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How To Use Whey Protein For Weight Loss

You think whey protein can be used for weight loss.?

If you don’t keep reading cuz it can if you know what you’re doing.

Losing weight is hard. All of us understand that.

If you want to burn body fat its about more than just one thing. Or its about more than one variable.

It’s food, its workouts, its timing (of your meals and workouts, its work ethic.

But it can be supplementation as well.


A great deal of individuals think whey protein is just for bodybuilders and hardcore strength trainers

So not true. Whey protein can be used by you. Yes you a female who wants to look lean and feminine and all that good stuff.

Or if you are a guy who isn’t tryna be a bodybuilder or what not.

You’re just lookin’ to lean up and lose some of that body fat.

Whey protein can be used by you too.


Understand What Whey Protein Is

Whey is the liquid part of milk that gets separated when cheese is made. If you’ve ever opened a yogurt container and have actually seen a watery compound at the top…fear not! This is whey protein.

This liquid compound is what is transformed into powder form to create whey protein.

This procedure that turns it into powder actually cuts out the 95% of the lactose. So if you’re allergic to dairy, you have nothing to fear.

Understand Why Whey Protein Works So Well For Weight Reduction.


Aight so there are a few things here to take into account.

  1. Whey protein is going to keep you feeling full. In fact protein can lower sugar cravings by more than 50%.
  2. Whey protein is pretty easy to incorporate into your diet. You usually can find a whey protein that does taste good enough with milk so it doesn’t feel like a chore downing it. You don’t have to take it with milk though you can just gulch it with water.
  3. This is probably the biggest point. It helps build and maintain lean muscle. Now that’s a plus whether you are trying to be a bodybuilder or you are a hardcore marathon runner. In general the more lean muscle you have the less bodyfat you have.

Now as we mentioned before, that doesn’t mean that taking whey protein magically turns you into Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. We are talking about maintaining muscle mass within a wide spectrum.

So it all depends on HOW you use it, and what your fitness regime is like.

If you are a gal reading this don’t think for a second you’ll take this stuff and wake up overnight looking like the Hulk.

Using whey protein to fit your goals means lean muscle that is as feminine as can be. Trust me.

We’ll get into more detail about how to use it if that’s your goal below.

There are a number of good whey proteins out there engineered for women.
My personal recommendation is Muscle Milk. 

What Are The Best Times To Take Whey Protein?

For the person tryin’ to lose bodyfat and maintain lean muscle

Take 30 minutes before or after your workouts. This is the standard rule of thumb for taking whey protein. When you workout you break down some of your muscle. This breakdown of muscle fibers is natural. Whey protein helps in building that muscle back up in a healthy recovery process.


Another way to take whey protein is in conjunction with meals. This is a helpful little hack to curb your cravings and appetite. Take 30 minutes prior to meals or eating in restaurants. This will help you keep you from binging and going off course in your nutritional regime.

For the person tryna be more hardcore and kill it with muscle gains

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What should you blend it with?

Water or unsweetened nut milk like cashew, almond, and coconut work best. Attempt to avoid using dairy milk as it generally contains sugar.

Other places to add it are in your Greek yogurt or oatmeal.

Then of course there are lots of different smoothies you can conjure up with whey protein in the mix.


How much should you get in?

If your main concern is losing bodyfat then a good general rule of thumb is…

25-50 grams a day, which will be 1-2 scoops depending on the brand name.


If you’re doin’ the hardcore bodybuilding/strength training thing then…

== > Take a look at our guidelines in our ultimate guide to strength training nutrition.