


  • 2 scoops include pure l-citrulline 6 grams
  • Contains caffeine and l-theanine in 3:2 ratio
  • Excellent taste
  • Contains good stimulants


  • Not include beta-alanine