What You Need To Know About Hand Grippers

When it comes to strength training, one of the most popular pieces of equipment that is often sold on Amazon and similar sites are hand grippers.

However, just because this device is popular, does this mean that they are effective?

There have been similar devices which have gained massive popularity, and might feel like they are doing something, but end up being quite ineffective.

For example, shake weights gained a lot of success, however it has since been proven that they were not actually that helpful.

If you are looking for a quick answer on whether hand grippers are effective or not, these are a low-cost option that can be quite effective, however, if you want to make your grip training as effective as possible add another element to your training.

For example, when grip training, a lot of people use dumbbells or barbells as these are a great way of working on your grip.

However, these options are a lot more expensive, so starting off with hand grippers is a great way to begin, however, after a while it is good to try and include something new as well.

So, now you know that using hand grippers is a viable option, for the rest of this article, we will go through all the reasons why using hand grippers is worth it, but also what the potential drawbacks of working with these devices could be.

There is actually a lot more to hand grippers than you might expect, and this is what we will be covering in this guide.

So, if you use hand grippers quite often and want to know what they are doing, or if you are considering buying some, then keep on reading!

Do Hand Grippers Actually Work?

In this section we will explain exactly what hand grippers do, and what the benefits and drawbacks of using hand grippers are.

There are plenty of things you should consider when using these devices, so make sure to pay attention!

Benefits Of Using Hand Grippers

One of our favorite reasons to use hand grippers is that they are a great budget option.

A lot of exercise equipment can get pretty overpriced, so having something that is much more accessible is a great option.

If you look at different hand grippers on stores like Amazon, they have quite a low cost, and there will always be an option that is in your price range.

When you compare this to equipment like the aforementioned dumbbells and barbells, this is a lot cheaper and you can get some great results from using them!

There is also the benefit that these hand grippers do actually work, and they will help in strengthening your grip.

While improving your grip is not too difficult, these are a great tool to help you with this in any situation.

When you look at other exercises that aid you with your grip, like static holds, plate pinches, or a dead hang, these all work quite similarly to a hand gripper.

You will be doing similar movements and testing your body similarly. These exercises do not have any flexion of the forearm or bicep, and you are instead just working on your fingers and your wrists.

Another benefit of using hand grippers is that they will increase your forearm size, since, while they do not directly work on your forearm flexors, as previously mentioned, the increase in strength to your grip will increase the size and strength of your forearms.

This is because you will be able to do much better when doing exercises that work on your forearms because of your increased grip. This is why using hand grippers is a great place to start!

Disadvantages Of Using Hand Grippers

One of the main issues we had when using hand grippers is that they do have a slightly limited use.

Unlike pieces of equipment like barbells and dumbbells that can be used for grip training, they can not be used for any other types of training.

So, even though they are the cheapest option when it comes to working on your grip training, they are probably also the least versatile as well. 

The only other main drawback to using hand grippers is that since they are so easy to use, there is a good chance that they could be overused.

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the overuse of equipment like hand grippers, so this is why it is important to not focus on one piece of equipment too much.

If you only use hand grippers, there is a chance that they will no longer have much effect, so make sure to keep this in mind when you plan to use them!

The Best Way To Use Hand Grippers

So, if you are worried about overusing, or misusing your hand grippers, and you want to know exactly how to use them properly, we will go over this here.

This is especially important since when you see other people online using hand grippers, there is a chance that they are spreading misinformation on how you should be using it.

For example, you will see a lot of people using it daily, this is not something you would do with any other part of your body you exercise, so why would your grip need this.

Instead, when you are using a hand gripper, you want to use them after you have been working out your upper body, your back, or your arms, and to then do about 3 to 4 sets of using them.

The reason you do this afterward instead of before is because using the hand grippers before is likely to decrease your strength and this can make doing the other exercises a lot more awkward and difficult.

In total, we cannot recommend using your hand grippers more than 3 times every week, however, even this often could be too much for certain people, so make sure you are balancing your work outs.

Our Favorite Hand Grippers

So, now you know what the pros and cons of working with hand grippers are, and how to use them correctly, if you do not own any already, you are probably wondering what the best hand grippers available for you are.

Luckily, we have a few of our favorite selections included here!

GRM Hand Grip Strengthener

This is our favorite overall pick because it is pretty versatile for a hand gripper since it helps not just with your grip, but also has some options for finger stretching and exercising, as well as a grip ring, and even a stress relief ball.

By having all these options in one, you have everything you need for hand strength improvement!

Captains Of Crush Hand Gripper

This is seen as the original hand gripper and it is popular because of how well known it is, and how it has been proven to work.

While the design of this hand gripper is a bit more dated than some of the others, its classic design is just as appealing to us!

GD Iron Grip Hand Gripper

If you are looking for a heavy-duty option that will really test your grip, then this is our favorite choice!

NIYIKOW Hand Gripper

If you want to try a hand gripper, but you do not want to break the bank, this budget option is great!

E-smartinlife Hand Gripper

This alternative choice is a great option with a comfortable grip and good strength training options!


Hopefully this guide has given you the information you need to make an informed decision on whether hand grippers are right for you, or whether you want to try a different type of grip training.

While they are a cheap option, a hand gripper can only do one thing and that can restrict its versatility.

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