Wellness Category In Bodybuilding Competition, Women Recognized

Women in the health industry have been given a tremendous chance with the creation of the wellbeing bodybuilding class. This breakthrough happened around 2016 and has been gaining recognition since. 

Female bodybuilders now have an unprecedented opportunity to take up non-conventional weight training and participate in this distinct bodybuilding competition (see also ‘A Guide: Female Bodybuilding Categories’). Women are more empowered than ever with this new category.

The Wellness Bodybuilding division puts the emphasis on equality, symmetry, look and ultimately, being the ‘complete package.’

However, women who are curvier do not have to adopt typical strength training conventions. Moreover, it provides them with a way to emphasize their musculature and athleticism that is uniquely theirs. 

It’s All About The Booty 

If you have a more prominent booty rejoice! Wellness bodybuilding is ideal for us to proudly show off our curves and power. This type of bodybuilding spotlights all-around health and wellness, instead of just muscle mass.

It rejoices in a well-balanced figure that encompasses both muscular development and healthy fat levels.

The beauty of wellness bodybuilding is that it allows us to embrace our natural shape and build upon it. We can focus on building strength in our legs, glutes, and core while still maintaining a feminine silhouette. 

With proper nutrition and training, we can create an athletic look that emphasizes our curves in all the right places. So if you’re looking for a way to show off your big booty girls, wellness bodybuilding is definitely the way to go!

Wellness Bodybuilding

In the last few years, the idea of wellness bodybuilding has become more and more popular as a form of natural bodybuilding.

It is designed to promote health and wellness, while still allowing competitors to show off their hard work and muscle growth. 

Wellness category competitors tend to be relatively new to the game, so it’s important for them to understand what is expected from them before they enter the competition.

The key to success in wellness bodybuilding is hard work and dedication. Competitors must be willing to put in the time and effort required to build up their muscles and reach their goals. 

This means lifting heavy weights, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of rest. Additionally, competitors should take advantage of free workout plans available online or through fitness centers in order to ensure that they are doing everything correctly.

With the right attitude and commitment, anyone can become a successful wellness bodybuilder!


In terms of the competition, the wellness bodybuilding category is broken down into four height classes to ensure that competitors are competing against others of similar stature. 

The first class is for those up to and including 158 cm, the second class is for those from 159 cm up to and including 163 cm, the third class is for 164 cm up to and including 168 cm, and the fourth class is for those over 168 cm.

This ensures that all competitors have an equal chance of success, regardless of their height.


When competing in the bodybuilding competition, attire is an essential thing to keep in mind. To evade being noted down, make sure you adhere to your federation’s rules.

The expected outfit tends to be an opaque two-piece that remains up-to-date with fashion trends.

Attention should also be given to footwear; heels of appropriate length are required, and no type of jewelry other than a wedding ring should be worn during the competition. Hairstyling can depend on personal preference.

Apart from what outfit you put on, you should have some sort of tanning for the occasion. This ought to be something that will last and not easily wash away.

This can help make sure you stand out in a group and give yourself an advantage over other bodybuilders when competing. 

Caring for your looks is very important when it comes to bodybuilding, making sure that all the details are looked after will make sure you look top-notch on competition day.

Round 1: Elimination

Round 1 of the wellness bodybuilding category is the elimination round. During this round, competitors are called on stage and divided into two groups either side of the stage.

The center stage is left open for comparisons and smaller groups are called to perform their four quarter turns. 

Competitors must maintain good posture throughout the quarter turns which include a quarter turn right, a quarter turn back, a quarter turn right and a quarter turn front.

Failure to perform these adequately could result in being marked down or even disqualified from the competition.

The elimination round is a critical part of the wellness bodybuilding category, as it allows judges to assess each competitor’s physique and determine who will move on to Round 2.

It also gives competitors an opportunity to showcase their hard work and dedication in preparation for the competition. It is essential that competitors take this round seriously, as it can make or break their chances of success in the competition.


Facing Front

When standing in a front-facing position, you should be upright with your abdomen tucked in, chest lifted, and shoulders back. Meanwhile, your head and eyes should both be facing forward. 

Place one hand on your hip and have one leg slightly to the side. Your other hand should hang down by your side with fingers spread outwards and the palm open towards the front.

Turn Right A Quarter

For the judges, turn your upper body toward them and make eye contact. Place your right hand on your hip and extend your left arm back so that they can see the middle of your body. Make sure to have an open palm with straight fingers.

Step forward with your left foot, raise it on your toes and raise your hip, slightly bending your knee.

Back Turn A Quarter

After your second turn, your back will be seen by the adjudicators. You should remain upright with a soft decay in your body’s lower part.

Prop one hand on your waist and leave another leg slightly outstretched. Put the hand beside you, exhibiting an open palm and extended fingers.

While in the back facing position, you should keep your stomach in, chest high and shoulders back. Stay in this same position with your back to the judges throughout.

Turn Right A Quarter

When you reach the end of the turn, your right side will be visible to the judges. Make sure that your stance is opposite to what it was for the first quarter turn when your left side was shown.

You should have your upper body facing the judges and be looking at them.

Place your left hand on your hip, extending your right arm downwards and backwards with an open palm and straight fingers. Slightly shift your right foot forward onto the toes, and slightly bend your knee to raise the hip.

It is essential to remember that you should not change, or exit your pose, unless you are instructed to do so.

Everyone will go back to their original position once all the turns are completed, and then the group will depart from the stage.

Round 2: Pre-Judging

The pre judging round of the wellness bodybuilding competition is an important step in determining who will make it to the final round.

During this round, athletes will be called back on stage and divided into two groups either side of the stage. They will then be asked to perform their quarter turns at center stage for the judges.

After all athletes have performed their quarter turns, the judges will submit their individual propositions for further comparison between athletes.

All individual comparisons will be performed center stage, allowing the judges to get a better look at each athlete’s physique and determine who should move on to the final round. 

Once all comparisons are complete, athletes will resume their line-up position before exiting the stage.

At this point, only six finalists will remain in contention for first place in the wellness bodybuilding competition.

Those selected as finalists will be called back on stage to enter into the final round, where they can show off their hard work and dedication one last time before a winner is announced. 

It is during this pre judging round that competitors must prove themselves worthy of making it through to the next level of competition and ultimately take home first place in this prestigious event.

Round 3: Finals

The last phase of the wellness category finals is next.  Six top contenders will be called onto the stage to showcase their I-walk. They need to demonstrate poise and assurance while doing this.

Additionally, they should also expect to do their quarter turns once more, thus providing them with a chance to show off their elegance and dexterity.

The I-walk is an excellent chance for the finalists to express their style and identity. They should stay positive all through the walk, as this will make them distinguishable from the other participants. 

The quarter turns are also a great way for them to flaunt their adaptability and mastery of body motions. By bringing together all these components, it’s certain to be an energizing conclusion!

Finalist And Overall Winner

Before making a final decision, all wellness category finalists will need to display their last set of quarter turns.

After the conclusion of the last set of quarter turns, participants will be called to stand in front of the judges for one last assessment before they leave the stage.

Once all the competitors have been evaluated, the judges will make their decision on who should be crowned overall winner.

The award ceremony will take place after this announcement has been made, and all finalists will be called back on stage for one last time.


When competing in the wellness category, it is important to remember that extreme muscularity, muscle separation, definition, dryness and extremely low body fat levels are all taken into consideration when judging. 

This means that you will need to put in extra effort and dedication if you want to stand out from the competition. With the right mindset and determination, anyone can become a successful natural bodybuilder in this category.

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