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The Top 5 Rowing Machines

Top Rowing Machines BannerRowing machines play a vital role in providing a complete body workout while being low impact at the same time. Many regard it as a perfect option for work out for people who are suffering from joint pain owing to lower extremities.

These products are known to be a suitable choice for a great cardiovascular workout. It also helps in strengthening the majority of muscle groups, present in the body.  They have turned out to be the prime choice of fitness freaks as they provide the optimal exercise session in the least amount of time.

What to Look for in Rowing Machines

Though almost every rowing machine has a similar design, they are known to be completely different when it comes to offering resistance. Different kinds of resistance provided by these products include air resistance, water resistance, piston resistance, and magnetic resistance. Each of them offers a different rowing feel and benefit. Thus, it is essential to take the resistance provided by these machines into consideration while buying the rowing machines.

Some rowing machines are designed to produce very little noise. So they can be suitable for you if you want this kind of machine at home. However, not everyone prefers a silent machine. Some users prefer the rushing noise while working out. 

A few of the other parameters that should be taken into account while purchasing these machines include:

  • Max User Weight
  • Rower price
  • Adjustability
  • Comfortable seat
  • Footpads of good quality
  • Ease of assembly

Rowing Machines Reviews

The market has no shortage of rowing machines manufactured by different brands. Here is a look into the different types of best rowing machines, available in the market:

#1 WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is a perfect option for an intense workout. It will keep you fit, and you will be capable of achieving amazing results by choosing this product. It provides a plethora of programs for the user. 

It is made of gorgeous solid ash wood giving it a kind of aesthetic elegance in comparison to the average rowing machine available in the market. In addition to this, it offers dynamic resistance, and thus the users can choose the prerequisite level of intensity during the workout.

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic seat along with dual-rail models that provide smooth operation, stability, and safety during the training. The S4 Performance Monitor makes it possible to track as well as optimize your workout sessions.


  • Built to last
  • It is considered to be the perfect combination of durability and elegance.
  • The flywheel of this rowing machine ensures dynamic resistance.
  • It offers a robust, safe, and smooth training session.
  • It provides a well-balanced workout for the body.


#2 Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

If you are planning to start a low impact and a fantastic workout at the gym, this rowing machine is reliable for use at home. This product has almost everything for a powerful and smooth body workout. It consists of a flywheel design that offers a quiet row. In addition to this, it has a frame that separates the product into two pieces for hassle-free movement or storage.

This product is exceptionally durable, and it is considered to be a perfect investment for fitness. In addition to this, it features an ergonomic and rugged design. It is composed of nickel-plated chain and 14-inch seat.
It also boasts of an excellent balanced construction that helps in the perfect distribution of force between different muscle groups.


  • It has a pulse meter.
  • It comes with a strong skeleton which is capable of delivering immense powerful performance and handling the demand.
  • You can store, transport, disassemble and assemble the product without any hassles.
  • It is one of the most substantial pieces of a rowing machine, available in the market. It offers a safe and natural workout.

#3 Velocity Exercise CHR-2001

The Velocity Exercise CHR-2001 is another prominent name in the list of the best rowing machines available in the market. With the aid of electronic tension control and drum magnetic control, it helps in adjusting the resistance you want.

Whether you are a newbie to rowing or you are a pro in it, this product offers a comfortable smooth as well as and intense workout. The presence of the LCD screen makes this machine stand out in the market. You can fold and move this product easily.

The presence of anodized aluminum beam, polyurethane molded saddles offers a stable and comfortable performance. With the right magnetic resistance system, this machine is really quiet, and thus it is an excellent option for usage at home. 


  • The seat rail of this rowing machine is long enough for the accommodation of different leg lengths of the users.
  • The presence of PU saddle of large size offers high comfort and adjustability.
  • The padded handles of this product offer a firm grip, and your hands are not going to tire out even post the long workout.
  • If you are looking for an ideal rowing machine for an intense workout at home that can offer a quiet and smooth workout

#4 Stamina Air Rower

It is recognized to be one of the highest qualities and affordable rowing machines available in the market. This product makes use of a fan for the employment of the wind resistance and the creation of a smooth workout. The air resistance of this product makes it the best product in its class.

Also, this product boasts of a sturdy construction along with the steel frame. Furthermore, this product has a comfortable, padded, and upholstered the sliding seat. It has big footpads that are capable of accommodating the shoe size of any user. Also adjustable straps ensure that your feet are in a secure place at the time of rowing.


  • This rowing machine has a computer monitor where you can take a look at the total calories burned, and covered distance.
  • It is possible to fold the frame easily, and thus you can store it without any hassles.
  • Handy rolling wheels are attached to the lower part of the rower. You can store or move the pro It has upholstered and padded seat and thus it provides optimum comfort during workout.
  • People who are searching for an air resistance rowing machine can go for this product. Equipped with an excellent monitor, seamless rowing as well as a comfortable seat, it is a perfect workout tool.

#5 Lifecore R100

This rowing machine has earned a high reputation for its high affordability, durability, and robustness. It is one of the most versatile fitness products because of its Electronic Brake System Technology. It also stands second to none in providing magnetic and air resistance.


  • This product features the ergonomic handles that ensure a secure grip.
  • The footrest of this rowing machine has high compatibility with different shoe size.
  • It boasts of a sturdy and robust body, along with semi-gloss paint coating.
  • It features the aluminum frame along with reliable steel support.
  • People looking for a rowing machine of ergonomic design which bestows high comfort during their work out can go for this product.